Manx Societies at Home and Abroad : Liverpool, ;
p. 1095
p. 1160
London, Montreal, Transvaal, Chicago, Winnipeg, Victoria, B.C.; Vancouver ; Sydney ; Middle West, Kansas ; Johannesburg ; Cleveland ; London, Ontario ; Cobalt,
p. 1164 to 1178
Parson Clague's Forms Book,
p. 1111
Lecture on Manx Music,
p. 1143
A. P. Graves (Reported by R. W. Callin)
Old Manx Carvals : Christmas Songs,
p. 1144
Poetry :
Mona's Isle,
p. 1145
 H. Andrews
To a Manx Maiden,
p. 1158
Harold Kirkwood
Paddy's Opinion of Home Rule,
p. 1151
J. C.
Manx Singing,
p. 1220
Harold Kirkwood
p. 1236
C. Gea. Lyster
My Mother,
p. 1238
R. W. Callin
The Fairy Faith : A Review of Dr. Wentz' Book,
p. 1150
Launch of new s.s. King Orry,
p. 1222
War on Time-Wasters,
p. 1218
W. Ralph Hall Caine
Three Celebrated Walks,
p. 1221
G. Fred Clucas
Opening of Saint Ninian's Church,
p. 1230
Finch Hill Congregational Sunday School : Reminiscences,
p. 1232
Rev. D. Inglis, B.A.
The Manx Wedding : translated into Manx,
p. 1237
H. P. Kelly
Manx Bird and Plant Life,
p. 1146
Rev. J. Davidson
Manx Literature : Douglas Library Collection,
p. 1152
"Dooinney Oie ". An Old Manx Story,
p. 1156
Sophia Morrison
Rear-Admiral Sir H. C. Christian,
p. 1158
Wm. Cashen's Manx Folk Lore : A Review,
p. 1159
World Manx Association :Its Operations,
p. 1179
Wm. Cubbon
The New Vicar of Kirk Braddan,
p. 1187
Baume's Money,
p. 1227
Memorial Notices :
p. 1188 to 1217
Canon F. J. Moore, B.A. ; Robert E. Henry ; Thomas McCreanor ; Moses Canning ; Mrs. Sarah Hall Caine (mother of Hall Caine) ; Henry Brainsby ; J. J. C. Quane ;Captain Killip ; Philip Sansbury ; Mark Parkinson ; William K.Kermode ; William Watterson ; Miss Callow ; Harry Bregazzi ;William Horrocks ; William Kneen, of Croit-e-Caley ; John Kneale, J.P. ; Mrs. Wood; Rev. Robert Faraker, M.A. ; Joseph E. Dodson ; John Kewley ; Theophilus Hogg ; John Kelly; James Corlett; Wm. D.Cowin ; Robert F. Kermeen ; Rev. W. Hunt;William Crellin ; G. S. Newson ; Edw. Mundey ; John M. Nicholson ; Mrs. Clucas
The Illustrations include the New Church of St. Ninian (block lent by Messrs Brown and Sons), and portrait of the Rev. D. C. Woodhouse, M.A., B.D., Vicar; portrait of the Rev. W. A. Rushworth, M.A. Vicar of Kirk Braddan.
Also, a Supplement containing an account of the 22nd Manx Music. Festival.



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