Santon Wesleyan Methodist Chapels

Santon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1810.

Santon Old Chapel

Originally known as Ballakelly Chapel; Became S/S and hall on completion of memorial chapel c.1867.
Sold 1965 and now private dwelling.

Grid Reference SC315716

Santon Wesleyan Methodist Memorial Chapel 1867.

Santon Memorial

Built and endowed by Miss Esther Jane Clucas, herself an Anglican, in memory of her brother Frederick Brew Clucas M.H.K. who was an advocate in Ramsey but whose life had been saved during the time he spent in Africa by Methodist Missionaries. The original memorial plague now languishes, sadly weathered, in Santon church yard.
It is cruciform in shape with a transept which is unusual (?) in a Methodist church. It was closed sometime in the 1980s and appeared to be falling into decay, however it has now (c.1995) been converted to residential use and is now an impressive set of apartments

Grid Reference SC315716


J.M.Cotter St. Sanctains Church 1977 Santon: Parish - chap 5 covers Santon & Newtown Methodist Chapels

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