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Hi Michael,

Do you have anything on John Bridson, son of William Bridson and Ann nee Cosnahan.

My conection lies here. Is this John the one who married Catherine Taggart 28 Feb 1807 and subsequently had a son William Bridson born 1810 ch 25 Feb 1810 who married Catherine Quayle nee Corjeage from Kirk Michael on Jan 1 1834 at Kirk St Ann.

If so, then these are my Bridson ancestors and thanks to you and many other folk I have another line back to the 1500's yeh.....

Help please, I have tried family at home, not interested as yet to research at the registry for me. I have sent several emails to look up exchange folk whose email then has bounced back so either they have full boxes or have changed their email address'. I am out of options from here in BC.

All seems to come to this one fact being found out and I am very frustrated that I can't get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

Kind regards

Sue Smith

( my mum was the eldest Bridson of William's( born 1810) great grandson's family)