[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


A view of the Catholic Chapel in Athol-street is in Johnson's Guide of 1848.

CARR (Rev. Jas.). Common Sense v. Bigotry. James Brown. N.D. [c. 1858] pp. 23. 182x108. [4897, E 186]

A Letter to the inhabitants of Douglas. Robt. Fargher. 1858. pp. 14. 182x122. [4897, E 186]

WALSH (Rev. Father, Rector of St. Mary's, Douglas). Appeal to the Manx public against persecution by calumny. P C. & F. 1891. pp. 10. 181x125. ld. [4470, E 186]
Father Walsh issued several pamphlets on religious questions of general interest. (1) The Bible and the Christian Church, and (2) The Bible and the Pope, etc..

Manx Catholic Magazine (Monthly). No printer's name. 1895. pp. 108. View of St. Mary's Church. 224x130. [4355, E 186]
Contains articles on 'Early Christianity in Man,' by the Rev. Father Walsh ; 'The only Manx Priest Reformation,' ete.

WALSH (Rev. Edmund, M.A.). Roman Catholicism in the Isle of Man (with portraits). In Mx Quar. vii, 1909.

Douglas Corporation Sunday : Order of service at Reception of the Mayor, Councillor D. Flinn, J.P., by the Very Rev. Dean Crookall . Nov. 15th, 1914. C. & F. pp. 17. 248x154. [210, E 186]

The Manx Catholic Year Book and Blotter for 1924-5. Vic. Press. pp. 18. Illustrations of Douglas, Castletown, Ramsey and Conchan Churches, and portrait of Rev. Dean. Crookall. 280x218. [ 1834, E 186]
Contains a note on the Centenary of the Castletown Catholic Church.

__1926-7. Vic. Press. pp. 24. 288x226. [1834, E 186]
There is a historical note by J. J. Kneen, M.A., on St. Trinian's, and a useful list of the Manx Parishes and their Patronal Saints. Illustrations : St. Mary's (Douglas), St. Trinian's, Peel Castle, St. Mary's (Castleto,~vn), St. Maughold's (Ramsey), St. Anthony's (Conchan), with portraits of Rev. Dean Crookall and Father Rogerson.

__Also for 1928 to 1932. Vic. Press. Illus.

Bazaar Souvenir. St. Mary's, Douglas. Novr 2 - 5, 1925 Vic. Press. pp. 28. 13 plates. 188x125. [5346, E 186]

See also A.W.M. Dioc. Hist., Thwaite's Hist., Mx SOC. publications, etc.


A view of the Independent Chapel in Athol-street is in Johnson's Guide of 1848.

The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle, 1822. Vol. xxx. London: Francis Westley. 1822. pp. 544.. 209x127. [2299, E 238]
Isle of Man, pp. 237, 363. According to the first of these references, Homilies in the Manx language had been scattered among the people of the Isle of Man'; and according to. the second, at a meeting in Athol-street Chapel on May 27, 1822, was formed The Isle of Man Congregational Itinerant Society,' designed to spread the Gospel by means of preaching and of schools. William Kelly was appointed president and Rev. T. F. Winslow secretary. It was 'proposed to procure itinerants to preach in Manks.' There is recorded in 'The Manks Advertiser' that 'J. Taylor was ordained pastor of the Independent Church at Ramsey on 23rd September, 1810.' The Independent Chapel in Athol-street, Douglas, was settled in trust on 23rd May, 1812. The first trustees were : Alexr. Bonnyman, William Kelly, John Cloke, Samuel Hill, Hugh Douglas, John Clark, and Thomas Minto. The deacons in 1836 were James Dalrymple, 'Vm. Kirkham, and Thos. Douglas.

HAINING (Samuel). Strictures on the Charge of the Bishop of Sodor and Mann, delivered to his Clergy at Bishop's Court, July 11, 1844. M. A. Quiggin. 1845. pp. 24. 175x104. 3d. [6424, E 238] Not in Library.
The author was the first Congregational minister resident in the Island. He wrote the first Guide to the Isle of Man.

STA LLYBRASS (Rev. W. C.). A summary of the principles respecting the constitution and government of a Congregational Church. R. Fargher. 1852. pp. 12. 188x109. [4092, E 238]
The tract presents an epitome of the ecclesiastical principles of a Congregational or Independent Church worshipping in Athol-street, Douglas.

Opening Dalrymple Memorial Chapel, Union Mills. in Ill. Lon. News. 1854. [3030, fol. L6]

STALLYBRASS (Rev. W. C.). The Reciprocal Duties of Pastor and People: a sermon preached at Liverpool, 1858. Wavertree : Thomas Hindley. 1858. pp. 16. 215x138. [5358, E 238].

__Christian Courage, its source and use : a lecture delivered at Douglas, 1858. William Kneale; and printed by R. Fargher, 9 Mona-terrace. 1858. pp. 16. 221x135. [4091, E 238]
The lecture was given at a ' Congregational tea meeting.

' Dalrymple Memorial Chapel, with Memoir of Mr. James Dalrymple. In Illus. Lon. News, 1863.

Finch Hill Congregational Church. Reports and Manuals for several years. L. G. Meyer. 1872 onwards. 200x128. [3770, E 238]

Finch-hill Magazine: monthly from Jan. 1902 onwards. pp. 2. [5583, E 238] Vols. i (1902), ii (1903), and xv (1916) in Library.

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__Recollections of Religious Life in the Isle of Man. In Mx Quar. xxiv, 1921.

Finch-hill Congregational Church, Douglas : Monthly Messenger. S. K. B. 1921-23. pp. 4. 220x140. [5388, E 238]

TAYLOR (Rev. Martin C., Pastor of Finch-hill Cony. Church). A Defence of Protestantism. Herald Office. 1925. pp. 4. 250x180.

Finch-hill Church Notes : monthly from Oct. 1929 to date. 13. B S. and N.M.P. 1929. pp. 4. 210x130. The Rev. A. Shave, B.A., commenced his ministry in Sep t. 1929.

JONES (Rev. D. Johnston, B.A.). The Rev. John Williamson : an address given at the funeral of the late Rev. John Williamson, M.A. In Cong. Mag., Cardiff, Sept. 1931. [E 238]

The History, of Nonconformity. See A.W.M. Hist., pp. 674-681, 723-6, 733.


Sketches of Thomas-street and Well-road Wesleyan Methodist Chapels will be found in Johnson's Guide of 1848.

KER s x (Dr.). The Methodist: attempted in Plain Metre. Nottingham: Printed for the author, at 8 Burbage's Office in the Long Row. 1780. Sm. 4to. pp. 134. Man. pp. 93-4. [E 240] Not in Library.

The Nature, Design, and General Rules of the United Societies in London, etc., to which are added sundry particular regulations made in some late Conferences of the Preachers. London: G. Story. N.D. [c. 1797] pp. 12. 175x106. [4016, E 240]

The progress of the Methodists in the Island of Man. See Feltham's Tour, 1798.

Ruleyn / yn / Pobble enmyssit / Methodistyn / er ny hoiagaey seose / liorish / John Wesley M.A. / Liverpool Printed by J. Nuttall. 1800. pp. 12. 180x105. [5416, E 240]
Translation of the title : Rules of the People called Methodists set up by John Wesley, M.A.

Minutes of Several Conversations at the 63rd Annual Conferente, begun in Leeds, July 28, 1806: between the Preachers late in connexion with the Rev. John Wesley, A.M. Also Appendices. London: Geo. Story. 1806 to 1811. pp. 78. 169x100. [2297, E 240]
Contains many references to the Isle of Man ; a note on the death of the Rev. John Crook, 'the apostle of the Isle of Man'; also figures relating to the membership in the Island.

M ' DON ALD (Jas.). Memoir of John Crook. In The Meth. Mag. 1808. London. pp. 3-10; 49-57; 97-105; 145-151; 193-204. Portrait. 209x134. [4199, E 240]
Contains the early history of Wesleyan Methodism in Man.

The Lord's Day Plan : The Methodist Itinerant and Local Preachers on the Douglas and Ramsey Circuits. J. Beatson, Custom House Quay, Douglas. 1813. Broadside. [E 240]
There were over 70 persons in the list of preachers, Not in Library.

STOWELL (Kerrnotte). A Letter to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, or an Exposition of the circumstances which led to the ruin of the Methodists' Friendly Society of Douglas; with notes containing interesting anecdotes of many eminent persons. Smithfield: Addard, J. 1813. pp. 24. 222x149. [1719, E240]
The tract refers to a number of subjects, notably the Duke of Athol's meanness, the Methodist Friendly Society of Douglas, founded 6th April, 1798, and the Douglas Library.

CURRAN (J.). Observations on the Rev. Mr. Aitken's sermon preached in the Methodist Chapel, Douglas, 1832. Douglas. 12 mo. pp. 16. Not in Library.

__Truth no Calumny. G. Jefferson, 1833. 12 mo. pp. 60.m Not in Library.

__Mock Trial and Expulsion of John Cain from the Methodist Society, Douglas. (A defence.) . To the Editor of the Christian Advocate. July, 1835. Broadside. Not in Library.

Ramsey and Peel Wesleyan Circuit Plan. M. A. Quiggin, 2 North-quay. 1845. 302x231. [4111, E240]
In 1845 Ramsey and Peel were one circuit.

ROSSER (James). The History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Isle of Man with some Account of the Island and of the Life and Labours of Bishop Wilson in a series of Letters addressed to the Rev. George Marsden. Douglas Mary A. Quiggin, North Quay. 1849. pp. 207. Map. 168x108. [5278, E 240]
Engravings : Douglas, Glenmcay Waterfall, and Bishops court. Portrait of Rev. James Rosser (in G. W. Wood's copy). A rare little volume much sought after.

'An Old Wesleyan.' Eye-Salve for the Wesleyans of Mona; containing the facts connected with recent expulsions. and strictures thereon . New fly-sheet, by a Wesleyan not yet expelled, etc. Robert Fargher, Post Office Lane. 1850. pp. 14. 246x170. [4892, E 240]

' A NUMBER of OLD METHODISTS.' Methodism 'as it is' in Douglas: being a Narrative of the Trial and Expulsion of Mr. Edward Edgar, Wesleyan Class Leader . . and other matters important to the Wesleyans of the Isle of Man. James Brown, King-street, corner of Thomas-street. 1851. pp. 16. 226x144. [4911, E 240]

MOORE (Roger), GREGORY (A. Page), HIRST (Joseph), and TALBOT (Theophilus). An Exposure of the Falsehoods and Misrepresentations contained in a pamphlet entitled ' Methodism as it is in Douglas'; also a Vindication of the characters of the persons therein maligned; With a Review of other miscellaneous matters. M. A. Quiggin. 1851. pp. 16. 215x130. lid. [4911, E 240]
A reply to the foregoing.

HANNAH (Rev. J., D.D.). Sermon delivered at the Wesleyan Chapel, Thomas Street, Douglas, on Sunday, June 13, 1852, on occasion of the preacher's first visit to the Isle of Man. Robert Fargher, Wellington Buildings,Duke-street. 1852. pp. 15. 212x138. [1720, E 240]

L v E R (George W., B.A.). The Church of England & Wesleyan Methodism: A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann. M. A. Quiggin. 1856. pp. 33. 15x140. [4159, E 240] The writer replies to the ' insinuations and accusations' of Bishop Powys against Wesleyan Methodism.

Methodists' Facts. The Rev. Theophilus Talbot's Appointment to the Douglas Church : the doings of the Conference stationing Committee, etc. 1867. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 8. Not in Library.

Golden Candlesticks, and How they were Lighted: a story of Manx Methodism. In Meth. Family, Ist Feb., 1870. [3030, fol. L 6]

Examples of Wesleyan Methodist Quarterly Tickets. N.D. [c. 1870] 52x72. [6335, E 240]

L' o N D (John). Golden Candlesticks; or, sketches of the rise of some early Methodist Churches. London: Elliot Stock. 1873. pp. 12-17. 162x101. [2307, E 240]
Has a chapter on the visits of John Crook and John Wesley.

GREGORY (Dr. Benjamin). The Less-Known Methodist Preachers. Philip Garrett. The Wesleyan Methodist Mag, Jan. & Feb. 1877. [E 240]

A Bill relating to Wesleyan Methodist places of worship in Douglas. B. & S. 1879. pp. 4. 340x209. [4724, E 240]
The Bill quotes the trust deeds of Thomas-street Chapel 1786, 'of a parcel of ground known as " Corris's Garden,"', of a house and garden called ' Tennison's concerns,' of ' a house and premises in Preaching-house lane' (Wellington-street) ; also the trust deed of Well-road Wesleyan Chapel, 1835.

GREGORY (John Robinson, ed.). A Summary of the Laws relating to Nonconformists in Man, with notes and observations. S. K. B. N.D. [c. 1885] pp. 15. 215x136. 6d. [3571, E 240]

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Impressions of Methodism in Manxland, by an Itinerant Local Preacher. In Meth. Recorder. N.D. [c. 1890] [3031, L 6]

Portraits of John S. Moore (Lhergydhoo), J. R. Cowell, H.K., J. F. Kermode, J. T. Cowell, H.K., William Clarke. Old Manx Methodism: a Home and Some Saints; by Rev. R. Corlett Cowell. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, Dec, 1895. [3031, L6]

Thomas Crennell and John Corlett, Methodist Local Preachers; by Rev. R. Corlett Cowell. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, Dec. 1895. [3031, L6]

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[All 3031, L 6]

With the Wesley Guild in the Isle of Man; by H. K. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, 14th June, 1900.

CALLISTER (Christian). Mrs. Creer's Home; by a Manxwoman. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, Winter No1901.

__Wesley's Impression of Manxland. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, Winter No. 1901.

__Cooilcam and the Three Heiras. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder Winter No. 1901.

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__Laxey and its Methodism. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, 13th Aug., 1903.

__Thomas-street Old School, Douglas.
See Reminiscences of James Cowin, 1902.

is Preaching Convention: handbook and syllabus of services in Victoria Street Church, Douglas. Cubbon & Lightfoot.

1903. pp. 14. 220x140. [3578, E 240]

M c L . (R.) Old Edmund: a bit of Manx Methodism half a century ago. (Illus.) In Meth. Recorder, Christ mas 1905. [3031, L6]

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Twenty-fifth Rally of the District Wesley Guilds, 7th May, 1925. Vic. Press. pp. 8. 173x108. [E 240]

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Other People's Sayings. A number of quotations, etc. Issued in aid of Peel Wesleyan Bazaar. Peel: Palmer. pp. 20. 205x125. c. 1931. [E 240]

The following articles appear in the Manx Wesleyan Methodist Church Record from time to time:

JUTSUM (Rev. H.). Notes from an Old Minute Book. Vol. 1, pp. 80, 139.

GOLDSM ITH (Thomas). Our [Methodist] Country Places. Vol. 1, pp. 94, 105, 117.

HILLS T (Rev. Joseph). Wesleyan Methodism in Douglas Circuit in 1850. Vol. 1, p. 138; Vol. 2, pp. 10, 20.

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RADCLIFFE (Rev. William T.). Thoughts on an Old Circuit Plan. Vol. 1, pp. 5, 17, 30, 40. .

JACKSON (Rev. Edward H.). Experiences in a Manx Circuit. Vol. 1, p. 76.

FENWICK (Rev. Harrison). Old Manx MethodistWorthies: A Retrospect. Vol. 1, p. 65.

JOHNSON (Rev. Simpson). Manx Methodist Experience. Vol. 1, p. 6.

COWELL (John Thomas, M.H.K.). Nonconformist Marriages in the Island. Vol. 3, p. 82,

Reproduction of 'The Lord's Day Plan of the Methodists' Itinerant and Local Preachers on the Douglas and Ramsey Circuits,' for April, May, and June, 1813. Vol. 6, p. 4. 292x450.

A Wesley Relic in Lonan. Vol. 13, p. 91.

L[YNN], Samuel W. Manx Country Methodism: some peculiar features. Vol. 15, pp. 82-4.

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HARTLEY (Rev. J. S.). John Wesley in the Isle of Man. Feb. 1928.


A sketch of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Factory-lane, Douglas, will be found in Johnson's Guide of 1848.

Primitive Methodist Preachers' Plans: Douglas Second Circuit, Loch Parade, 1879, 1880. Douglas: W. H. Cowin, 46 North-quay. p. 1. 339x422. [5124, E 240]

Primitive Methodist Mission Band, Laxey : Douglas Second Circuit Plan, 1887. Wm. H. Cowin, Strand-street. p. 1. 190x254. [5124, E 240]

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Primitive Methodist Church, Kirk Michael : Souvenir and Programme of the Centenary Services. Ramsey Courier. 205x140. 3d. [4617, E 240]
Contains portraits of old Primitive Methodist Worthies.

CURRY (Rev. William). " A Kingdom Won." The Story of Primitive-Methodism in the Isle of Man. London: E. Dalton. 1923. pp. 24. Illus. 209x139. [1258, E 240]
Has views of buildings at Colby, Clougher, Peel, Glenmaye.

Primitive Methodism. Centenary Celebrations in Buck's Road Church, Douglas, 1923. C. & F. pp. 19. 220x90: 3d. [1441, E 240]

Official Handbook of the Primitive Methodist Church, Liverpool District, Annual Synod, held in Primitive Methodist Church, Castletown, April 26th - May Ist, 1928. C. & F. pp. 48. Illus. of South-side churches and portraits of local church officials. 220x140. [5798, E 240]

Primitive Methodist Blotter, Calendar and Year Book for 1928. Vic. Press. pp. 24. 284x220. [5759, E 240]
Has illustrations of Bucks-road, Loch Parade Minorca, Ramsey, Peel, Castletown, Port St. Mary, and Port Erin Churches.

Primitive Methodist Church, Peel: Quotations, Easter 1930. W. Newby & Sons. pp. 48. 152x80. [6214, E 240]

Prim. Method. Church, Croit-y-Caley, Castletown Circuit, Jubilee Souvenir, 1881-1931. Norris M.P. 1931. pp. 32. 216x138. [6384, E 240]
See also the old Guide Books, Thwaite's Hist., and newspaper files.


An Abstract of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers . . . from the year 1650 to 1660. 3 vols. Isle of Man, vol. 2, pp. 217-223. London. 8vo. [E 241]

BESSE (Joseph). A Collection of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers for the Testimony of a Good Con science, etc. London: Luke Hinde. 1753. 315x200. [2513, E 241]
Isle of Man refs. pp. 269-288.

GOUGH (John). A History of the People called Quakers. From their first rise to the present time: compiled from authentic records. 4 vols. Dublin: Robert Jackson. 1789-1790. 210x122. [2300, E 241]
Gives the story of the persecution of the Callow, Christian and Kerruish families of Kirk Maughold, vol. i, p. 298 ; ii, p. 274.

The Callow Quaker Bible, 1630. In Train's Hist. ii, p. 351.
This Bible now rests in the Manx Museum Library. There are MS. records of the Callow family on the blank leaves.

Quakers and Methodists. In Letters from the Isle of Man, 1846. [F 65]

MOORE (A. W., M.A.). Quakers in the Isle of Man and their Treatment. In Y.L.M. i, pp. 281-7, 1894.

HODGKIN (Thomas, D.C.L.). The Ruillick-ny Quakeryn. Notes on the History of Friends in the Isle of Man. In Friends Quar. Examiner, 1908, pp. 457-495. Illus. [4324, E 241]

CAINE (P. W.). The Manx Quakers : a story of bitter persecution. In I.111I.E. 1926. [E 241]

THOMAS (Annie Braithwaite). St. Stephen's House Friends' Emergency Work in England, 1914-1920. London Friends Bookshop, 140 Bishopsgate. 1926. pp'[53741 151. 215x135. 5/-.
Has many references to the Alien Prisoners' Camps at Douglas and Knockaloc.

See also A.W.M. Hist.; A.W.M. Notes & Does., pp. 22, 75; Mx Soc. x, pp. 64, 115, 126; Callow's 'From King Orry to Queen Victoria.'

E 241 Presbyterian.

A sketch of the ' Scotch Kirk' in Finch-road will be found in Johnson's Guide of 1848.

The First Century of Presbyterianism in Douglas, 18251925. I Ilus. Douglas: L. G. Meyer. 1925. pp. 41. 215x132. [4586, E 241]
Views of the old and present churches ; portraits of Dr. Steele, James McCrone, Gilbert Torrance, the various Pastors, and office-bearers, etc.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Douglas, 1931. Annual Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st Dec., 1931. No Printer's name. 1931. pp. 4. 330x210. [E 241]

E 241 Christian Endeavour.

Seventeenth British National Christian Endeavour Convention, Isle of Man, May 17-25, 1907. B. & S. 1907. pp. 16. Portraits of the officers. 180x120. [5650, E 241]

E 241 Elijah Christian.

CHRISTIAN (Elijah). [Mary Turnbull.]

From 1844 to about 1860, a rather remarkable woman named Mary Turnbull printed a number of leaflets and broadsides on religious subjects. The author was an enthusiast, but was never taken seriously. Her compositions usually had the imprint, ' Printed at the " Millenial" Office, Ballasalla.' The titles of her tracts are as follow

__A Light to Lighten the Gentiles. 1844. sm. 8vo. pp. 8.
__ Four-fold Change. Lifting the Veil. April 1845. pp. 8.
__ Election a Light to Lighten the Gentiles. Oct. 1845. pp. 8.
__ do. do. Feb. 1846. pp. 8.
__ do. do. April 1846. pp. 8.
__ do. do. Sept. 1846. pp. 8.
__ do. do. Oct. 1846. pp. 8.
__ That which is perfect is come. Oct. 1846. pp. 8.
__ The Prophet is a Fool; the Spiritual Man is Mad. B'side. To the Clergy, Ministers, Preachers, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Man : Address by Elijah Christian. N.D. Pp. 8.

Only two of the above tracts are in the Library.

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