Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Radcliffe of Knockaloe and Baron Fitzwalter.

somewhere at the back of my mind I think Goodwin might be the start of this abbot story - Nigel commented that it was possible that the Knockaloe + Gordon Radcliffes were sons of the Radcliffe receiver at Peel - I said there was a Radcliffe abbot of Rushen but not the last abbot (the name is given by Harrison I think as there are London documents giving names of those leaving) but what is missing is any linkage between this Thomas (penultimate ?) abbot (family name not given in that indenture but I think assumed from earlier documents) of Rushen and the Peel/Patrick Radcliffes - certainly the Radcliffes were not in Knockaloe at this period.

Side note interstingly the young Earl of Derby was being forced on the mother house of Furness as protector at this period)