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My name is Charles Brideson and in live in Virginia, USA. I was browsing through the internet and I came across this web site and your name. Now I'm wondering if we're possibly distant relatives. On my fathers side, our ancestors are from the Isle of Man (IOM). However, we were wondering if the Brideson name may have migrated to the IOM from Ireland or another country. Hopefully, you have some genealogical information that can assist me in finding out more about the Brideson heritage. My father had also told me that he thinks our name may have been spelled without the e (Bridson) in the old country, IOM, but he was not sure. I was born in New York City, as was my father, and his father, etc. There are other Brideson's in the USA, many I know others I do not know. I recently learned there are Brideson's in Australia that originally came from England and the IOM as well.

I would love to hear from you and learn anything I can about the Brideson/Bridson heritage as there may be a common link there.

I hope I have not been a bother to you. Happy New Year

Charlie F. Brideson
Virginia, USA
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