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Help with the IGI - Frances Coakley

Frances I need your help in understanding the IGI from the IOM> I have a complete copy of the Kermode surname but I keep having trouble finding a family member that someone said is in the IOM. example: my gggrandfather James Kermode was born May 1831, James St., Douglas, IOM. . . however when I check the IGI I can not find him. Also a relative sent me a family group sheet that was generated by the LDS family format and the names and dates they have do not match the IGI I have.

New question: the IGI I have is dated 1981> is this one current or is there a later edition?

New question: I find very few birthdates listed but there are many christians, are these dates the actual birth dates or how reliable can they be to the correct date and event?

I just received my Journal and really enjoy it but without ever being in the IOM many of the terms, places and stories you print are hard to follow. A suggestion> could you add more defination to some of the local terms use that might help an outsider understand.