Newtown Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1827


Society dates from 1826 and original small chapel built 1827; This chapel was enlarged in 1887 when the society bought the cottage at the rear of the chapel and merged the two buildings.
Lit by oil until 1929 when it became one of the first chapels on the Island to be lit by electricity.

From the early years of the 20thcentury until WW2 was renowned for its Christmas Night Concert and Party held in the Schoolroom.

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Deed of sale dated 17 June 1826. Bought for 5/- from Issac McKneale Snr (father of one of trustees) with approbation of Mary McKneale (ref MM MD 717/18)

Trustees (1826)

signed in presence of Robert Gick and John Gick

2nd conveyance 1842 - only one original trustee John Kelly alive; new trustees(all of Santan):

Closed end 2009.

J.M.Cotter St. Sanctains Church 1977 Santon: Parish - chap 5 covers Santon & Newtown Methodist Chapels

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