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Re: Help with the IGI, and John Craine's eyesight

To add to that, it is becoming more and more difficult to see which records on the IGI are transcribed from the parish registers and which are some person's personal research which might have been taken from the original and "corrected" - i.e. Wm becomes William, Crayne becomes Crain, etc.; and other entries seem to be based on nothing at all, but simply guessed at. These are usually put under "born" rather than "christened" [the originals have baptised], but some are now also being put under christened.
I have recently been comparing the IGI on CD with the 1759 transcript (by the then vicar) of the earliest Braddan parish registers, and have found that some baptisms have 3 or 4 or more entries on the IGI for the same event - which is entered once on the parish register. And occasionally every transcript is wrong. For example, the IGI has "Jane CRAINE or CLARKE... Father Jo CRAINE or CLARKE [C.26 Oct 1657 Braddan], and is also entered on the IGI, same date "C" as "June CRAIN". Whereas the parish register has "Jane Crain Daur of Jo: Sub-Clarke Oct 26th". One of several children of the parish clerk! And all of whom are entered in the parish register quite clearly with his occupation, in the same way that another entry just above has the father and "soldier".
It is important to look at the parish registers on film (and certainly more interesting), and not rely on the IGI or on someone else's research.
Incidentally, when father Jo Craine died, the vicar wrote "John Craine ye Clarke of this Parish was bury'd the 3d Octr 1704 - he came to Church the Day before he died to do his Office being the Sabbath Day - and went home to his house and died on Munday - he was near the age of 80 years when he died and read without Spects all Days of his life and was an honest man & well beloved of his Parish".