Douglas 200 Years Ago,

p. 863

Rev. H. S. Taggart

Manx Lady Among Mormons,

p. 866

M. Kelly

Brave Manx Constable,

p. 868


The Island Speaks: Short Account of Bishop Wilson, .

p. 869

F. J. Gould

"The Funniest Second Chamber on Earth" (From "Reynolds Newspaper "),

p. 873

S. L. Hughes

Cobwebs of Manx Government Blown Away,

p. 877

S. Norris

Theory of the Cause of Earthquakes,

p. 883

W. Cowin

The Manx Language Society,

p. 887


Manxman's Voyage to New Zealand,

p. 891

James R. Moore

Motor Run on the Island of Oahu,

p. 893

Leigh Goldie-Taubman

Manx Language Literature,

p. 895

G. W. Wood

A Woman's Whim,

p. 901

Klaro Woodo

"Man the Lifeboat,"

p. 902

Edgar H. Johnson, F.C.I.S.

Manx Societies at Home and, Abroad: Vancouver; Galva; Transvaal; MiddleWest; Manchester; London; Liverpool; Isle of Man,

p. 904


Departure of Rev. D. Inglis, B.A.,

p. 929


Memorial Notices:

p. 935


Alfred Nelson Laughton; Thomas Hugh Clague; James Gell; George Preston; Mrs Hincksman; Frederick Saunderson; John Allen Mylrea; Mrs Mary Atkinson Cowan; William Joseph Cain; Charles Roeder; Thomas Kneale; Mrs Mary Ann Faraker; Capt. Quine; William Caine; William Kneen; L. H. Collister; Mrs John Clague;

The Illustrations include Portraits of the late Mr Charles Roeder, of Manchester (kindly lent by the proprietors of the "Manchester City News"); Mr John Kay, B.A., and a Group of the Manx Constitutional Reform Committee of Inquiry (kindly lent by the proprietors of the "Manchester Guardian." from a photograph by Mr W. H. Warburton, who also gave his permission); Line Drawing; of St Matthew's Old Church.


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