[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


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An unbiassed account, containing out-of-the-way details the Legislature, the law, the clergy, the herring fishery, John Stowell the poet, the dwellings, scenery, Manx language and ballads and, finally, the difficulty in getting to know the people. Very rare. The author is believed to be W. H. Watts, an artist, who was for a short period Drawing Master at King William's College, and who produced some brilliant lithographed pictures of Manx scenery which are now unfortunately rare.

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Isle of Man pp. 327-348. There is a humorous account of a duel which took place as the result of a quarrel at a Douglas dinner.

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The publication of this was advertised in 'Manx Sun' of 23rd September, 1828, but no copy has been recorded.

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Rare. The author is known to be William Bennet of Wester Duddingston, Co. of Edinburgh.

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The author, who was an eminent architect, dedicated the book to Sir William Hillary. The full-page plates are of exceptional interest, two of which at least, Peel Bay and Bishopscourt, are from drawings by the author. They are from stone by A. Picken. A number of public buildings, including K.W. College, the Smelt Memorial in Castle±own, and the Tower of Refuge, were designed by the author,

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Woodcut of Tynwald Ceremony.

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The author lived at Castletown. His tall military figure is shown on a large engraving of Castle Rushen along with the stout but small figure of Parson Parsons.

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The author was a Wesleyan minister serving at Castletown.

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The only copy known The Journal was from 6th to 28th Oct., 1805.

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Sketches : Cronk-y-Voddy Chapel, Foxdale Mines, Grenaby School, Laxey Chapel - all from Miss Ferrier's pencil.

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There are nine pleasing woodcuts.

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Various editions were issued by the Steam Packet Co.

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An interesting account of a notable Douglas lady. Other figures referred to are Nelly Brennan, Dr. Carpenter, Rev. Robert Brown, Lieut. G. H. Wood, Pierre Henry Joseph Baume, Parson Drury. The social and religious " life of Douglas is intimately described.

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Second edition in 1896, pp. 64.

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A native of Peel who became a Senator in the Canadian Parliament.

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A charmingly written book dealing with Nature, in which there are many references to and illustrations of Manx scenery. The author was the son of parents belonging to Kirk Arbory.

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Has an ALS from the author to G. W. Wood.
A second edition was published in 1925 with sixteen plates.

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The cover has this inscription : 'Miss Sophia Morrison, 'with Clement Shorter's kind regards, March xi. Of 'this pamphlet 12 copies had been printed, of which this 'is No l. Clement Shorter.' This pamphlet has been beautifully bound in half morocco g.e. One of the twelve has been listed by Quaritch at £15. Gift of Misses Morrison. The account of Borrow appeared in 'Mannin' ii, 1914.

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In Illustrated London News:
[All items are illustrated.]
1844-Destruction of King William's College by fire. 1847-The Herring Fishery.
1849-The Tynwald Court.
1852 (Dec) -Terrific explosion at the Calf of Man.
1856-Interesting Ceremony in the Isle of Man.
1857 (July 18) -The Tynwald Court : the reading of the new Acts.
1861 (Feb. 23) -The arrival in Douglas Harbour of His Excellency Governor Pigott.
1861-Villa Marina, Douglas, the seat of the Governor.
1865 (Feb. 11th) -Douglas Breakwater as damaged by the late storm.
1867 (April 20) -Election of members of the House of Keys.
1869-Port Erin: Prince Arthur's visit.
1871-Sketches in the Isle of Man.
1872-Opening of new Queen's Landing Pier at Douglas.
1878-Visit of Prince Leopold. Illumination of Douglas Bay.
1881- Fishermen's Cottages at Port St. Mary.
1881-Peel and Peel Castle.
1881 (Sept. 10) -Sketches in the Isle of Man.
1881 (Oct. 8)-Sketches in the Isle of Man.
1881 - Fisherman's Cottage in the Isle of Man.
1891 (Oct. 10)-Mr. Hall Caine's Mission to Russia.
1891-The late Rev. Rowley Hill.
1892-The Great Laxey Water Wheel.
1892 (April 23) - A Manxland Ramble. In Daily Graphic:
1890 (July 8) -The Annual Assembly at Tynwald.
„ (July 11)-The Opening of the Queen's Promenade.
„ (Oct. 27)-Masonic Ceremony at Douglas.
1892 (Nov. 17/18) --The Douglas Tragedy (George Cooper).
„ (Nov. 21) - Do.
„ (Nov. 22) - Do.
1893 (Dec. 15)-The New Governor, Sir West Ridgeway.
1900 (June 16) -The Dumbell Bank Prosecution.

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