[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


Mannanan / Beg / Mac y Leirr; / ny, slane eoontey jeh f Ellan Vannin : / Soilshaghey, / Cre'n Mayll ver ny Mannanee da Mannanan; kys / ren Noo Parick eshyn y imman ersooyl as e / Heshaght ; kys hug Parick ayn Creestiaght ; as / eoontey jeh ny chied Aspickyn va 'syn Ellan. / My rgeddin eoontey j eh'n chied Ree va Mannin, as / e Lhuight ; eoontey jell ny Chiarnyn ; as kys / kaink yn Ellan gys Clem Stanley. / Prentit 'sy Vlein [ 1778]. pp. 8. 178x107. [20469, H 140]
Translation : Little Mannanan, the Son of the Sea ; or, a whole account of the Isle of Man ; explaining what the rent was on the Manx to Mannanan ; how Samt Patrick did drive him and his company away ; how Saint Patrick put Christianity in it ; and an account of the first Bishops who were in the Island. Also an account of the first King and his descendants ; an account of the Lords ; and how came the Island to the Family of Stanley. Printed in the year [the date is erased in the document]. It was probably printed by Christopher Briscoe in Douglas, and the date of printing is about 1778.
T'his is the only copy of the ' Traditionary Ballad' in existence, as far as is known. It is deposited on loan by the Librarian, who has it on trust from a friend abroad. See Train's Hist. i, p. 50, and Moore's Ballads, p. 6.
The Ballad seems to have been written early in the 16th century, for its author describes events that happened during his time, for instance the landing in the Island of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Derby, in the year 1504.

Legend of the Moddey Dhoo. In Waldron's Description, 1731.

MALLET (Professor Royal de Belles-Lettres Fran(oises). Monuments de La Mythologie et de La Poesie des Celtes. Copenhague. 1756. pp. 178. [E 244]
Refers to the mythological stories on some of the Manx Runic crosses.

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Stated to be in MS. for the first time.

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Not in Library.

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Man, pp. 96, 142, 250, 297, 421, 481, 544.

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See other editions in Guides.

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A second edition in 1851. The Colonel wrote on the same subject in Jefferson's Almanack, 1853.

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Contains ' Olave Goddardson, a Chronicle of Peel Castle'; ' Cutlar Mac Cullock'; and ' Illiam Dhone.'

Mylecharane : the popular and most ancient song, rendered into English verse, adapted to the old Manx air; with notes. 2nd edn. M. A. Quiggin. 1859. pp. 38. 170x120. [3873]
Has also the legend of the Phynnodderee in prose, and several folk-stories in verse.

A Sketch of The 'Druids.' In Mx Soc. v, pp. 174-180, 1860.

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A collection of stories and 'tit-bits,' including the story of the Samphire gatherers.

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13 R A s x (Richard, M.R.I.A.). Mananan Mac Lir: His Mythic Connection with the Isle of Man. In Mx Soc. xv, pp. 119-140, 1865. Appeared also in ' Archaeologia Cambrensis,' xii, 1866.

HA, RRI s o N (William). Customs and Superstitions. the Quaaltagh, Laa Boaldyn, Beltain, the Mhellia, Holy Wells, Hop to Naa, Oie'l Verree, the White Boys, the Phynnodderee, Charms, and Hunt the Wren (with music). In Mx Soc. xvi, pp. 135-184. 1865.

The 'White Boys' was printed in the `Manx Sun,' Jan. 10, 1832 : stated to be in MS. for the first time.

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Customs and Superstitions : the Gob ny Scuit Boagane, Caillagh ny Gueshag, the Ruined Chapel in St.- Michael's Isle; the Glashtyn, the Enchanted Island at Port Soderick; the Slieau Whallian Boagane. In Mx Soc. xxi, pp. 181-262. 1871.

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The standard work by an eminent authority : has ruarly references to Mananan Mac y Lir, Fin Mac Cooil, and the other Celtic figures associated with Man. The °-orl' has been reprinted in cheap form by the Educational Company of Ireland.

Y c E (R. D.). Blanid : a legendary poem of Mona. Boston, U.S-i1. pp. 249. [J 8]

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Some of the stories have a Manx interest, as also Rolleston's Celtic Romances.

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Sixty illustrations. The contents include : The Phynodderree ; Tom Kewley and the Lannanshee ; King Olave the second ; The Buggane's Vow.

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This is the standard work on Manx folklore. There is a useful general introduction and explanatory notes to each chapter. Twelve copies were printed on handmade paper.

__ The Cup of Ballafletcher. In Yn L.M. i.

__Notes on the International Folklore Congress. In Yn L. M. i. [2048]

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The eleven numbers contain stories which are not included in the author's standard work on the Folklore, pub. in 1891.

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'There is a valuable index to objects in the proverbs and sayings.

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Contains references to Manannan, etc.

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Refers to Gaelic names on the Manx Runic Crosses.

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The notes in this booklet are in addition to the author's 'Folklore of the Isle of Man,' pub. in 1891. They had appeared in 'The Antiquary' in 1895.

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Vol. i contains a chapter on Manx folklore, and a chapter on The Fenodyree and his friends. There are also many references to Manannan, Finn Mac Cuill, Cuchulainn, etc.
Reviewed in Folklore,' xii, pp. 114-6 ; AthenŠum,' 2nd Mar., 1901. The Professor had studied the Manx language and folklore on more than one visit.

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Valuable to the student of Celtic mythology: many references to Mnnanan Mac y Lir, and the other gods connected with Man.

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A valuable collection of notes gathered by an industrious writer, chiefly in the southern district.

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References to the pre-Celtic figures Fin, etc.

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The reminiscences were `written in the mother tongue of the Isle of Man with the help of his friend Thomas Moore.' The work is written in Manx and English. There is an introduction by the Ven. Archdeacon Kewley.

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Contains references to Mananan, Finn Mac Cumhal, Oisin, and the other Manx mythological figure's.

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Contains an introduction by Miss S. Morrison, who prepared the volume for the press.

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Edited by G. W. Wood, with notes.

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Has references to the Isle of Man.

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Contains a number of folk-stories not included in first edition.

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DOBBS (Miss Margaret E.). Altromh Tighi Da Medar (the Fosterage of the House of the Two Goblets). In Leitschrift flir Celtische Philologie, 1929, pp. 189-230. [5982, E 244]
The tale is from the Irish Book of Fermoy, a Munster work, thought to be compiled before the 15th c. The chief figure in the tale is Manannan Mac Lir. There are references to his home at Cruitin na Cuan and Emain Ablach, which places Miss Dobbs thinks were in the Isle of Man. The first name ' implies a situation on the coast,' and the second 'was a residence of Hebridean princes as late as the 11th c.'

Note on the Hunting of the Wren in Ireland (with air). In Bunting Coll. of Irish Folk-music and Songs. Part iv. Dec. 1929. pp. 83-89. [E 244)
The custom of hunting the wren and carrying it from house to house on St. Stephen's Day has been observed in Man from time immemorial, and has not yet disappeared. It is referred to in Fraser's ' Golden Bough,' viii, 1912, pp. 317-321, and in various issues of ' Folk-lore.'

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Contains many references to the illustrations on the Scandinavian Crosses in Man.

LAR s E rI (Henning). An Old Icelandic Medical Miscellany from the MS. Royal Irish Academy, with supplement from M.S. Trinity College, Dublin. Oslo: Utgitt for Fridtjof Nansens Fond Det Norske Videnskaps

Akademi, Oslo. 1931. pp. 328. 275x180. [6432, E 244]

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This important book describes the traces preserved in Irish and Gaelic tradition of the Viking invasions and the Viking wars. The Fionn cycle, the Ossianic ballads, Scandinavian ballads, and Celtic and Norse fairy-tales' are compared.

Shenn Bedn veg Carraghyn, and Shenn Bedn Creg y Cowin. In Proc. iii, 220, 1932.

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A Third Scrapbook is announced to appear.

See also under KERMODE (P. M. C.).

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