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Mr Ramsey Bignal Moore

It was officially announced on February 26th, 1921, that Mr Ramsey B. Moore, had been appointed Attorney-General for the Isle of Man in succession to Mr Geo. A. Ring, resigned.

The Home Secretary has acceeded to the Keys' request for the abolition of the private practice, and the Attorney-General henceforth will be a whole-time official. He will receive the present salary of 1,000, plus 360 bonus, and plus pension rights; and an office and staff will be provided for him.

Mr Ramsey Bignal Moore is in his 42nd year, and is the eldest son of the late James Moore, draper, of Douglas. His parents originally came from Andreas, and he has various family connections with the North of the Island. He is an old boy of both the elementary and secondary schools in Douglas, and also of the Douglas Girammar School, and afteir completing his education at the Secondary School, he was articled to Mr G. A. Ring, whom he now succeeds as Attorney-General. He was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1902, and two years later was taken into partnership with Mr Ring. He has for the greater part of twenty years been one of the outstanding figures in legal circles, and of late years, especially since the decline in Mr Ring's health, he has discharged a considerable portion of the duties of the Attorney-Generalship, both as public prosecutor and as Government draughtsman and adviser. He first entered public life in 1908, when he was elected to the Douglas School Board, and he speedily became one of the most influential members of that body. He was for years chairman of the governors of the Secondary School, and only relinquished that office upon his being appointed to the Council of Education. He had frequently been spoken of as a desirable member of the House of Keys, and he accepted the request to become a candidate for North Douglas at the General Election of 1919. He stood together with Messrs Joseph Cunningham and R. C. Cain, and made a very good runner-up, and at the bye-election which took place a few weeks later he secured an easy return. Before obtaining a place in the Legislature, he had served upon the Commission which reported to the Governor on the subjects of Old Age Pensions and National Health Insurance, and he is now chairman of the Board of Tynwald which administers those schemes. He is also chairman of the advisory committee which assists ex-soldier apprentices, and he has served on the Finance Committee of the House of Keys. In that capacity, he took part in the historic interview with the Home Secretary on the subject of Financial Control.

Mr Moore is a prominent Wesleyan Methodist, being Sunday-school superintendent and office holder generally, and he is attached to the Rose Mount Church. He is a P.C.R. in the Rechabite Order. He has a claim on the affections of the athletic fraternity, in that he was once one of the Island's favourite footballers, playing centre-forward for Gyms. He is likewise a member of the Spencer Walpole Lodge of Freemasons, and chairman of the newly-formed Douglas Musical Club.

The form of the oath, particularly in its reference to the duties of the Attorney-General in relation to charitable endowments in the Island, is very interesting and quaint, and we reproduce it, as follows : -

I will faithfully, justly, and truly, without favour or affection, dread or fear, envy or malice, and without resject to love or gain, kindred or friendship, consanguinity or affinity, plead and defend the causes of Our Sovereign Lord the King, in all and every thing and things whatsoever, as by law required.

I will also from time to time when thereunto required, by the Lieutenant-Governor or Deputy Governor of this Isle for the time being, plead and defend the cause of all widows, orphans, and fatherless children.

I will from time to time be aiding and assisting, with. my best advice and counsel, to the Lieutenant-Governor or Deputy Governor so often as is needful, or I shall be called upon, for the furtherance of the Government, and benefit, and preservation of this Isle. These and all other thing and things whatsoever which shale or may in anywise concern my said Office of His Majesty's Attorney-General of this Isle, I will truly and faithfully do and perform to the best of my skill.

So help me God.



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