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Re: Radcliffe of Knockaloe and Baron Fitzwalter.

Further to the Radcliffe saga, Rita Browne says that Thomas Radcliffe, the supposed last Abbot of Rushen (which he was not) was a signatory to an indenture in 1532 limiting church powers. I think I now know what this was

The church made heavy demands for corpse presents, tithe, ale, marriage money, and bishop's fees, and in 1532 the case was heard before a commission appointed by Edward, Earl of Derby, and an indenture approved limiting the charges.

This was signed by representatives of the church and by two laymen from each sheading.

Does anyone know if this indenture is available on line, or does anyone have a transcript. This may give the explanation of "The last abbot" , and if Thomas did sign it as "Abbot" when there was already an Abbot of Rushen, it is strong evidence in favour of his being abbot of Bemaccan, i.e. the Friary.

Can anyone come up with the text, or the signatories (and who they signed on behalf of)

Robert H