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WM. CUBBON and J. RONALD BRUCE. 15 December, 1927.

The Giant's Grave, Kew, Kirk German
"The Giant's Grave", Kew, Kirk German
16th September, 1927

The so-called 'Giant's Grave' on Kew, German, has frequently been mentioned in the local literature, and visited by this and other societies, but since no recent plan appears to be available, the opportunity was taken by the authors, in September, 1927, to make some measurements of the visible features, and these are embodied in the accompanying Plan. The Plan calls for no special comment, as the remains have been fully described elsewhere.

The Giant's Grave, Kew, Kirk German, plan
Liaght ny Fawyr, "The Giant's Grave", Kew, Kirk German; Plan
The heights of the stones above the adjacent ground level are as follow

i 2ft ; ii, 2ft. 9 ins ; iii, 3ft. 3 ins; iv, 3 ft. 4 ins; v, 2 ft. 7 ins; vi, 1 ft. 5 ins; vii, below surface; viii. nil ; ix, 1 ft. 6 ins ; x, 2 ft. 4ins; xi, 2ft. 0ins ; xii, 3 ft. 5 ins. ; xiii, 2 ft. 7 ins; xiv, 2 ft. 10ins; xv, 2 ft. 0 ins; xvi, nil.


There can be no doubt that the erection of the cross-fence at some time subsequent to 1878, must have led to much disturbance and denudation of the site, and it is not possible to say, without excavation, whether the large stone embedded in the fence (No. xv. on the Plan) occupies its original position or not. There are definite traces of a mound on the West side of the wall, but no stones such as might be expected to form a terminal chamber are apparent above the surface-indeed the mound is now too low to cover any considerable remains.

At the western end of the 'avenue,' a flat slab, beneath the sod, was traced by probing, and there are slight remains of the covering bank at this end. The total length of the avenue is 26 ft., and of the entire structure, 65 to 70 ft.

The monument is an interesting, if imperfect, example of the megalithic passage grave. and should be carefully examined. It is at present, unfortunately, quite unprotected, and both the stones and the mound are being continually trampled by horses and cattle.


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