Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Radcliffe of Knockaloe and Baron Fitzwalter.

Many thanks, I finally managed to access it, tho I still dont know what I was doing wrong.

Mobiles are great, but a bit costly if you need to phone the former Soviet Union ! Elena is Russian. What is quite amusing is that on the Corrin line, (and via the Tyldesleys) I ended up with a Russian ancestor as well, so our little ones have Russian ancestry on Both sides of the family. Anastasia already likes engines, so her Xmas presents included a large green engine with a big Red Star on the smokebox door and the Soviet Globe and wreath device on the cabside. She woke up about 4.30am on 25th, so was given a drink etc, and I went to the landing to visit the loo, and put the light on. Anastasia looked thru the door and saw the engine at the foot of the Xmas tree, and bellowed "engine engine" and was off like a rocket. Elena and I just burst out laughing and agreed Xmas had started before 5.00am.

Apart from engines, she also likes Barbie dolls and US Navy Phantom jets which grace the flight deck of her aircraft carrier, alongside "Topgun" F14 Tomcats !

many thanks