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Could I have the right line here? I have all but one vital link.
William Bridson 25/Feb/1810 --Jan/1/1834-- Catherine Quayle nee Corjeage
Parents of William above
John Bridson ch 25/Sept/1772 --Catherine Taggart married 25/Sept/1772 Kirk St Anne
John Bridson's parents
William Bridson Born about 1735 -- Ann Cosnahan married 26/feb/1764 at Kirk Braddan
William's parents
Capt Paul Bridson 1693-1771 married Alice Joyner
Paul Bridson's father
John Bridson Oristall Malew ??
John's father was
John Brydson about 1611 Oristall, Malew
My question is. Is William born 1810 definately the son of John Bridson born 1771 son of William and Ann Bridson nee Cosnahan?
I can't find anything on the internet, and believe me, I've been at this for days, to corroborate this link but at the same time, nothing to disprove it either.
I am on several family lines right now and this would be another good one to complete at least the bare bones anyway.
Thanks for any help
Kind regards
Sue Smith
BC Canada