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A Chronicle of the Kings of Man, taken out of M. Camden's Chorographie [1066-1316]. In R. Hakluyt, Principal Navigations of the English Nation, vol. i, pp. 1016. London, 1598, and subsequent editions. Not in Library.

Chronicon Regum Mannić 1066-1266, cum Continuatione. In Scriptores rerum Danicarum medii ćoc . . J. Langebek (ed.) vol. iii, pp. 209-244. Hafnić 1774. Not in Library.

Chronicon Mannić, / or a / Chronicle of the Kings / Of ; Man. / Supposed to be written by the / Monks of the Abbey of Russin. / With the Norwegian account / of Olave the Black King of / Man. And of Haco's Expedi- /tion against Scotland. / Together with the Civil and Ec- / clesiastical History of the Is-/land, from the earliest accounts to this present time. Perth: printed for John Gillies. 1784. pp. iv,123. 148x82. [2361, G.W.W. Coll. F64]
From Camden's Brit.

J o x NsT o N E (Rev. James, A.M.). Antiquitates / Celto - Normannicć, / containing / the / Chronicle / of / Man and the Isles, / abridged by Camden, and now first published, complete, from / the original MS. in the British Museum; with an / English Translation and Notes. / To which are added / Extracts from the Annals of Ulster . . ./ by / The Rev. James Johnstone, A.M., / Rector of Maghera-cross; and member of the Royal Societies of Edinburgh / and / Copenhagen. Copenhagen : Frid.Stein. 1786. pp. iv,55. 243x190. [1278, F 64]
This is the first complete printed copy of the Chronicle. An abridged account appeared in Camden's Brit., Bp. Gibson's edn.

Ibid. 260x204. 830, G.F.C. Coll. leather, I bnd. Ibid. 269x213. 2527, G.W.W. Coll. Contemp. bds.

T x o M s o N (James). Chronicon Manniae. / The / Chronicle / of / Man, / written by the Monks of Russin. / A New Edition. / By James Thomson. / [Manx arms woodcut.] Montrose : Chronicle Office. Price Sixpence. 1827. pp. 24. 173x100. 6 plates. [716, G.F.C. Coll. F64]
Taken from Camden, lip. Gibson's ed. 10 pp. of notes by Thomson.

The Chronicle of the Isle of Man. In. The Church Historians of England, vol. v, pt. i, pp. 385-405. Ed. by Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., of Univ. Coll., Durham, Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. London: Seeleys. 1858. [2378, G.W.W. Coll.]
This is taken from Johnstone's Antiquitates Celto Normannic,T, 1786, corrected in a few places by the original manuscript. Stevenson states : ' A transcript, but of no value for critical purposes, occurs among Gale's books in the library of Trin. Coll. Cambridge, O.x, 22.'

MUNCH (P. A., Professor of History in the Royal Univ. of Christiania). Chronica Regum Mannić et Insularum. The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, ed. from the MS. Codex in the Brit. Mus., and with Historical Notes. Christiania: Brogger & Christie. 1860. pp. xxxiv,192. 1 plate illus Runes. 230x140. [2363, F 64]

OLIvE R (Dr. J. R.). Chronicon Mannić et Insularum. Trans. and edited with Appendix by J. R. Oliver, M.D. Being vol. iv. of the Manx Soc. series, and vol. i of Oliver's Monumenta. H. Curphey. 1860. pp. 127-213.

MUNCH (P. A.). Chronica Regum Mannić et Insularum. The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, from the MS. Codex in the Brit. Mus., with Historical Notes. Revised, annotated, and furnished with additional documents, and English translations of the Chronica, and of the Latin documents, by the Right Rev. Dr. Goss. Being vols. xxii and xxiii of the Manx Soc. series. 2 vols. Edinburgh R. & R. Clark. 1874. pp. 436.

The Chronicle of Man and the Isles: a fac-simile of the Manuscript Codex Julius AXII in the British Museum. Published at the Museum at Douglas, 1924. pp. x,48 interleaved. 255x200.

The fac-simile pages 1-48 printed in the collotype process. Only 50 copies printed for subscribers at the price of two guineas. There is an introduction of ix pp. and a bibliographical note, both by W. Cubbon.

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