Santan Treens

Parish and Church dedicated to St Santain

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Kirk Santan - St. Santain
Kirk Santan - St. Santain (click for larger image) Dedication of this church was confused with that of St.Ann(e) for a considerable period (see for example an external slate tablet to St Ann and inside a dedication to St Anne.
The church was rebuilt in 1720/30 and then again in 1774 (possibly after a fire) which is the building seen today.
From a brief conversation with someone who dug a trench along the south wall during the installation of damproofing it would appear that the east 28 feet are an original keil which was then extended a further 80 feet between the 13th and 14th century (dated from pottery sherds in blocked up doorway) and then the tower added - there being a large flat stone under the walls at this end.
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Guide book J.M.Cotter St. Sanctains Church (1977): Parish
mostly reprinted in IoM Fam Hist Soc Vol 9 no 1 pp10-29 - has excerpts from parish registers

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