[Taken from The Manx Church Magazine Vol iv #7 July 1894 and subsequent issues]

Extracts from Ballaugh Parish Registers.

[note for OS dates, i.e. pre 1752 ,the year ended March 25]]

With the permission of the Editors of the Manx Church Magazine it is my intention, as opportunity offers, to furnish extracts for insertion in the Magazine from the Register Books in the Parish of Ballaugh (which are said to be the oldest in the Diocese), and also from a book of Church Notes left in my charge by my predecessor, the Rev W. Kermode, who was a devoted archæologist and took a warm interest in all that concerned the Isle of Man.

In the notes given now and in any future number of the Magazine, those marked "K" are from the Note Book aforesaid.


Parish Registers were first ordered to be regularly kept by Thomas Cromwell, An : 13, Henry VIII., A.D. 1538, while he was Vicar-General to that king, and in 1597, when more effectual preservation by transcription was enjoined upon the churchwardens in the Ecclesiastical Constitution of that year (Vide Sparrows Collection). The oldest document in this Parish of Ballaugh, purporting to be a Register, is in an utter state of dilapidation—a condition of little better than pulp : it is evidently nothing more than a ..

It was, fortunately, copied afresh by my predecessor, the Rev. Thomas Howard, in 1869. It was headed a " Register Book of Burialls made in ye year of our Lord God 1598," " being the first year that S. Nicholas Thompson came to Ballaugh Church to serve there myself!": The baptisms are in the same book, commencing 1607. The Register following this begins 1695. The baptisms and burialls are on parchment. Some few sheets of poor paper have been inserted at the end, where we have the marriages : from 1695 to 1749 Next in order to the foregoing there is a book commencing with baptisms in 1751. .: BURIALS are in the same book from the same date, 1751. The next is a Register book of marriages on strong paper, provided in pursuance of the Statute . beginning 1757. There is no account of marriages. : There is an account of marriages between 1749 and 1757 inserted at the end of the book of baptisms (K.). :: . There are some Curious names in the old Register, .:‘ viz.—Averick, Finlo, Bahii, Dollin, Gubbon *Callypharick, Callechorony, Mallowney, Einell, . . Mariod, Shonie, Gilmore, Pattoon, Cauichroney, Ebott. * Note if " Gil " in combination with a proper . name as "Gilchrist, Gilcohm, &c., " be understood as the servant of," I should take it that "Cally" has the same meaning in the feminine corresponding . with the Latin Ancilia, as " Cally wony" the handmaid of Mary," "The," occasionally met with in the old Register, short form for " mean Gril," I should consider as denoting illegitimacy (K.)

....., of which about 20 per cent. are English, 21 per cent. are Norwegian, and 59 per cent. are Celtic. These Celtic names are all of the most characteristic Erse type. (Words and Places, by Rev. Isaac Taylor).

The following insertion is made in the Book of Ballaugh Baptisms, Anno Domini 1807:

Ballaugh Rectory, August 21st, 1869. I certify the foregoing Register of Baptisms to be a true copy made by my own hand of an ancient Book purporting to be a Register of Baptisms in the Parish of Ballaugh, and which ancient book was delivered to me in a very dilapidated state about the year of our Lord 1840, by the Reverend John Edward Harrison, formerly curate of this parish, as a true Register of Baptisms of this parish.—THOMAS HOWARD, Rector of Ballaugh.

The above entry is made at the end of each Book of Baptisms by my revered predecessor when he was 84 years of age, and is written in a beautiful and clear hand.


Jony Kew, daughter of one McKew, de Kk Michael, bapt. the 6th of June, and buryed the 7th of the same month in Ballaugh.
Thomas Thompson, son of Nicho : Thompson, Parson, baptized the 24th of July, 1608, and was born into this world upon the Thursday before the 21st of the same month, about eight o’clock in the morning.
Christian Corlett, daughter of Phinlo, baptized 21st August.
John Corlett, son of John, baptized within 27th August and buryed the same day.
Ro : Ax Richard, son to Philip : Ax Richard baptized the 31st of January, 1609.
Averick Quayle, daughtes unto William Quayle baptized the 5th of March, 1609.
Bahii Cannell, daughter of Pattrick, baptized February —, 1610.
Gubbon Craine, son to William Craine, of ye Glack, baptized the 27th of February, 1610.
Mallony Corrin, son of Ffinlo, baptized ye 14th of March, being Easter Day, 1610.
Dollin Caine, Son of Patrick, baptized the 2nd Of April 1611.
Bahij Bodagh, daughter of Ffinlo, baptized, 1611 Issabell Boddaugh, daughter of John, baptized 1st of January, 1611.
Thomas Teare, son of Donold, baptized the let 0 February, 1611.
Ellen Thompson, daughter to Sir Nicho : Thompson, Parson, the 21st of February, anno pro. born into ye world upon Friday, the 19th of tb same month, about in ye afternoon, 1611.
Cowley, daughter of Win. Cowley, baptized 1 March, 1611.
Calicony Caine, daughter of Patrick, baptized 15 February, 1618.
Nicholas Thompson, son of Nicholas, baptized ye 9th of March, anno pro., being born into this world upon Sunday before being the 6th of March, quarter of an hour before 11 o’clock in ye fforenoon, viz., in Anno Domini 1613.
Donold Kneen, son to John Kneen, baptized ye 23 March, ano. preto.
Ffirilo Curleot, son John Curleot de Balla-kennag, baptized 9th of December, 1614.
Annas Cottingham, daughter to
Twaitch, son of Thomas, baptized 18 — 1615.
Marriod Boddaugh, daughter of Ffinlo, baptized 20--
Ffinlo, son to Ennell, baptized 1st day of April, 1616.
Jony Cannell, daughter to Patt Cannell, baptized in ye beginning of May and was buryed the day after her baptism, 1616.
Thomas Gawne, son to Dollin Gawne, baptized 20th of May.
Averick Stear, daughter of Gubbon, baptized ye same day.
Averick Curlete, daughter of John de Balla-kennag, baptized January 24, 1616.
Averick Coriage, daughter of Donold, baptized ye 7th of August, 1620.
Jony, mc nameer, daughter of Donold, baptized 21 December, 1620.
Isabell Craine, daughter of William de Carmodell, baptized the foresaid day.
Arthur Thompson, filius primogen—son. Baptizatus full 2nd die D.
Edward Gawne, son of John Gawne do Ballamoney, baptized 5 January, 1621.
Isa. Stephan, daughter to Phinlo de Ballamore, baptized the 10th of January, 1622.
Margaret Ranifes, daughter , of Ewan Ranifes, baptized ye 18 of April, 1623.
Ffinlo Stephan, son to Gubbon, baptized the 21st of Aprill, 1623.
Iony Cottiar, daughter of— baptized 18 of October, 1623.
Jane fllevra, daughter of John McYlered, baptized ,-,
Averick Kewish, daughter of William, baptized,~th September, Anno 1624.
Robert Thompson, son to, Sir John Thompson, was born into this world the 12th day of September, about midnight, and baptized at Kk. Braddan the 15th of the said September.
Donold Caine, son of Gilbert, baptized 19th of January, 1625.
John Stephen, son of Phinlo Stephen, baptized 26th ano prædicto, 1625.
William Curled, son of John do Ballakrog, baptized the.22nd of March, in ano. proto. 1625.
Jane Raffles, daughter of Ewan Baffles, baptized the 1ou~ of April, 1626.
Ellen Curleod, daughter of John Curleod do Scrondall, baptized the 20th November, 1626.
Donold McNamey, son of Donold, baptized the 4th of May, 1627.
William McYlrea, son of John de Dollough, baptized the 11th of November, 1627.
Pattrick and Bessy Killip, being Twynes and children of John Killip, baptized the 30th of Nov., 1627.
Iony Ffrear, daughter of Jo ffrear, baptized the 25th of December, 1627.
Thomas Stephan and Agnas Stephan, Twynes and children of Gubbon Stephen, baptized 1st May, 1627.
Pattrick Gawen, son of Wm. Gawen Webster, baptized 8th March, 1628.
Flinlo Corlod, son of John Corlod, baptized ye 5th of November, in anno. 1629, and alsoe the 6th of November Margaret and Ellinor Curlett, daughters, and all three Twynes of one Burthen unto the fore-said John Curleod, baptised as aforesaid in anno.1629.
Bahy Stean, daughter of Donold do Knockoll, baptized the 18th of February, 1629.
Christian Kewish, daughter of Wm. Kewish, baptized 14th March, 1629.
Adam Callister, son of Pattrick, baptized 27th of March, 1681. "
Patrick Moor, son of William de Kk. Bride, being born into this world upon Sunday morning, being 19 of January, and baptized the 21st of the same month, 1682.
William Kneen, son of William, baptized the 11th of March, 1633.
— Thomphson, son of Sir John Thompson, deceased, late vicar of Kk Braddan, was born ye 27 of August att 10 or 11 a’clock att night, and baptized the 31st of the same month, anno prædicto, 1684.
Margery Corlett, daughter of John de Broughjearge, baptized 21st of Januar~, 1634.
Dollin Gawen, son de John of Broughjargg, baptized the 80th March, 1635.
John Thompson, son of Thomas, was baptized the 8th of May, Anno Domini 1636, being born in ye world upon the 3rd day att night, being Tuesday, much about an hower and a half after night falling. God make him his faithfull servant in Christ Jesus. Amen.
N.B.—In looking over the Register of Baptisms in this and other parishes in the Isle of Man I have frequently met with the name (Christian) Bahii or written sometimes Bahee, but never have been able to learn the present equivalent of the name. I have asked many old people in different parishes, but no one seemed to know. The name is never, as far as I know, now met with, and I shall be grateful if any reader of the M.C. Magazine can give me any information on the subject.

[Aug 1894]

With the permission of the Editors of the Manx Church Magazine it is my intention, as opportunity offers, to furnish extracts, for insertion in the Magazine from the Register Books in the Parish of Ballaugh (which are said to be the oldest in the Diocese), and also from a book of Church Notes left in my charge by my predecessor , the Rev W. Kermode,who was a devoted archæologist and took a warm interest in all that concerned the Isle of Man.

In the notes given now and in any future number, of the Magazine, those marked "K" are from the Note Book aforesaid.

Thomas and Phillip Twatch, Twynes and children of Philip Twatch, baptised 14th of December, 1638
Jane Parr, daughter of Robert Parr, Parson of Ballaugh, was baptized the 18th of June, 1639, as appears by the Registry Book belonging to Kk Malew.
John Stoane, son of Donold, baptized 3rd of December, 1641.
Donold Gawn, Irishman, son of Patt, baptized 4th of April, 1645.
William Mellan, son of James, baptized 11th of June, 1646.
Robert Parr, son of Sir Robert Parr, Parson of Ballaugh, was baptized ye 30th of October, 1648, and born 24th of October about 9 of the clock in ye morning anno preto.
Sarah Williamson, daughter of John and Ann Glandennan, baptized 25th December, 1648.
Caliehowny Cannell. daughter of Pattrick, baptized 29th of January, 1650.
Thomas Thompson, son of Thomas, wh. dyed ye 14th of October, 1658, was baptized ye 3rd of March, 1658.
Thomas Christian, son of Thomas Christian, of Ballamore in Jurby, baptized 17 February, 1656.
James Parr, son of Robert, baptized the 16th of June The Governor and Deemster John Christian, Godfathers, and ye wife of Deemster Edward Christian, Godmother.
[The Governor was Chaloner under Lord Fairfax. "K" 1659.]
Thomas Killip, son of William De Myers, baptized 25 September, 1662.
Thomas Craine, son of Thomas de Ballabeg, baptized November 19th, 1662.
William McYlworrey, son of William, baptized ye 28th of July anno pedto.
Thomas Stean, Ballamore, had a son called John, baptized 22nd October, 1668.
Elen. Corlett, daughter of Wm. of Ballatersin, baptized March ye 12th, Anno. pedicto, 1668.
Thomas Christianus filius Johannes de Kk Marowne natus primo die Januarii et baptizatus 8d die sequente Anno pedicto 1663.
Ewan Cannell, son to Ffinlo de Ballanedden, baptized 12th January, 1665.
Calechrony Tear was baptized ye 18th of February,1665.
Ann flvea, daughter of Thomas Ballanecooley, baptized 4 Sept., 1678.
William Corlett, soun of Wm. Corlett, cleark, baptized 7th of February, 1676.
Guilielmus Walker filius Thomae de Kk Christ Lezayre natus 18° die Februarii and baptizatus fuit 21° sequente istâ. Parochiali Ecclesia a JohanneHarrison Reverendo Rectore de Kk Bride, 1679. Ellinor Kemaine, daughter of John Keymaine baptized the 29th of March, 1683.
Thom Cresh, son of Michail, baptized 14th of December, 1684.
Ellinor Tere, daughter of Thos. of Squeene, baptized Sept. ye 18, 1686.
Jone Mcylkiarraine, daughter of Wm., baptized Ffeby 16, 1689

N.B.—In looking. over the Register of Baptisms in this and other parishes in the Isle of Man I have frequently met with the name (Christian) Bahii or written sometimes Bahee, but never have been able to learn the present equivalent of the name. I have asked many old people in different parishes, but no one seemed to know. The name is never, as far as I know, now met with, and I shall be grateful if any reader of the M.C. Magazine can give me any information on the subject. [see Manx Notes & Queries #15,#21]

The above names have been selected to shew some of the singular Christian names that were attached to some of the surnames still prevalent in the Parish of Ballaugh

[Sept 1895]

A.D.. 1695.

William Skiallis, son of John and Christian, baptized September 30th.
Philip Stephen, son of Ffinlo and Jony, baptized October
John Stephen, son of Daniel Curragh, baptized November
Elenour Bodaugh, daughter of Robert and Bahye, baptized November 11th.
Alice Kelly, daughter of Gilbert Jurby, babtized December ye 28th.

A.D. 1696.

PhilipGarrett,son of Evan Ballaneddin, baptized January 10th;
Mary Corlett, daughter of Thomas Ballykroge, baptized ye 7th February.
Robert Mylkiarrain, son of Wm. Ballimore, baptized February 9th.
Daniel Mylrea, son of Thos. Ballana Cooley, baptized March 5th.
Philip Kelly, son of John Pedler in the Mountains, baptized March 5th.
Wm. Kelly, son of John, nicknamed Turkeigh, Jurby, Jnue 3rd

A.D. 1697.

Thomas Steven, son of William of the Gate at Ballaugh, baptized September 2nd.
Jane Cowley, daughter of John Milliur and Mary Cowley, baptized October 8th.
Simon Corlett, son of Wm. Cove and Margaret from Ballaterson, baptized.
Wm. Craine, son of John and Margaret Skalley of Clan-me-Gommy, baptized.
John Kellip. son of John and Isabella Stephen, Bishop’s Turbey, baptized November 9th.

A.D. 1698.

Margaret Stephen, daughter of John and Isabella Corlett Ballacaine, baptized January 4th.

A.D. 1699.

Thos. Corlett, son of Donian and Jony Stephen, baptized October ye 16th.
Elizabeth Corlett, daughter of John nicknamed Tit and Margaret Kelley, baptized October 20th.
John Keuish, son of PaLt ye Smith and Ann Kinimaini, baptized April 20th.
Wm. Kelly, son of Dan and Aveuik Oats (Mountaimeirs) baptized April 21st.
Ann Stone, daughthr of Gilbert and Bahys Christian, baptized September 27th.

A.D. 1700.

Thos. Corraig, son of John and Cath. Norris, baptized January 30th.
Elme. Kelly, daughter of Wm. and Averick (Kiarlaim) baptized August 18th.
Catherine McMeer, daughter of Fd. and Margt. Corlett Mountaimsin, baptized December 20th.

A.D. 1701.

Isabell Steone, daughter of John, Ballavalley, baptized January 1st.
Charles Christian, son of Thos., Curate of the Parish, Januarie the 7th.
Jane Cottiam, daughter of Phil and Jony Lace, baptized March 16th.
The Reverend pious and eminently learned Henry Lowcay MA., who lead his life so that he might be justly termed and esteemed a true pattern of primitive pietie, having continued 16 years parson of Ballaugh, and dyed at Douglas June 24, and was buried in the Church of Kk Braddan, Anno Domini, 1770.

Note the above Mr Henry Lowcay was succeeded in the Parsonage of Ballaugh by Wm Walker, chaplain and school-master at Douglas ; the cure being supplied the first year by the Rev. Mr Thomas Christian, and other four years by the Rev. Mr Matthias Curghey ; then the said Wm Walker came to reside in the parish himself, viz., in the year 1705. The profits of the first year belonged to the executors of the deceased.

Daniel Craine, son of Thos. of Dollagh, baptized Oct. 27. Wm., son of William, vulgarly Willy, Curry, baptized Oct. 27.
Margaret Stoon, daughter of Ffinlo of Knockold.

A.D. 1702.

Barbary Quayle, fil Wm. Quayle, baptized Jan. 21.
Margaret, fill Thos. Cowley, Ellan-e-Voddy.
John and Thos., twins of Wm. Boddaugh, baptized 7 Aug.
Mary Mylecraine, fill. of Mich. of Knockold, baptized.

A.D. 1703.

Kath. fil. Win. Mcylevorroy, vulgarly Willy Vain, April 1st, baptized.

A.D. 1704.

Twins, illegitimate, of the Joyner’s daughter, April 2nd.
Philip Curlott, fil. Jon. Curleyd, plow , May 15th, baptized.
Alice Curlott, fil.. Wm. Curlott, Taylor, August 11th, baptized.
May, daughter of Wm. Kelly, Fforester’s Lodge, August 16th, baptized.
Juno, fil. of John Curlett, Milmt of, Oct. 30th, baptized.
Margt.. the daughter of Fflnlo Shoane, Knockold, March13th, baptized.

A.D. 1705.

(The first year of my residence here.—Wm. Walker).
Iony, daughter of John.Cain, Bishop’s Demesne, baptized April 23rd. ,
Wm., son of Michael Mylechraine, baptized Dec. 19th. Wm., son of Wm. Curllot, Deemster Mylrea’s and my godson, baptized Dec. 30th.

BAPTISMS, A.D. 1706.

Robt., son of John Curlot(bit), baptized August 2nd.
Mabel, daughter of John Curlot, my mother’s god-daughter, baptized Sept. 13th.
Wm., son of Patrick Kewish (smith). baptized Oct. 3. note.—Mr Thon. Allon and I were godfathers to this child.
Mabel, daughter of Ewan Garrett, Ballaneddin, Oct. 21.
Katherine, daughter of Adam Cain, Nov. 5th.
Thos., son of John Stean. Ballaugh, Nov. 6th.
Anne, daughter of John Smith, of London, and my sister Anne Walker, baptized December 8th.
Bridget. daughter of Gilbert Cain, Jan. 23.
Katherine, daughter of John Kegg, Ballwhargey, Feb. 3.
, Wm. Curlot, son of Philip, Ballamoney-beg, March 2.
Margt., daughter of John Teare, Killobricksy, Kk. Xt.,/March 21.

BAPTISMS, A.D. 1707.

Wm., son of Philip Garrett (Sumner), May 25th. Note.— This last is my godson.
Jony, daughter of Edward McKird, August 18th. Margaret, daugher of Mr Wm. Christian, of Ballamoar in Jurby, baptized here Feb. 29th.

A.D. 1708.

Averick, daughter of Thos. Cowley (nee Keardoo), March 30th.
Thos., son of William Mjrlrea, weaver, June 13th.
Mary, daughter of Pat lielly, of Shanaghbane, 17th Aug.—March 15th, 1709.
This day Doctor Thomas Wilson, Lord Bishop of this Isle, issued a Decree enforcing a former decree of ye Lord Bishop Bridgman, obliging all the tenants of the Bishop’s Demesne, who are inhabitants within the precincts of Ballaugh, to come to this said church as to their proper parochial Church, and to perform all parochial duties as other ye parishioners do.
Note.—This is the final result of long and tedious controversy between the Vicar of Kirk Michael and myself.
The papers relating to this debate are in the Church Chest, and by originals of the two Decrees in ye Lord bishop’s Registry.
March 24.
16 Families being all that live within the Boundaries have conformed to the above Decree.
[Dr W. Walker was the Rector alluded to in the above note. And Vicar of Kirk Michael was, I think, the Rev Henry Norris.]

AD. 1709.

Wm., son of Nich. Clark, baptized May 19. Note—This last is my godson. 1709.
Nicholas, son of Thos Cowley (ny Kiardy), July 28.
Ellinr, daughter of Michael Quail (Arick), Sept. 9th.
Note.—There was another child at ye same birth still-born.
Margery, daughter of John Brown. sailor, Nov. 6th.
Alice, daughter of Edwd. McNad, Irishman, Nov. 7th.
Edward, son of Thos. Stephen (Knockold), Dec. 11th.

A.D. 1710.

Ffinlo, son of John Stephen, of Ballamoar, April 25th. Sophy, daughter of James Killip (Caw), baptized at Jurby, August 8th.
Katharine Curlett, daughter of Wm. the Clerk’s son, August 20th.
John, son of John Cottiner, Sept. 7th.
Magt., daughter of John Kewley, of Little Ballacain, Sept. 17th.
Wm., son of Michael Kneen, Joyner, Sept. 22nd.
Ellen, daughter of John McYlvoney, (Bishops Demesne), Sept. 24th.
John. son of Thos. Cowley, of the Bishop’s Domain, Oct. 15th.
Ralph. son of John Cannell, of ye Bishop’s Domain, on S. Luke’s Day.
Wm., son of Wm. Curlott, of Ballacry, Nov. 10 : this child is my Godson
Robt., son of John Corkill (Taylor), baptized Dec. 27th.
Wm., son of Patrick Kelly, of ye Mountains, March 4th.

A.D. 1711.

Margt., daughter of John Cain Filown (Bishop’s Domain), March 28.
Edwd., son of Wm. McYlrea Vulgo (Willy Churry), baptized April 10th.
Robert, son of Robert Curlot, Ballakinnag, born 5 or 6 weeks before his time, his mother dying the moment she was delivered of him. Baptised August 5th.
Patrick, son of John Killip (voy) of the Gill, baptized August 12th.
Ellin, daughter of Philip Killip, of the Miln, August 22nd.
Wm., son of Ffinlo Curlot Taylor, baptized August 31st.

A.D. 1712.

Philip & Patrick, twin sons of Adam Cain, of ye Gill. Patrick, the younger. baptized in the house July 17th, and Philip, the older, baptized in the Church ye 18th.
Ann, daughter of Evan Garrett, of Ballaveddin, being weak was baptized in the house July 20th, and brought to the Church to be received on S. James’ Day following.
Patrick & Catherine, twins, son and daughter of John Cannell, of the Bishop’s Domain. Baptized August 10th.
Margaret, daughter of John Curlot, Squeen, being weak was baptized in the house this 20th of Sept.,
Philip, son of Philip Curlot, of Balnomoney, Nov. 1. This last my Godson.
Margaret, daughter of John Cannell (Moar), of the Bishops Demesne. Baptized Dec. 7th.
Robt. son of Thomas Stephen (Coar Cross). Baptized Dec. 23rd.
Jane, daughter of Michael Kneene, baptized Jany 22nd-
John, son of Thomas Caley, of Kk. Xt., beng a twin (the other twin dying), baptized in the house Jany. 24th, and brought to be recd. in the Church the Sunday following.
Margt., daughter of Edmund Gill, of Narredal, in Kk. Nt. April 8th
Edward, son of Robert Curghey & Isabel Christian, of Glammore, in Kk. Xt., baptized here April 16, 1713. Note, this child was buried in Kk. Xt. the Sunday following.
John, son of Wm. Cot tier, Naredal, in Kk. Xt., being so weak as not to bear being caried to this Church, Was baptized at Wm. Cry’s house, of Ballacry, April 18, and buried at Kk. Xt. the day following.
Bahee, daughter of John Stephen. Baptized July 14th.
Daniel, son of Wm. Mylrea (Curry), baptized Sept. 6th.

ANNO 1713.

Thos., son or John Cain (filown) Bishop’s Demesne. Nov. 4th.
John, son of Wm. Crain, of the Gill, & Margt., daughter of Robt. Curlot (smith), both baptized on S. Matthias’ Day.

A.D. 1714.

John, son of John Corkill Taylor, baptized on Whit Sunday, being May 16th.
Gilbert, son of Thomas Callister (Ballacurn), on S. Thomas’ Day.
Charles, son of John Cannell, Moar of the Bishop’s Demesne, baptized February 2nd.

A.D. 1715.

Margaret, daughter of Wm. Daniel Mylrea, of Dollaugh, baptized September 3rd.
William, son of William Crain,weaver, baptized Oct. 23rd.
William and Margaret (twins), children of Thos. Quayle, of Scrondlo Miln, baptized on St. Stephen’s Day, Dec. 26th.
Margaret, daughter of Ffinto Crain, Camodel, June 18th.
Ellen, daughter of John Cain, ffilown of the Bishop’s Demesne, baptized July 3rd.
Mary, daughter of John Stephen Vally, baptized August 16th
Avenick daughter of William Corlett, the Clark’s son, ye 18th of November.
Robert, son of Thomas Bodagh, baptized on Christmas Day.
Daniel, son of Win. Daniel Mylrea, baptized on St. Stephen’s Day, viz., December 26th.

AD. 1717.

John, son of John Cannell (merchant), baptized May 14th. : ~
Thomas, son of Thos. McYlvoney, received private baptism, November 21st.
Margaret, Jony, and Katherine, daughters of William Corkill and Catherine his wife received private baptism November 26th, being all those born at one birth.
Joney, daughter of James Fflanegan, of Dublin, and Jane Cross, baptized here December 8th.

A.D. 1718.

William, son of Thos. Kinred, of Killey-buckey, Lezayre, April 5th.
Katherine, daughter of Philip Brew, of the Bishop’s Demesne, was baptized in the house, being weak, April 6th.
William, son of William Cross baptized May 7th.
Thomas. son of Patrick Crain, of Dollaugh-beg, and Jane Harrison, baptized August 17th. This child was my god son.—W. W.
Daniel, son of William Croghan, of K.K. Mountains, baptized December 7th.
William, son of William Curlet, junior, of Ballaterson (A godson of mine.—W.W.~, baptized January 14th.
Margaret Gawn, daughter of John Gawn, of ye Lord Bishop’s Demesne, being weak, was baptised in ye house, at 11 clock at night, January 21st.
John and David (twins), and sons of William Corkill, were baptized, the said twins being born in the fields as their mother was coming home from the Miln. Mem.—The same Woman had three children at a birth last year.

A.D. 1719.

Lucy, daughter of Mr Daniel Mcylrea, April 22nd.
Margaret, daughter of John Cain of the Bishop’s Demesne, a twin, being weak, was baptized in the house January 4th, and received into the Church on the 6th.
William, son of Mr Daniel Mcylrea, Attorney-General; also Anne, daughter of Thomas Boddaugh, baptised May 21st.

A.D. 1722.
Esther, daughter of Michael Keown, baptized March 25th, being Easter Day.

A.D. 1723.

Margaret, daughter of John Cowley, of Cranimag, Lezaire, September 29th.
Bridget, daughter of Robt. Corlett (Corvalley), Nov. 17th.

Henry Christian, son of Thomas, curate of the parish, baptized Jany. ye 7th.
Catharine Cowley, daughter of John and Mary, Glanshoggle, baptized Feb. 9th.
Chrystian Coons, daughter of John ye Dier and Alice, baptized March 31.
Sitt Quayle, son of Patt and Jony Steven, Ballacrossy, baptized July 13.
Patt Cowley, son of Thos., Elanvoddy, baptized Sept. 28.
Elin Bodaugh, daughter of Wm. and Bessy, Curragh,
baptized ~ov.2.
Elin Cowley, daughter of Wm. of Ballacarne and Elish McGawne, baptized Oct. 7.
Jon. Stephen, daughter of Ffliilo Stephen, Knockold, and of Jony Bodaugh, baptized Oct 7.

This year the Bishop’s part of the churchyard of Ballaugh (according to the table in the Register Book) being out of repair was sufficiently made up by John Cottie, Gilbert Callister, and Adam Cannell, of Court land, sent hither (as they said) to and by the Right Reverend Father in God, Thos., Bishop of the Isle.
Thos. Teare
Jon Stephen
Thos. Bodaugh ,Churchwardens.)
Thos. Christian, Curate.

The following is the note from the Register Book referred to above. I make the extract in full, as it may be interesting to many beyond the parish of Ballaugh :— October ye first, Anno Domini 1600.
The order of the division of the Churchyard ditch beginning att the entrance in and goeing about Sunway as every Treen is appointed in their course in the whole eight Treens and an halfe, and halfe a quarter by itself, besides A.D. Treen for the Court belonging to the Lo. Bishop next the entrance, and now lately made by the Cotters, and that upon the East side of the goeing in, etc.
Churchyard ditch divided in Trynes goeing about Sunway, marked out as followeth in order by the most ancient men of the parish then liveing, viz., in 1600.

[Oct 1895]

A.D. 1724.

Thomas, son of Gilbert Cowley, baptized May 29th.
John son of William Skeally, baptized October 25th.
Elizabeth, daughter of Dr John Ball and Mrs Elizabeth Duclos, baptized November 7th.
Thomas, son of John Kelly (Ramsey) baptized Dec. 30th.
John Cowley, posthumous son of John Cowley, Lagbane, aptized February 7th, 1724.
Oates, son of William Clucas, baptized March 21st.

A.D. 1725.

Michael, son of Michael Cross, baptized June 11th.
Catherine, daughter of John Cain shoemaker, baptized July 18th.
Jane, daughter of Thos. Kinred, of Killobruksy, Lezayre, iodem die, i.e., September 19th.
Dorothy, daughter of Mr Daniel Mylrea, Attorney-General, baptized November 11th.
Thomas, son of Christopher Curlet, baptised Jan. 11th.
Mary, daughter of William Killip (Doncan), baptized January 15th.
Ffinlo,. son of Silvester Quayle, Balnotrothy, baptized Jan 11th
Thomas and Anne, twin children of Patrick Kelly, of Sharroghbane, received private baptism January 31st, and received into the Church the.Sunday following.

A.D. 1726.

Gilcreest, son of William Corkill, baptized May 14th.
Nicholas, son of William Craine, weaver, baptized July 24th.
Catherine, daughter of William Macnameer, baptized July 31st.
Thomas, son of Thomas Cowin, of Kirk Patrick, baptized September 22nd. ~
Thomas, son of Dan Bodaugh, of the Lough, on the Lord Bishop’s demense, baptized October 30th.
Thomas and Philip, twin children of Thomas Cottiman, of the Mountains, received private baptism from the Rev. Mr Edward Moore, November 18th, and were received into the church November 27th.
(Note.—The Edward Moore mentioned was vicar of Lonan.)

A.D. 1727.

The following entry in this year occurs :
These following were baptized whilst Doctor Walker was in London, whither he went to be cut for the stone :—
Dorothy, daughter of Mr Dan McYlrea, attorney-general, baptized June 25th.
Alice,.daughter of John Bridson, parish clerk, baptized October 21st.

A.D. 1728.

N.B —William Walker, rector, returned from England June 12th, and baptized as follows :—
Mr Walker had left Ballaugh the previous April, and so was absent above a year through ill health.
William, son of John Kinred, of Gob-carrin in Lezayre, baptized April 11th.
Jane, daughter of Mr Daniel McYlrea, attorney-general, baptized October 24th.
William son of John Bridson, parish clerk, baptized by the Lord Bishop, December 15th.
William, son of Patrick Crain (Glover), baptized December 19th.
Joney, daughter of Thomas Cottiman (Miller), baptized January 6th.
John Cross, son of William, baptized within February 24th, and received into the Church ye Sunday following, March 2nd.
Gilbert, son of John Cain, shoemaker, baptized March 6th.

A.D. 1729.

Joúey, daughter of Thomas Foar (Nan), April 10th. Robert, son of Robert Corlot Smith, May 8th.
Jane, daughter of William Caley (Hardby), of Lezayre, May 27th.
Daniel, son of Ewan Christian, baptized May 15th.
Thomas, posthumous son of William Corlet, baptized July 9th.
James, son of William Faile and Margaret Teare, July 29th

[Nov 1894]

March 30, A.D. 1712.
This day the Rev Mr Ross, M.A, and ye Rev Mr Henry Allan of Douglas, were ordained Priests in this church, and the Rev Wm Bridson was ordained Deacon, by the Right Reverend Dr Thomas Wilson, Lord Bishop of this Isle, assisted by the Rev Mr Archdeacon Wattleworth, ye vicar of Kk Michael and myself. The collection being £1 l0s 8d. . .

The Rector of Ballaugh at the time was the Rev Dr Walker.

Mr Deemster Mcylrea left in his last will a legacy of twenty shillings to the poor of the parish which is distributed this 13th of March, 1725.

The Lord Bishop’s books were distributed, April 11, A.D. 1708, as follows :—

To Tom Curlot, Burghjarg 1 0
Thos. Summer 1 1 Bible
John Corlett Squeers son 1 1
Robt. Gaunts son. 1 1
Wm. Curlot, Battatusms, son 1 1
Wm. Curlot, Ballakaigs, son 1 1
Necho Clark , 1 1
Ffinlo Curlot 1 1
Pat Killip’s son Ewan 1 1
Nich.Kneen 1 1
Thos. Mcylrea, Baln-cooleya, son 1 1
Margt. Kinnish 1 1
Wm. Bodaugh’s son 1 1
Adam Kelly’s son 1 1
Wm. Curlot, Ballakinnag 1 1
Gilbert Teare of the Bollaugh 1 1
Tom Cowan’s son 1 1
John Curlot (sill) of Kk Xt.by my Lord Bishop’s order 1 0
Ewan Garrett. of Ballaneddin, son 1 0
Thos. Teare, of Ballaneddin, son 1 0

For the avoiding of confusion of the Feast of Saint Matthias, and that this Diocese may observe as much as may be a perfect uniformity with itself and with the Church of England In this and in all matters ecclesiastical, I do hereby order and require that notice be given in all churches and chapels of this Isle, that the said Feast of Saint Matthias is to be observed on the 25th day of February, in this and all succeeding leap years Given under my hand, this 15th of February, A.D. 1711
Thomas, Sodor and Man (Wilson)

There being sundry complaints of the want of a regulation in the seats of the Parish Church of Ballaugh, many of the principal farmers having no certain place of sitting, and particularly Thomas Curlot, of Ballacain, and John Curlot, of Broughjeaigbeg, being altogether at a loss where to sit. To rectify which disorder the best expedient is that four of the most knowing and most substantial men in the parish do assist the Wardens in making a regulation of the seats through the whole church, and Mr Deemster Mcylrea being willing to stand as one of the said assistants. I do hereby order that Mr Thos. Curlot, of Ballakaig, Genl.-Sumner ; Wm. Curlot, Parish Clerk ; and Gilbert Teare, be charged to join with the said Deemster, and that they all with the best of their judgment be aiding to the Wardens and join with them in making the said regulation, which is to be according to the several Treens, according to ancient sitting, or otherwise, as they in their reason and apprehension shall judge proper ; and in regard that two of the present Wardens, Thomas and John Curlot, are complainants in this case, I do order that two other honest men be sworn in their place to act in this particular with the other Wardens and the assistants before men-tioned. Dated ye 6th day of May, being Ascension Day, 1714.

Consented unto by us the assistants—

May, 7, 1714.
The Church Wardens and the 4 assistants have this day made the foregoing regulations and delivered the same in according to the best of their judgment. It is, therefore, accepted by me, and to be placed in the Church Register for the future satisfaction of the parishioners.


We, whose names are under written being the Wardens and the 4 assistants made this day by the writing in appointment and joyntly and unanimously agreed upon the following regulation of the church :—

There being nine seats on the south side we set apart the first for the occupants of Ballakoige ; the second for Ballabeg and Ballakinnag, the proprietor of the latter notwithstanding his having a quarter and a half of land being content with the half of that seat in regard he shall sit there ; the third part we appoint for Glarik and Ballamona; the fourth seat for the quarter and half of Burghjeaig-more, and the half quarter of Wm. Curlot, Corvalley ; the fifth seat for Donagh Bey, Ballacooley ; the sixth for Carbadal-Craine, and Ballacain; the seventh for Ballamoar and the Carbadal of Cross and Gltrun ; the eight for Glen Dhoo and the Knockar and the ninth for the Foresters Lodge and Girandull Miln.

The north side of the church we do regulate and appoint in this manner :—The first seat next the Reading Pew for Ballamoney-more and Ballathoar, half quarter ; the second seat for Ballamoneybeg the one half thereof, and the other for Broughjeaigbeg (the occupant being content therewith although he holds a quarter and a half of land); the third seat for Dollaughmoar (the proprietor of which estate quitting all right he has in the seat of Ballacorraige) ; the fourth part for Ballavolley and Ballaneddin ; the fifth part for Ballary and Knockould ; the sixth for Squeen and Ballacrosahey ; the seventh for both Balletuson ; the eight for Balla. Cain and Ballalorghey ; the ninth for the Glanshoggal and Ballaicorraigei ; and all the rest of the seats on that side for the intack houlders and cottors, all which we return for the said answer according to the best of our judgment. As witness our names and marks, this 7th day of May, 1714.

WM. CRAINE, my mark.
ROBT. CORLETT, my mark
Thos. CORRIS, my mark.Wardens.

[Dec1894 - no extract]

[Jan 1895]

JUNE 7, AD. 1715.

The Rev Mr Wm. Walker, Vicar-General and Rector of Ballaugh, and the Rev Mr Henry Allen, Viar of Christ Church, Lezayre, together with the ancients of both parishes, having met this day at a place called Cottery Plate or Gaafher, in order to determine the boundaries of the two parishes from the place aforesaid into the highroad leading from Bishops Court to Ramsey, and both parties having agreed to leave it to me to hear what can be said on both sides, and to put a final end to all controversies for the future concerning the said boundry. I therefore, having heard all that hath been said by both parties, and having carefully viewed and walked the ground, do adjudge and declare that a straight line down from the east side of the plate aforesaid, betwixt two remarkable trees growing in the highway aforesaid, and betwixt two large white stones on the other side of the said highway. to the end of a hedge leading from there to the mountains shall ever hereafter be looked upon, and be the true boundary of the two parishes, with which both sides being entirely satisfied, I do hereby require that nobody do presume presumptuously to cut down the trees or remove the stones aforesaid, and that a true copy of this determination be preserved in the Registers of both parishes as an end to all strife on this account.

Given under my hand and seal at Bishops Court, the day and year above written,


The original hereof inserted and remains in the Parochial Registry of Lezayre.

A.D. 1720.

The late Mr Nicholas Thompson, of Ballamoney, bequeathed to the poor of this parish of Ballaugh the sum of six pounds, to be laid out for their use by the Rector and Wardens for the time being, and the yearly interest of the same to be kept and reserved by them until such time as an accident by fire or a poor man lose a cow. or some such calamity, happen in the parish, then the said lnterest to be applied by them to the use of said sufferers.

Vid. Lib. Episc. 1720.

And the said legacy of six pounds having accordingly been received from the deceased’s executors, the same is this day (Sept. 10, 1720) placed in the hands of Thos. Casement, of the Grange, in Lezayre, for three years to come.

Note his bond is in the hands of Wm. Curlot, Clerk of his Parish.

Laid out above as follows—


£ s. d.

Nov. 22, 1724.—Paid by the wardens and myself out of Nicholas Thompson’s money to John McYhea (Bonny) towards buying him a cow he having lately lost one

0 17 3

June 13, 1725.—Paid also to Thos. Kneen, who had the misfortune of firing his neighbour’s kiln with a little corn of his own on It

0 4 0

Eodem die to the Widow and Executors of Thos. McYhea, who lost a cow

0 7 0

March 22.—To John Cannell, merchant, and John McYhea (Bonny) who each lost a cow

0 14 0

October 4, 1728.—Paid to John Stephen (Vally),who lost his only cow

0 7 0

January 6, 1728.—Paid to Wm. Quayle, who lost cow whose kiln w~ th~eU.,, ,,,

0 7 0

June 7, 1731.—Paid to Patrick McYlroney, who lost a cow

0 7 0

Paid 4s to Wm. Skoally, and 2s to Thos. Callister, English value

0 7 0

March 27.—Paid to J. Skoally, who lost a cow

0 7 0

Isabella Cross, daughter of John Cross, baptzd. October 20, 1720.

Hester Christian, daughter of Ewan, baptzd. April 12, 1734.

William Kewley, son of John Kewley, Ballaihoar, baptzd. October 29, 1734, The descendant of William Kewley still holds the property tho resident in England ; the late Canon Kewley, of the Diocese of S. Alban’s, held the property and left if to the present owner.

Elizabeth Quayle, daughter of Silvister, baptzd. Nov. 2, 1734.

Nicholas Corlett, son of Patrick, baptzd. March 30, 1735.

John Quayle, son of Ffinlo, baptzd. April 1, 1736.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Bridson, Parish Clerk, baptzd August 20, 1738.

John Stephen, son of John, Ballacain, baptzd. Oct. 31, 1739.

Ann Mcawoo, daughter of Patrick, baptzd. Augst. 22, 1741.

Philip Mcawoo, son of Patrick, baptzd. Nov. 14, 1742.

Thomas Cain, posthumous son of Thos , baptzd. July 5, 1743.

John Crain, son of William (Millor of Squeen), baptzd. July 20, 1743.

Hester, daughter of John Dillon, of Dublin, baptzd. March 31, 1746.

John Crain, son of Patrick (Glover), baptzd. Sept. 28, 1746. Thomas Tear, son of Daniel (Highland), baptzd. March 6, 1746.

Iony Cannel, daughter of John (Dow), baptzd. Jany. 23,

Catherine Killip, son of John (Donaghoh), bapzd. Feb. 27,

The following extract is interesting as being a communication in his own handwriting from Bishop Wilson to Rector Walker. of this parish, dated August 26, 1706. It reads as follows:

" Mr Walker,

Whatever may be said to excuse the Bishop from paying tithes out of this turbery in your parish, I am of opinion that since there is rent upon it to the Lord of the Isle, the words of the law require that it should pay tithe to the Church. Therefore, I do cheerfully suffer, and order you to take the tithe of the said turbery in kind for the future, and to place this in your parish book for the benefit of yourself and successors. Given under my hand and seal at Bishop’s Court. THO. SODOR AND MAN."

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