Attornies General


Member of Council. Acted on behalf of the Lord in any civil and criminal cases; especial duty was to prevent any infringemnts of the Lord's perogative rights. Generally attended all courts, both civil and ecclesiatical to record fines and ensure their collection for the Lord. Provided advice on questions of jurisdiction; also represented any incapable of defending themselves at law (eg widows, minors). Set rents for newly enclosed land etc. at the annual Sheading courts.

Salary in 1765 was £15 pa.

Pre-revestment usually a Manx appointee as needed some knowledge of Manx law.

Post revestment a key role apointed by London - the post did not require domicile on the Island

Pre Revestment

(note taken from sampled years of Salaries and dispersements - year approximate

1671 William Qualtrough
1690 Peter Heywood
1696 Thomas Huddleston
1710 William Sedden
1720 Dan Mcylrea
1735 Wm Christian
1755 Dan Mcylrea jun
1760 John Frissell
1764 John Quillin



Post Revestment

1765 John Quillin - also briefly Attorney General under Athol Lordship, appointed Dec 1764 (d.Jan 1768 age 35 - m. Ann Quayle)
1768 Charles Searle (d. 1774)
1774 Wadsworth Busk (retired 1797)
1797 William Frankland (family linked to Smelt family via marriage and probably responsible for bringing Smelt to London's attention)
1816 John Clarke (previously Recorder for Liverpool)
1844 Charles Richard Ogden (also held appointment in Liverpool)
1866 James Gell (later Sir James Gell, later High Bailiff and First Deemster) (resigned)
1898 George Alfred Ring (resigned)
1921 Ramsey Bignall Moore
1945 Sydney James Moore




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