Installation of Bishop Denton Thompson,
p. 967
Lectures by Rev. J. Quine, M.A. Bishop Wilson;Bishop Hildesley and the Manx Bible,
p. 975
Retirement of Superintendent Cain,
p. 977
Fish Protection,
p. 979
John Kelly
The Plaice and its Growth,
p. 981
John Kelly
Fairy Hill Excavated,
p. 983
Professor Herdman
Douglas Progressive Debating Society,
p. 985
Whitehaven and the Isle of Man : New Steamship Service Opened,
p. 986
Manx Language Society,
p. 990
Presentation of Speaker Moore's Portrait to the House or Keys,
p. 991
Manx Societies at Home and Abroad :Liverpool ; Ontario ; London ; Barrow ; Cleveland ; Montreal ; Vancouver ; New Zealand; Sydney, New South Wales; Winnipeg,
p. 994
World Manx Association at Ballasalla,
p. 1009
Greetings from the Manx Language Society,
p. 1013
Manx-American's Splendid Career,
p. 1014
Robert Teare, M.H.K.,
p. 1019
The Blessings of Snuff :Old Poem,
p. 1021
Deemster Crellin
(as in Manx Soc 16 p237)
A Notable Manxman (Professor Hanby Hay),
p. 1022
Memorial Notices :
p. 1023
Arthur Henry Marsden, ex-Mayor of Douglas; Joseph Drake Rogers ; John Taylor, librarian ; Dr. Dearden; Egbert Rydings; James Rae Fielding ; Archdeacon Gill ; Rev. T. A. Taggart ; William Cashin, custodian of Peel Castle; Robert Cain, builder ; Rev. W. R. Quiggin ; Rev. William Harris ; William James Kermode, merchant ; Thomas Milner Dodd, merchant ; Colonel Anderson ; Mr. Tom. Corrin, banker; Mr. William Collister ; Captain Fargher,
Presentation to Archdeacon Kewley,
p. 1063
The New Noble's Isle of Man Hospital,
 p. 1065
Supplement :- Containing the Manx Musical Festival, 1912 ; List of Awards, with Judges,' Remarks, Concert, etc.
The Illustrations in this number include the New Hospital ; Portraits of Bishop Denton Thompson ; the late Mr. W. Cashin ; Mr Egbert Rydings ; Councillor Marsden ; Rev.T. A. Taggart ; Rev. W. Harris ; Group of World Manx Association at Ballasalla ; and new turbine S.S. Ben-my-Chree.
Also is presented, the Souvenir Booklet of the Opening of the New Noble's Isle of Man Hospital (by kind permission of the Hospital Committee, to whom the Editor's thanks are given).

October. 1912.


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