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Thanks Michael you are wonderful and what a help. Now I go back to the drawing board again.

I have a
William Bridson born around 1810 who married Catherine Quayle of Kirk Michael at
Kirk St Anne Jan 1st 1834.

Their children were:

Robert Bridson ch St Barnabas' 26 Feb 1836
Sophia Bridson ch St B's 21 Feb 1834
William Bridson ch St Matthew's 7 Oct 1838
Margaret Bridson ch St B's 16 Dec 1841
Ann Bridson ch St B's 20 Aug 1847

Their may have been more children, so far not found!

I looked William Bridson's on the IGI and found only three registered that would be approx the right birth year for my GGG grandfather. ( I realize that not everyone is on the IGI but this is all I have presently to go on being in BC)
One was the son of John Bridson and Catherine Taggart

This couple were married at Kirk St Anne 28 Feb 1807. I think her parents may have been Mathias Taggart and Isabel Leece!

Any way when following through with possible other siblings of Williams I found:
John Bridson ch 21 Feb 1808 MAlew
Margaret Bridson ch 11 Oct 1818 Malew
Ann Bridson ch 5 Nov 1820 Malew
Thomas Bridson ch 19 Oct 1823 Malew
Robert Bridson ch 12 Mar 1826 Malew

Now of course John Bridson Senior would have been 54 at the birth of Robert the last child, not unheard of but wears some doubt! Catherine would ahve been 39yrs.

It would see now that the John Bridson senior that I thought was mine was probably not especially with your finding from Paul Bridson's work.

Do you have any possible link's to Taggart's in your Bridson history. I still feel that mine came from the Malew area due to William and Catherine's wedding at Kirk St Anne.

I will get back to sifting through what I can online and hope I catch a break as I have done heaps of work on several lines presuming John was the son of William and Ann Cosnahan.

Thanks again what a help you've been

Kind regards

Sue Smith

PS my mum's maiden name was Bridson and four of her siblings still live on the Island as well as heaps of cousins, none though really know any family history unfortunately.