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The Manx Society for the Publication of National Documents, founded 26th March, 1858. The subscription for members was £1, which entitled them to a copy of every publication. At one time there were 236 members. Paul Bridson was secretary at the commencement in 1858 and for many years after. Thirty-three separate volumes were published from 1759 to 1894 as follow

Vol. I. An Account of the Isle of Man . . with a Voyage to I-Colum-Kill. By William Sacheverell, Esq., late Governor of Man. . . . Edited, with Introductory Notice and Copious Notes, by the Rev. J. G. Cumming, M. A., F.G.S. . . . late Vice-Principal of King Wil liam's College. Douglas : Printer, H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, 13 King-street. 1859. pp. xvi,204. List of members; works suggested for publication; first report; statement of accounts. 225x135.
300 copies were printed. The work is a reprint of Sacheverell's Account printed in 1702. Has a proof of the prospectus of the Society passed at a meeting held in the Court House, Douglas, 26th March, 1858.

Vol. II. A Practical Grammar of the Antient Gaelic, or Language of the Isle of Man, usually called Manks . . By the Rev. John Kelly, LL.D. . Edited, together with an Introduction, Life of Dr. Kelly, and Notes, by the Rev. William Gill, Vicar of Malew. Douglas: Printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, 13 King-street. 1859. pp. xlviii,92. 223x138.
322 copies printed. This is a reprint of Kelly's original work which was written in 1766, but not printed until 1803. This copy has several ALS of Dr. Oliver, Wm Harrison, and the Rev. W. Gill, the editor of this work, relative to alterations made in the text by the editor.

Vol. III. Legislation by Three of the Thirteen Stanleys, Kings of Man. Acts of Sir John Stanley, A.D., 1417-1430. Legislation of the Seventh Earl of Derby, A.D. 1627-1647, and his Letter. . . Acts referring to the Clergy and Landowners, by the Tenth Earl of Derby, 1703. Ed. with Introd. and Notes, by the Rev. William Mackenzie. Douglas: Printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, 13 King-street, 1860. pp. xix,224; plate. App.: List of Members; works selected and suggested; second Report; Accounts. 223x138.
402 copies printed. Has an extraordinary ALS of a letter sent to William Callister, H.K., Thornhill, by Rev. W. Mackenzie ; along with the former's comments. Also ALS of Wm. Harrison.

Vol. IV. Monumenta de Insula Manniae, or a Collection of National Documents relating to the Isle of Man. Trans. and Ed., with App. by J. R. Oliver, Esq., M.D. Vol. i. Douglas: Printed by H [arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, 13 King-street. 1860. pp. xv,244; plate. 223x138.
315 copies printed.

Vol. V. Vestigia Insulum Manniae Antiquiora, or a Dissertation on the Armorial Bearings of the "Isle of Man, the Regalities and Prerogatives of its Ancient Kings, and the Original Uses, Customs, Privileges, Laws, and Constitutional Government of the Manx People. By H. R. Oswald, F.A.S., L.R.C.S.E. Douglas : Printed by H [arriet] Curphey, 13 King-street, 1860. pp. ix,218. 10 lithographed plates. 223x138.
310 copies printed. Special copy with extra plates, ALS, cuttings, etc. Portrait of H. R. Oswald.

Vol. VI. A Tour through the Isle of Man in 1797 and 1798; comprising Sketches of its Ancient and Modern History, Constitution, Laws, Commerce, Agriculture, Fishery, etc.; including whatever is remarkable in each Parish, its Population, Inscriptions, Registers, etc. By John Feltham. Reprinted, as Vol. IV of the Manx Society; ed. by Rev. Robert Airey, Curate of Braddan. Printed by H[arriet] Curphey, 13 King-street. 1861. pp. xvi,272, with Appendix, List of Members, Report of the Council, and Accounts. 223x138.
305 copies printed. ALS from John F. Crellin, Orrysdale, 1868, as to who wrote 'The Herring Fishery' and 'Illiam Dhone.' (See Feltham, p. 83.)

Vol. VII. Monumenta de Insula Manniĉ, or a Collection of National Documents relating to the Isle of Man. Trans. and ed. by J. R. Oliver, M.D. Vol. ii. Douglas: printed by H [arriet] Curphey, 13 King-street. 1861. pp. xxi,250, with map. Mona Cĉsaris vel Insula Manniĉ. 223x138.
311 copies printed. Has ALS explaining his map from Wm. Taylor Bell, C.E., Liverpool, and annotations by G. W. Wood.

Vol. VIII. Bibliotheca Monensis : a Bibliographical Account of Works relating to the Isle of Man. By William Harrison, M.H.H. Douglas: Printed by H[arriet] Curphey, King-street. 1861. pp. viii,208. 223x138.
308 copies printed. A more complete edition was pub. by the Society in 1876. ALS from Dr. Oswald dated 1862.

Vol. IX. Monumenta de Insula Manniĉ : or, a Collection of National Documents relating to the Isle of Man. Trans. and ed., with Appendices and Indices, by J. R. Oliver, M.D. Vol. iii. Douglas: printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King-street, 1862. pp. 272. 223x138.
300 copies printed. Vol. iii has an index covering the three vols. Special copy with plates.

Vol. X. A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man. By James Chaloner, one of the Commissioners under Lord Fairfax in 1652; and afterwards Governor 1658-1660. Originally published in 1656, as an Appendix to 'King's Vale Royal of England.' Ed., with an Introd. Notice, and copious notes, by the Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S. . . formerly Vice-Principal of King William's Coll. Douglas printed by S. Tymms, Lowestoft. 1864. pp. vii,138. Portrait of Lord Fairfax, 4 plates, 5 pedigrees; 6th Report and Accounts. 223x138.
300 copies printed. Special copy with ALS as to the Greenhalgh family.

Vol. XI. A Description of the Isle of Man: with some Useful and Entertaining Reflections on the Laws, Customs, and Manners of the Inhabitants. By George Waldron, Gent., late of Queen's Coll., Oxon. 1731. Ed., with an introductory notice and notes, by William Harrison, M.H.K. Douglas: printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King-street, 1865. pp. xxv,155. 223x138. Plate, illus. coins.
300 copies printed. Several ALS's and the editor's annotations.

Vol. XII. An Abstract of the Laws, Customs, and Ordinances of the Isle of Man; compiled by John Parr, formerly one of the Deemsters. Ed. with Notes, by James Gell, Attorney-General. Vol. i. Douglas : printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King-street. 1866. pp. xvi,241. 223x138.
310 copies printed.

Vol. XIII. The Manx Dictionary. [Manx-Eng. and Eng. Manx.] Fockleyr Manninagh as Baarlagh. Liorish Juan y Kelly, Aalcaer, t'ayns Baaltin, Ellan Vannin, as ec y traa shoh, 1805. Ed. by Rev. William Gill. John Heywood, Manchester. 1866. pp. xiv,432. 223x138.
500 copies printed. Contains MS. copy of an address to the reader which does not appear in the book.

Vol. XIV. Memorials of God's Acre, being Monumental Inscriptions in the Isle of Man, taken in the Summer of 1797, by John Feltham and Edward Wright. Ed., with an introd. notice, by William Harrison. Douglas : printed by H[arriet] Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King-street. 1868. pp. xv,132. Six plates, giving illus. of the Old Parish Churches, 'taken from drawings made in the time of Bp. Wilson.'-vide Introd. Appendix, report and accounts. 223x138.
300 copies printed ALS of Dr. Oliver relative to the illustrations of the churches.

Vol. XV. Antiquitates Manniĉ : or a Collection of Memoirs on the Antiquities of the Isle of Man. Ed. by Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S. Printed by T. Richards, London. 1868. pp. viii,140. 24 plates. 223x138.
300 copies printed. Most of the papers in this vol. were read at the meeting of the Cambrian Archĉological Association held in the Island in 1865, and pub. in 'Archĉologia Cambrensis.' Special copy with special plates, autograph letters and cuttings.

Vol. XVI. Mona Miscellany. A Selection of Proverbs, Sayings, Ballads, Customs, Superstitions, and Legends peculiar to the Isle of Man. Coll. and ed. by William Harrison. Printed by R. Clark, Edinburgh. 1869. pp. xv,241. 223x138. Music to three songs. Appendix, report and accounts.
261 copies printed.

Vol. XXV. A History of the Isle of Man, written by William Blundell, Esq., of Crosby, co. Lancaster, 1648-1656. Printed from a MS. in the possession of the Manx Society. Ed. by William Harrison. vol. i. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1876. pp. xxx,135. App., list of members, report, accounts. 223x138.
150 copies printed. Has correspondence relating to Blundell's MSS. with G. E. Wicksted and M. H. Quayle, the Clerk of the Rolls.

Vol. XXVI. Illiam Dhone and the Manx Rebellion, 1651. Record and Proceedings relating to the case of William Christian of Ronaldsway, Receiver-General, who was shot for Treason at Hango Hill, 2nd January, 1662-3. \ With copies of the various Depositions preserved in the Rolls Office, and other Documents connected therewith. With an introductory notice relating to the time of the Rebellion, 1643-1663. By William Harrison. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1877. pp. x1,112. 223x138.
150 copies printed. Special copy containing researches and letters relating to Illiam Dhone made by J. H. Lock of London.

Vol. XXVII. A History of the Isle of Man, written by William Blundell, Esq. Vol. ii. Ed. by William Harrison. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1877. pp. xiv,180. List of members, report, accounts. 223x138.
150 copies printed.

Vol. XXVIII. Records of Saint Mark's Chapel, in the Parish of Malew, from its foundation in 1771 to 1864, compiled from original documents and papers of the Rev. John Thomas Clarke, chaplain. By William Harrison. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1878. pp. xi,81. 2 plates. List of Society's publications. 223x138.
150 copies printed. Contains a plan of the pews, and a plan of The Glebe by Wm. Cowley, 1841. This was the last of the eleven vols. edited by William Harrison. This copy has an ALS of Rev. J. T. Clarke.

Vol. XXIX. An Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man and St. German's Cathedral. Also a Record of the Bishops of Sodor and Man, and a tabular statement of the Rectors, Vicars, and Chaplains in the Seventeen Parishes with the date of their appointment and cause of vacancy. By William Harrison, J.P. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1879. pp. xix,147. 6 plates and a plan of Peel Castle. List of members, report, accounts. 223x138.
150 copies printed. An invaluable record. Has a large number of letters regarding each parish from Vicars and others, and many other documents.

Vol. XXX. Manx Miscellanies. Vol. ii. Containing: i, Memoir of Captain John Greenhalgh, 1640-1651. ii, Memoir of Thomas Bushell, the Recluse of the Calf, by Rev. Abram de la Pryme. iii, List of Householders in Douglas, 1730. iv, Godred Crovan, a Poem by Thomas Chatterton, 1768. v, journal of Rev. John Gell, Chaplain of St. Marks, 1789. vi, Mann, its Names and their origin, by J. M. Jeffcott. vii, The Brass Coinage executed in the Isle of Man in 1733, by John Frissell Crellin. Printed by R. & R. Clark. 1880. pp. xiv,136. List of members, report, accounts. 223x138.
150 copies printed. ALS from J. M. Jeffcott and others.

Vol. XXXI. The Constitution of the Isle of Man, consisting of Part the Third of the Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry for the Isle of Man, made in the year 1792, With the Appendix C. annexed to Part iii of the Report, and a few other documents selected from the other appendices to it. Ed., with copious notes, by Richard Sherwood, M.H.K. Douglas: Printed by James Brown & Son, Athol-street. 1882. pp. xii,336. List of members, works in progress, and suggested. 223x138.
200 copies printed. Added to the work is a memorandum by Sir James Gell on Manx Ecclesiastical Legislation, and a copy of the rare Act of Henry 8th, Cap. 31, by which the Diocese of Sodor and Man was annexed to the Province of York.

Vol. XXXII. The Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic. Being Translations made by Bishop Phillips in 1610, and by the Manx Clergy in 1765. Ed. by A. W. Moore, M.A., assisted by John Rhys, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Celtic in the University of Oxford. Vol. i. Printed at the Univ. Press, Oxford. 1893. pp. xxiv,466. 223x 138.
- copies printed.

Vol. XXXIII. The Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic. To Which is added: The Outlines of the Phonology of Manx Gaelic, by John Rhys, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Celtic in the University of Oxford. Vol. ii.
Printed at the Univ. Press, Oxford. 1894. pp. vi,467-670.
Rhys Phonology, xiii, 183. 223x138.
- copies printed. According to the last report of the Committee of the Society there were stored with Brown & Sons, the Society's binders, as many unbound sheets as would make up 200 copies. Most of these seem to have been unwittingly destroyed. The vol. is therefore very rare.


Manx Soc. vol. i, 1859. [' Sacheverell.']

Preface and Notes by Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A.
An Account of the Isle of Man, by Governor William Sacheverell.
The Period succeeding the Battle of Largs, by Rev. J. G. Cumming. pp. 155-168.

Manx Soc. vol iii, 1860. ['Stanley Legislation.']

Facsimile of the Oldest Indenture in Castle Rushen. January 18th, 1417. Frontispiece.
Letters of the Seventh Earl of Derby (reprinted from Peck's Desiderata Curiosa). pp. 5-68.
Mackenzie (Rev. William). Notes on the Power of the Papacy in Man, p. 138 ; Notices of Sir John Stanley, p. 147 ; Tynwald, p. 157 ; the Tynwald at Reneurling, p. 167 ; Lists of members of Tynwald in 1417, 1429, 1430 compared, p. 187 ; the originals of Sir John Stanley's Acts, p. 193 ; Extracts from Lib. Rotul., Lib. Scac., 1541-1637, p. 211.

Manx Soc. vol. iv. 1860. [' Oliver I']

A Facsimile of the First Page of the Chronicles of Mann and the Isles. Frontispiece.
Cĉsar. B. C. 54. pp. 1-2. Pliny. A.D. 23. pp. 3-5.
Paulus Orosius. A.D. 416. pp. 6-7.
Bede, A.D. 731. pp. 8-10. Nennius. A.D. 858. pp. 11-12. Florence of Worcester. A.D. 1118. pp. 18-22. William of Malmesbury. A.D. 1125. pp. 23-25. Ordericus. A.D. 1141. pp. 28-30.
Chronicle of the Princes of Wales. A.D. 1150„ p. 31. Henry of Huntingdon. A.D. 1154. pp. 32-35.
Roger of Hoveden. A.D. 1192. pp. 36-42.
History of Olave the Black, King of Man. A.D. 1229. (Flateyan MS.) pp. 43-46.
Matthew Paris. A.D. 1236. pp. 47-50.
Roger of Wendover. A.D. 1237. pp. 51-55.
Ynglinga Saga. A.D. 1240. Ex Snorro Sturleson, ch. xx. pp. 56-57.
Haco's Expedition against Scotland, from the Flateyan and Frisian MSS. pp. 58-69.
William of Newburgh, 1265, 1275. pp. 70-1.
Richard of Cirencester. A.D. 1348. p. 72. Capgrave. A.D. 1377. p. 73.
Matthew of Westminster. A.D. 1400. pp. 74-6.
Hardyng. A.D. 1640. p. 77.
Polydore Vergil. A.D. 1470. pp. 78-9.
Fabyan. A.D. 1510. p. 80.
John Leland. A.D. 1550. pp. 81-83.

Manaman Mack Clere. Lansd. MSS. A.D. 1573. pp. 84-5. Buchanan. A.D. 1577. p. 86.

John Merick, Bishop of Sodor. A.D. 1577. pp. 87-99. Camden. A.D. 1607, 1615. pp. 100-6.

Selden. 1650. pp. 107-110. Prynne. 1668. pp. 111-2. Torfĉus. A.D. 1700. pp. 113-6. Mallet's Northern Antiquities. A.D. 1770. p. 123.

Kings of Man, Dukes of Athol, and Earls of Orkney. Ex Snorro Sturleson. A. D. 1200. pp. 216-7.

Manx Soc. vol. vii, 1861. ['Oliver II.']

Grant of Knight's Fee to Reginald, 1213. pp. 35-6.
Covenant of Marriage between Eric of Norway and Margaret, daughter of Alexander King of Scots, wherein mention is made of pretensions to the Orkneys and Mann, 1281. pp. 96101.

Appeal of Aufrica, heir of Magnus, 1293. pp. 127-9.

Outlawry of Donekan Mactoryn Annulled. 1293. pp. 130-1. Charter of Edward II granting Man to Henry de Bello Monte for Life. 1308. pp. 141-2.

Edward II resumes possession of Man. 1310. pp. 143-4. Respecting the Removal of the Navy of Robert Bruce from Man. 1311. pp. 149-151.

To Gilbert Makaskill, Keeper of Man, respecting the delivery of Money. 1312. pp. 154-5.

For the Men of Man. 1312. pp. 156-7.

Dismissal of Sir Henry de Beaumont. 1312. pp. 159-161. Charter to Thomas Ranulph, of Mann. 1313. pp. 162-5. Respecting the Seizing of Man into the King's Hands. 1334. pp. 180-1.

For the Community of Man. 1343. pp. 192-5.

Earl of Warwick Banished to Man, 1398, 1399. pp. 212-4. Concession of Man by Service of the Lancaster Sword. 1399. pp. 215-9.

Robert Yvenhowe, of Manne. 1404. p. 227.

The King to John Stanley and William Stanley. 1405. The Grant to the Stanleys. pp. 228-234.

Charter of Henry IV to Sir John Stanley. 1406. pp. 235-246. Manx Soc. vol. ix, 1862.

['Oliver III.']

Indenture of Thurstan de Tyldesley . . and John Clerk, Judge of Mann [and] . . . the xxiiii Keys of Mann

1417. pp. 10-12. This gives one of the earliest lists of the' Keys.

Order to convey Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester, to Man. 1446. p. 19.

Concerning the Claims of John Lord Scrop, and Thomas Lord Stanley to the Arms of Man. 1476. p. 24.

Miscellaneous Letters, 1530, 1533. pp. 32-5.

Intended Surprise of the Isle of Man, 1592, 1595. pp. 77-85. Grant of Man to the Earls of Northampton and Salisbury, and the Claim of William Earl of Derby to Man, with Report of the Lords on the Claim. pp. 88-96.

Grant of Man to William Earl of Derby, 1609, and Act of Parliament confirming same, 1610. pp. 99-120.

Respecting Concessions to the People and Subjects of Man. pp. 121-5.

Respecting Captain [Edward] Christian, 1633, 1634. pp 140-1 Parliamentary Papers and case of William Christian [Illiam Dhone], 1651, 1652. pp. 147-152.

Agreement between Magnus IV of Norway, King of Mann and the Islands and Alexander III of Scotland, 1266. pp. 210-217.

Agreement respecting the Hebrides and Mann, between Magnus IV, Haco V, Eric Pomerania of Norway, Alexander III and James I. 1426. pp. 218-223.

Charter of Forests. pp. 227-9. In view of the Disafforesting Act of 1866, this Charter is of importance. The original is not extant, and this copy is not older than the 'first of Henry III' Manx Soc. vol. x, 1863.

[' Chaloner.']

Cumming's Notes to ' Chaloner's Treatise.' pp. 62-128.

C u m m i n g (Rev. J. G.). The Connection of Man with Scotland, 1270-1343. pp. 87-93.

The Claim of Mary, Countess of Strathearn, 1296. pp. 93-6. Events in the Beginning of the 14th Century. pp. 100-2. Manx Soc. vol. xi, 1864.

[' Waldron.']

Preface and Notes to Waldron's Description by William Harrison.Manx Soc. vol. xii, 1866.

['Sir James Gell. ]

Gell (Sir James). Historical Notes on the Chronicle. pp. 9-137. This volume is made up almost entirely of Notes on ' the supposed true Chronicle,' and is a very useful work, setting forth an account of the Sovereigns who actually reigned in the Island.

Charter of Henry IV to Sir John Stanley, 1306. (7 Hen. IV.) Pp. 28-30.

Account of the Lords of Man of the House of Derby, by Sir James Gell. pp. 27-92.

Grant of James I to Earl William of Derby. pp. 45-53. Chronological Table of Manx Kings or Lords from 1383. pp. 136-7.

Gell (Sir James). Notes as to the Revenue. 1. Crown Revenue : i, Customs ; ii, Land; iii, Fine Fund ; iv, Post Office ; v, Harbours ; vi, Lighthouses. 2. Raised by Insular Legislature : i, Temporary Purposes ; ii, House of Keys iii, Lord's Rents ; iv, Tithes ; v, Church Cess ; vi, Schools ; Vii, Riots ; viii, Lodging Houses ; ix, Cattle Diseases ; x, High ways and Bridges ; xi, Lunatic Asylum ; xii, Town Improvements. pp. 189-241. Manx Soc. vol. xv, 1868. ['Manx Antiquities.']

Robert the Brus before Rushen Castle, by Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S. pp. 56-9.Manx Soc. vol. xviii, 1871.

['Old Historians.']

Camden's Britannia, 1695 edn., with Map and additions by Bishop Gibson. pp. 1-34.

Speed's History, 1627, with Map. pp. 34-44. Cox's Magna Britannia, 1720-31. pp. 78-89. Bishop Wilson's History. From Works pub. by Cruttw, ll, 1797. pp. 911-125.

Manx Soc. vol. xxi, 1873. ['Mona Miscellany.'] Festivities in Castle Rushen in 1643-4. pp. 258-9. Manx Soc. vols. xxii and xxiii, 1874. ['The Chronicle of Man.']

E [rrington] [Dr.] G., of Liverpool. Preface to Prof. Munch's Edition of The Chronicle of Man. pp. xi-xxiv.

Goss (Rev. Dr., of Liverpool). Notes and Documents, with English trans. of the Chronica and of the Latin documents, in Munch's Edition of the Chronicle of Man.

Munch (Professor P. A. of Christiania). Preface and His torical Notes to his edition of The Chronicle of Man. pp. 1-43, et seq.

The Norse Kings of Man [Munch]. pp. 123-230.

Genealogy of the Somerleds and their Relations with the Kings of Man. pp. 167-8.

The Battle of Largs. pp. 207-233.

King Reginald declares himself Vassal of King John. 1212. p. 289.

Henry III gives safe-conduct for King Reginald. 1219. p. 294. Henry III allows his subjects free communication with Man. 1219. p. 295.

Henry III notifies that King Olave with his followers has safe-conduct to England. 1228-1235. pp. 303-4.

Henry III notifies the annual recompense granted to King Olave for his homage and service. 1235. pp. 305-6.

Henry III takes the King of Man and his possessions under his protection. 1236. p. 307.

Henry III notifies the safe-conduct granted to King Harold. 1249. p. 314.

Henry III to Alexander III, on some questions between Scot land and Norway. 1262. pp. 317-8.

Henry III to Haco, King of Norway. 1262. pp. 319-20. R. de Neville to Walter de Merton, 1263. pp. 321-2.

Cession of Man and the Isles by Magnus of Norway to Alexander III. 1266. pp. 323-33.

Battle of Brunanburgh, A.D. 938 [from the Saxon Chronicle]. pp. 422-4.

Chronology of the Manx Chronicle, compared with various dates proposed by its editors, Munch, Oliver, and Johnstone. pp. 428-9. Manx Soc. vol. xxvi, 1877.

[' Illiam Dhone.']

Extract from Mercurius Politicus (Numb. 75), Nov. 13, 1651, relating to 'the manner of our Enterprise upon the Isle of Man.' [T'his relates how Colonel Duckenfield, Commander-in Chief of the Parliamentary Forces, took possession of the Isle on behalf of the Parliament, and his treatment of Countess Charlotte.] pp. 63-76.

Extracts from the Journal of the House of Commons, dated 6th Nov., 1651, relating to the ' Taking of the Isle of Man by Oliver Cromwell.' pp. 77-81.

Manx Soc. vol xxxi, 1882.

['The Constitution.']

Sherwood (Deemster Richard). Notes to the Manx Soc. Reprint (vol. xxxi) of a portion of the Report of the Comruis sioners of Enquiry. 1792.

Some Additional Authorities in History Section. See also

List of Authorities quoted in the text of A. W. Moore's History (for list see pp. 981-988 of Hist.) ; by the Rev. Theophilus Talbot in his various Pamphlets ; and by other writers on Manx history. The works mentioned below are not in all cases in the Library

Annals of the Four Masters (J. O'Donovan, 1848-51). Annals of Loch Cé (W. M. Hennessy), A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, 1014-1590, with a translation, 2 vols. Rolls Ser. 1871 and 1887.

Annales Waverliensis, 1291, re King Edward and Kingdom of Scotland

Bede Historical Works. Edited by Giles. Isle of Man referred to. vol. i, pp. 84-91.

Boetius (Hector). ' Scotorum historia! a prima gentis origine.' Paris 1527 and 1574. Druids allowed to settle in

Island by Finnan, tenth King of the Scots. Fo. 22, 11. 44-48. Regni descriptio.' Fo. 8, p. 43.

[Burnt] Nials Saga : the Story of Burnt Njal, or Life in Ice land at the end of the Tenth Century, from the Icelandic, by G. W. Dasent, 1861.

B n r t o n [John Hill]. History of Scotland. 9 vols. 1873. Calendars of Ancient Charters with Rolls and Schedules of Fealties done in the Isle of Man, 1772.

Calendar State Papers. Vol. i, pp. 119-20 Carodoc of Llancarvan. Historie of Cambria, 1584. Chisholm [George Goudie]. The Isle of Man. In his Europe,' vol. ii, pp. 654-655, 1902.

Cheetham Society's Publications (S.P. Dom. Interreg.) Vol, lxvi, pp, cvii, clxvii, etc. lxii, pp. 75-6, lxvii, lxx.

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