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VOLUME III - 1925-1932.

[taken from Cubbon ]

Abbeylands of Kirk Malew (J. J. Kneen), 519.
Animal and Plant Remains in the Manx Post-Glacial Deposits (J. R. Bruce), 154.
Anniversary (50th), Address (P. M. C. Kermode), 383.

Ballafayle Cairn (P. M. C. Kermode), 151.
Biological Problems at the Sandy Beach (J. R. Bruce), 98.
Bird-Life on the Calf (P. G. Ralfe), 514.
Bishops of Sodor, Pre-Reformation (H. C. Cradock), 321.
Botany of the Calf (C. I. Paton), 510.
Boundary between Marown and German (W. Cubbon), 438
Bruce, J. R., Biological Problems of the Sandy Beach, 98; Human Remains at the Smelt, 100; Animal and Plant Remains in the Manx Post-Glacial Deposits and Forest Bed, 154; Arches of Castletown Grammar School, 195; Contribution of Physical Science to some Problems of Archaeology, 266.
Bruce, J. R., and Cubbon, W., Kew 'Giant's Grave,' 239. Cronk-yn-How, Lezayre, 282.
Bruce, J. R., and Neely, G. J. H., Archæological Report on the Calf, 505.

Caine, A. I., Folk-lore and its Bearing on Song and Dance, 378.
Calf of Man Reports, Archaeological (Bruce and Neely), 504; Botanical (Paton), 510; General (Neely), 504; Geological (Stenning), 508; Ornithological (Ralfe), 514.
Castletown, Notes on Old (P. G. Ralfe), 208; Grammar School Arches (Bruce), 195; Deposit of Bones at (Stenning), 234.
Chibbyr Unjin (W. Cubbon), 526.
Christian, Phillip, Clothworker (J. E. Leece), 83.
Contributions of Physical Science to some Problems of Archaeology (J. R. Bruce), 266.
Cowley, C. H., Battle of Santwat, 222; Manx Lady's Domestic Expenditure, 1827, 310; Presidential Address, 1928-9, 346; Cist, White Strand, 453; Distribution and Typology of Flint Instruments, 460.
Cradock, H. C., Pre-Reformation Bishops of Sodor, 321.
Cronk yn How (Bruce and Cubbon), 282.
Cross-Slabs in the Faroes (P. M. C. Kermode), 443.
Cubbon, W., Santan Records, 11; Marown Church, 13; Parish of Patrick, 23; 'King Orry's Tower,' Bishop's Court, 28; Early Schools in Man (Pres. Address), 106; Lands of the Monks of Myrosco, 147; The "Royal Way," 217; Watch and Ward in 1627, 258: Boundary of Kirk Marown and Kirk German, 438; Cemetery Site, Knocksharry, 446; Prehistoric Oak Vessel, 526.
Cubbon, W., and J. R. Bruce, Kew 'Giant's Grave,' 239; Cronk-yn-How, 282.
Cubbon, W. C., Presidential Address (" Rushen Abbey 1927, 181.

"Deemster's Cairn", 431

Early Schools and Scholarship in Man (W. Cubbon), 106.

Farrant, Deemster R. D., Land Tenure, 454.
Flint Instruments, Distribution and Typology (C. H. Cowley), 460.
Flora of the Isle of Man (C. I. Paton), 546.
Folk-Lore and its Bearing on Song and Dance (A. I. Caine), 378.
Forbes' Ancestors (Miss B. Kneen), 167.

Glen Rushen Tumuli (J. J. Joughin and others), 231.
Griffiths, B. M., Microscopic Plant World of the Water, 34.

Hayward, H. C., List of Lepidoptera, 315.
Herdman, E. C., Anatomy and Inheritance of Manx Cats' Tails, 404.
Howarth, R., Notes on Manx Ornithology, 298; Vegetation Survey of Man, 474.
Human Remains at the Smelt (J. R. Bruce), 100.

Joughin, J. J., and others, Tumuli in Glen Rushen, 231.

Kermode, P. M. C., Notes on Manx Fairs, 80; Cairn at Ballafayle, 151; Knoc-y-Doonee, 241; Marine Biological Station, 375; 50th Anniversary Address, 383; Presidential Address, 1930, 406; Cross-Slabs in Faroes, 443.
Kew, 'Giant's Grave' (Cubbon and Bruce), 239.
Kirkcudbright in Manx History (P. G. Ralfe), 162.
Kneen, F. B., Professor Forbes' Ancestors, 167.
Kneen, J. J., Manx Fairs and Festivals, 38; Notes on Knock-y-Doonee, 241; Place-Names Alkest and Cronk-yn-How, 296; Our Norse Heritage (Pres.Address, 1931), 482; Abbeylands of Kirk Malew, 519.
Knock y Doonee (P. M. C. Kermode), 241; (J. J. Kneen), 246.
Knocksharry Cemetery Site (W. Cubbon), 446.

Land Tenure (The Deemster Farrant), 454.
Laurence, Note on Archdeacon, 345.
Leece, J. E., Philip Christian, Clothworker, 83.
Lepidoptera, List of (H. C. Hayward), 315.

Manx Cats' Tails, Anatomy and Inheritance of (E. C. Herdman), 404.
Maps and Archaeology (G. J. H. Neely), 173.
Maps of Man, Early (G. J. H. Neely), 539.
Marine Biological Station (P. M. C. Kermode), 375.
Marown Church (W. Cubbon), 13.
Missel Thrush, Eccentric Nesting, 201.
Moore, H. B., New Research Methods in Shore Biology, 533.
Myrosco, Lands of the Monks of (W. Cubbon), 147.

Neely, G. J. H., Maps and Archaeology, 173; Ordnance Survey of Man, 388; Calf of Man Reports, 504, 505; Early Maps of Man, 539.
Norse Heritage, Our (J. J. Kneen), 482.

Parke, M. W., Sea-Weeds of P. Erin and P. St. Mary, 439.
Paton, C. I., Botany of the Calf, 510; Manx Flora, 546.
Patrick (W. Cubbon), 23.
Peel Castle, Outside of the Walls (C. H. Cowley, Pres. Address, 1929), 348; (C. R. Shimmin), 229.
Prehistoric Oak Vessel, Discovery of (W. Cubbon), 526.
Presidential Addresses. W. Cubbon, 106; 1927, W. C. Cubbon, 181; 1928, J. R. Bruce, 266; 1929, C. H. Cowley, 346; 1930, P. M. C. Kermode, 406; 1931, J. J. Kneen, 482; 1932, G. J. H. Neely, 539.

Radcliffe, W., Pitfalls of Anglo-Manx, 89.
Ralfe, P. G., Kirkcudbright in Manx History, 164; Notes on Old Castletown, 208; An Association of Oslo with Manx History, 232; Bird-Life of the Calf of Man, 514.
Research Methods in Shore Biology, New (H. B. Moore), 533.
"Royal Way" (W. Cubbon), 217.
Rushen Abbey (W. C. Cubbon), 181; Monastic Orders of (A. G. Taylor), 250.

Santan Records (W. Cubbon), 11.
Santwat, Battle of (C. H. Cowley), 222.
Seaweeds at P. Erin and P. S. Mary, (M. W. Parke), 469.
Shimmin, C. R., Peel Castle, 229.
Society's Foundation and Work, (P. M. C. Kermode), 383.
Stenning, Rev. E. H., Deposit of Bones at Castletown, 234; Geology of the Calf, 508.
Strandhall, Animal and Plant Remains (J. R. Bruce), 154.

Taylor, A. G., Monastic Orders of Rushen Abbey, 250.
Teares of Ballaugh (Miss B. Kneen), 167.
Vegetation Survey of the Isle of Man (R. Howarth), 474.

Watch and Ward in 1627 (W. Cubbon), 258.
White Strand, Cist at the, (C. H. Cowley), 453


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