Iron Pier

Designed by John Dixon a London Engineer and built at a cost of £6500..

Iron Pier (ILN)

Foundation stone laid January 1869 and opened by Mrs Loch 19th August 1869; supposedly dismantled and sold to Rhos on Sea in 1892 though some doubt has been cast on this ; the refreshment room/pavilion at the end of the pier was used at Groudle as Dokie's Cafe.

The entrance was at the foot of Broadway; the pier streching for some 1000 feet.

A local poetaster, J M Sutherland wrote 'The Douglas Iron Pier'

Iron Pier

The charge (in 1874) was 1d a visit, 1s 6d a month or 5s per annum.

Iron Pier c1890
The Iron pier around 1890 - note the Falcon Cliff Dance Hall (demolished 1896)
the sheets on the beach are being dried after laundry for the boarding houses

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