[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


Only sermons which have been preached in connection with some local event, or in connection with the death of a local personage, are included in this list.

KELLY (Rev. John, LL.D.). A Sermon on the Religious, Moral, and Political Advantages of Instructing the Poor, 1798. In Mx Soc. Vol. ii, pp. xxx-xliv.
Dr. Kelly was the compiler of the Manx-Eng. Dictionary.

STOWELL (Rev. Hugh). A Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas . . . on the anniversary of the Lancastrian School, etc. 1810. Douglas, 40. pp. 22. Not in Library.

A Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas, on Sunday, 25th July, 1813, being the anniversary of the children educated in the Daily and Sunday School. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 16. Not in Library.

A Sermon preached at St. John's Chapel, July 5th, 1813, before the Legislature of the Isle of Mann assembled' in Tynwald, etc. Douglas. 4to. pp. 15. Not in Library.

HOWARD (Rev. Thomas). A Sermon preached at Kirk Lonan Church . . on occasion of the death of Mrs Amelia Stowell. 1814. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 21. Not in Library.

BROWN (Rev. Robert, Minister of St. Matthew's Chapel, Douglas). [Afterwards Vicar of Kirk Braddan.] Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas. 1816. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 29. Not in Library.

Sermons on Various Subjects. Wellington, Salop: F. Houlston & Son. 1818. pp. 400. 230x140. 51- [1337 & 700, E 74]
Sermon 2 was preached on behalf of the House of Industry. Another vol. of sermons by this author was arranged to be printed and edited by the Rev. T. Howard and Rev., J. L. Stowell, but was not published.

HOWARD (Rev. Thos., Vicar of Kirk Braddan). Plain and Practical Sermons. London : James Nisbet. 1827. pp. 291. 190x115. [1308 & 1315 E 74]
Dedicated to the Inhabitants of the Parish of Braddan. Sermon 18 was preached on the death of Mrs. Stowell, wife of Rev. Hugh Stowell the elder, Rector of Ballaugh There was a second series of sermons printed in 1850 (pp. 353).

A Sermon preached at Kirk Braddan Church on Sunday, Sept. 21st, 1828, on occasion of the death of T. Costain, Esq., Surgeon. Douglas: J. Quiggin. 1828 pp. 26, 180x117. [1404, E 74]

STOWELL (Rev. Hugh). A Sermon preached on the occasion of the death of the Honorable Cornelius Smelt, twenty-seven years Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man. 1833. London. 8vo. pp. 23. Not in Library.

__A Sermon preached at the opening of the Mariners' Church, in the harbour of Douglas, May 24th, 18,35. G. Jefferson. 1835. pp. 21. 208x124. [1687, E 74]
The Mariners' Church of Douglas was an old disused Government ship placed in the upper part of the harbour.

STEVENSON, (Rev. H. J., M.A.). The Church the Spouse of Christ. R. Fargher. 1841. pp. 23. 210x130. [525 & 5022, E 74]
Contains references to founding of Diocesan Association of Sodor and Man.

HOWARD (Rev. Thos.). A Sermon preached at Kirk Braddan Church on the death of the Rev. Robert Brown, Vicar of Braddan, by the Rev. T. Howard, Rector of Ballaugh. Robert H. Johnson. 1847. pp. 22. 178x109. 3d. [1407 & 1687, E 74]
Rev Robt. Brown was father of the Manx poet T. E. Brown.

Plain and Practical Sermons. London: James Nisbet & Co., Berners-street. 1850. pp. 353. 188x105. [2281 & 701, E 74]
Dedicated to Rev. Hugh Stowell, M.A. Sermon 16 was preached on the death of Rev. H. Stowell the elder, Rector of Ballaugh.

GRAY (Rev. J. H.). The dying Saint. A Sermon Preached in St. Barnabas' Church, Douglas, on the death of Sarah Jane Ogden. 1853. Douglas. 12mo. pp. 21. Not in Library.

CHATER (Rev. John). The Voice of the Pious Dead. A funeral sermon for the late Mr. James Dalrymple. 1862. Douglas. Not in Library.

GRAY (Rev. . H., M.A.). A Sermon on the . . . . death of Lieut.-Col. H. Murray, H.K. 1864. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 16. Not in Library,

STOWELL (Rev. Thomas Alfred). A Sermon preached on the death of the late Canon Stowell. London. 12mo. pp. 20. 1865. Not in Library.

HOBSON (Rev. W. T., M.A.). Sabbath Observance, or the fourth commandment binding on Christians. Sermon preached in St. Barnabas' Church, Douglas, May 25th, 1873, with reference to a proposal to open refreshmentrooms on Sunday on the new line of railway in the Isle of Man. Harriet Curphey. 1873. pp. 14. 169x107. ld. [ 1410, E 74]

INGLIS (Rev. D., B.A.). What is our duty? A temperance sermon preached in Finch Hill Congregational Church, Nov. 9th, 1879. S.K.B. 1879. pp. 12. [243, E 74]
Published by the Manx Union for Promotion of Temp.

Sermon preached in Lhergydhoo Wesleyan Chapel by Mr. J. S. Moore, in memory of the late Mr. Henry Cubbon. of Laxey, Wesleyan District Evangelist, who died Dec. 7th, 1891, aged 75 years. Peel: W. K. Palmer, Chronicle Office. 1892. pp. 7. 189x126. [6424, E 74]


WILSON (Bishop Thomas). An appeal on behalf of the Society for the promotion of the Gospel in foreign parts. 1741.
Re-issued by Clay, London, in 1852.

An appeal to the inhabitants of the Isle of Man, in behalf of the Church Missionary Society, by the Isle of Man committee. Douglas : G. Jefferson. N.D. [c. 1845] pp. 4. 218x134. [4218, E 76]

Isle of Mann Association of the Church Missionary Society : report and accounts, with list of subscriptions for 1852. R. H. Johnson, printer. 1852. pp. 4. 332x [B496]

Report of the Isle of Mann Association of the Church Missionary Society from Dec. 1858 to Dec. 1859. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 8. [E 76] Not in Library.

STOWELL, B[ellanne]. Manxland : a Tale; with an iIntroductory sketch of Manx Home Missions. By B. Stowell. London: James Nisbet & Co. 1863. pp. viii,199. 175x110. Illus. [2973, E 76 G.W.W. Coll.]
The authoress was one of the Stowells of Ballastole, Braddan. The book gives an account of the work of the Isle of Man Diocesan Association and its supporters.

Society for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts remittances subscribed in Sodor and Man Diocese, 1863. London: R. Clay, Son, & Taylor. 1864. pp. 8. 218x138. [4960, E 76]

The Douglas Church Mission Hymn Book. London Bemrose & Sons. 1874. pp. 80. 136x83. [3394, E 200]

JOSEPH (D. Christopher). From Darkness to Light. 2nd edn. N.D. [c. 1891] pp. x,140. 178x120.
Vol. ii was subsequently published (pp. viii, 176), with portrait. The author was a Jew born in Russian Poland. He was converted to Christianity in the Wesleyan Chapel, Peel. pp. 26-50 give a record of his experiences in Peel, to which town his second wife belonged. Not in Library. Owned by Mrs. B. Kelly, Peel.

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge : sketch of its history in the Isle of Man. In Mx Church Mag., Oct. 1892.

Rev. Joseph Kewley, Foreign Missionary: an account of. In Mx Wes. Meth. Ch. Rec. i, p. 41.

See also Reports of Douglas Town and Seamen's Bethel Mission.


British and Foreign Bible Society, reports of : with extracts of correspondence, etc. 4 vols. London: J. Tilling. 1805-1816. Vol. i, pp. 399; vol. ii, pp. 523; vol. iii, pp. 544; vol. iv, pp. 276. 210x129. [2285, E 82]
References to Man: Vol. i, pp. 177, 218, 269. Vol. ii, 26-7, 383-4, 484. Vol. iii, pp. 46, 513. Vol. iv, 275.

LAUGHTON (James Brotherston B.A.). An Exposure of the true character of the versions of the Holy Scriptures circulated by the Brit. & For. Bible Society. Douglas : William Dillon. 1842. pp. 24. 169x100. 3d. [4615, E 82]

Two Reports of I.M. Auxiliary to the Brit. & For. Bible Society. 1850-51, 1857-1858. Douglas: P. Curphey 1850 & 1857. pp. 8. 332x210. [4095, E 82]

Report of the I.M. Auxiliary to the Brit. & For. Bible Society, 1880-81. Douglas: Isabella Johnson. 1881. pp, 10. 213x140. [4469, E 82],

The Gospel in many Tongues. St. John iii, 16, etc., in most of the languages and dialects in which the British and Foreign Bible Society has printed or circulated the Holy Scriptures. Enlarged edn. London: B. & F.B.S. 1890. pp. 83. 177x120. [2289, E 82]
Manks Gaelic, p. 55.

See also under Bishop Wilson (E50); and the Manx Language (H 140).

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