Queen's Promenade

This is the North end of the bay between Broadway (and the one time Iron Pier) and the terminus of the MER and horse trams at Derby Castle - complete in jubliee year of Queen Victoria


This shows one of the newly erected blocks of boarding houses - the nearest to camera is 'Sea Level' (owned by Mr Westlake) - the empty ground from a recent demolition would soon be filled as can be seen by the next view. These properties backed onto the cliff and were damaged by a landslide in 1906.
This shows the Queen's Prom looking back towards the large Central Hotel at the foot of Broadway - the photo dating from well before WW1 was still being sold as a Tuck's postcard in the 1950's. The block nearest the camera is the Metropole.
This Hartmann card view shows the upper end of the Promenade - view predate that of the 'Sea Level' block as the original smaller building can be seen - one of the horse trams can be seen
The imposing boarding houses peter out towards the end of the bay - the old road to Onchan and Laxey ran up Summer Hill - the MER terminus and Derby castle can be seen in the distance
Derby Castle This is strictly Strathallan Crescent leading to Derby Castle - the road exiting from Summer hill appears to be in process of being relaid.

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