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All the more important papers relating to the Isle of Man were arranged and calendared by Mr. S. A. Moore, F.S.A., in 1894. These are stored in the Muniment Room. In addition to these, there are a number of miscellaneous MSS. in the Library, which are placed, but not in order of date, in seven boxes.1

We thought it better to devote our attention to the miscellaneous MSS. on our first visit,2 and, on his second visit Mr. A. W. Moore went through the documents in the Muniment Room.3

Copious notes have been taken from all these papers, with a view to publishing them in the Society's Magazine, or elsewhere. In the meantime we present you with a list of these documents, with a brief summary of some of the more important of them.

We wish to take this opportunity of thanking Lord Derby for his kindness in giving- us access to these documents, and to the Rev. John Richardson, librarian, and the officials in the Muniment Room, for facilitating our search.

1 It would seem that Mr. S. A. Moore did not think these MSS, sufficiently important to be placed in his calendar.
2 Under B. below.
3 Under A. below.


Bundle 10,7. 6 James I., A.D.. 1608, 9th Aug — Francis Phelips and Richard More, of London, to James, Lord Stanley.
Bargain and Sale (enrolled) of the Rectories of S. Michael and Maghold, in the Isle of Man, which lately belonged to the Monastery of Furness, and were assured to the Duchy of Lancaster by A. as fully as Kg James I., by patent under the Duchy Seal of 8th April, A.D. 1608, granted the said rectories to the sd Phelips and More.

12/111, 6th June, 1660. — Agreement to divide the issues of the Isle of Man during a lease of 21 years, made by the late Earl, dated 3 Charles II., 1651. The Earl to have the appointment of all officers.

12/21. — Copy agreement to accept £500 a year in lieu of half the revenues of the Isle of Man.

16/22, 6th April, 1715. — Will of Hon. Charles Stanley, brother of James, Earl of Derby. He leaves his books to the Library in the Isle of Man.

1400/3, 19th February, 1379 — Henry Boteler, Constable of Holme Patrick, Sir Gilbert McCristyn, Rector of the Church of St. Bride's in Layr, and others, to Sir Brian de Stapleton, knight. Grant of the Manor of Appyn, in Glenfaban, which they had of the grant of John McAskill, son and heir of Sir Gilbert Mcaskill, knight. ~

1715-1 — List of Bishops from Chronicon Manniæ.

1715/2, May, 1506. — A draft survey of the possessions, lands, rents, &c., of the Earl of Derby, in the Isle of Man, entitled "Castrum de Rushen, Assedatio of the lands and tenements of Thomas Earl of Derby." this survey contains the particulars of the rents and profits in the following parishes : S. Lupus, S. Columba, Holy Trinity, S. Santan, S. Maghald, S. Lonan, S. Conclïan, S. Bradan, S. Runi." [ie Southside 9 parishes]

1715 3, A.D. 1576. Court Rolls of the Isle of Man — The headings are " Curia Cancell," "Curia Gaolee Magm," and " Curia." They are signed by John Harmer, Capitayne ; and Robert Calcott, Comptroller. The Courts are held before the Captain, and John Lucas and Robert Cristen, Deemsters.

1715/4, 7th October, 1607 — The book of all the rents and customs of the Abbey Lands in the Isle of Man, made in 1607. This survey gives a list of all the tenants, their rents, and customary payments. It was taken by Philip Leighe and Edward Ellis.

1715/5, 21st June, 1608. — A return made by the 24 Keyes, and four men of every several parish in the Isle of Man, to certain articles propounded by Mr. Richard Hoper, Comr. for the Right Hon. the Earls of Shrewsbury and Northampton. They return the number of "quarters of ground" as 539½"at vj score to the C." They also give the rental of the several parishes, with the amount of the double rent in lieu of payments in kind. They state that the Lords are entitled to a "jus regale," but furnish no particulars, referring to an inquisition taken at Hawarden in the minority of Edward Earl of Derby, by commission from King Henry VIII., and to the Court Rolls and Records of the Island. They state that the tenants are bound to bring in victuals to the castles for the defence of the Isle, and that they give the prices then current as follows : — -A bullock at Michaelmas, 16s ; a sheep at Midsummer, 2s. 6d.; a lamb in 'May, 8d.; a goose at Michaelmas, 4d.; a hen, 2d,; a yearling pig at Midsummer, 18d.- corn, 5s. a boule, containing 19½ gallons (Isle of Man measure).

1715/6 to 13, A.D. 1660 — Survey of leases, fines, and lives in the various parishes of the Isle, taken out in 1643-

1715/14, A.D. 1703 — A Survey of leases endorsed " Insula Monae." Memorandum about fines due after the passage of the Act of Settlement, in 1703.

1715,/16, 22nd April, 1701 — -" Insula Mona?." An inventory of the arms, ordnance, ammunition, goods, utensils, and stores in garrisons.

1715 17, 14th December, 1702. — A similar inventory.

1715/18 — " Insula Monæ." The book of rates revised in 1677, "being rates of customs of outgates and ingates." (There is no copy of this in the Insular Records).

1715 20, A.D. 1692. — A similar book of rates.

1715-21, A.D. 1667 — .-Insula Monæ. "The accustomed unwritten laws until now practised continually by the Church." With this there is a draft of a commission from Lord Derby (N.D.) ordering a revision of the laws, and appointing four men of each parish to be chosen to give their advice and assistance. The document is not executed, and is endorsed by Lord Derby : "Since. the four out of each parish will only make more confusion, and yep having no power to settle or enact anything, I think it will be to little purpus, D." These laws were accordingly " revised, examined, and rectified " by the Council and Keys only.4

1715/23, 26th May, 1701. — Deposition of witnesses concerning the export of salt.

1716/3, 16th July, 1583. — Appointment of Sir William Norris and Sir Wiliiam Crow;-Clerks, to the office of Vicar-General.

1716-4 — Agreement about double rents in 1601 5

1716/4 , 15th July, 1602. — Sir John Hammer to Sir Thomas Gerrard, Kt., Captain- of the Isle of Man: Copy of a letter relating to the right of the inhabitants of Castletown to common pasture upon 30 acres called " The Loughe," with copy, of -an Inquisition dated 7th May, 1576, finding that the right was immemorial.

1716/15, 22nd June, 1608. — The Earl of Salisbury to his niece : Letter stating that the king is " brought to depart with his title to the Isle of Man," but the judges would have determined for him if "we had not compounded for the title for £2,000, the Lord Treasurer being, indeed, apt to second ye king for money in his wants." The Earl " will make shift to pay part of the money, and the little infant may be Lord of his Isle again."

1716/18, 15th November, 1610 — The verdict of the 24 Keys respecting quarterlands.

1716/19 and 20, 2nd May, 1610. — Copy and extract from Letters Patent granting to the Earl and his wife, and the heirs of the said Earl, the Priories of Rushen, Douglas, and the Grey Friars of Brymaken, the rectories of Kirkrist in Shielding and Kirklevem. (Printed Manx Soc., Vol. IX., p. 114-125.)

1716/21. — An estimate of the yearly values of the Demesne lands of the Island.

Bundle 1716-22, July 10th, 1615. — Thomas Ireland and Rich. Hoper to the Lords of the Privy Council. Letter stating that appeal lies from Courts of I. to Earl of Derby.



1716/23, 20th March, 1615. — One of the Keys fined 66,8 for attempting to leave the Island..

1716/26, ? Circa., A.D. 1620. — A paper, endorsed " A project to make profit of the Isle of Man," being a private note for the Earl of Derby of the valuation of the Island, showing that it contained 639 qrs. of land-26,975 acres — in possession of tenants whose single rent amounted to £719 17s. 7 yd. The gross revenue of the Island was estimated at £1,974 1s. 5d. This was probably much above its real amount.

1716,127, 10th August, 1627. — James Lord Strange to Edward Christian. Appointment as his Lieutenant and Captain of the Isle of Man.

1717/1/20. — These bundles contain a number of miscellaneous documents, dated from 1660 to 1680, giving the salaries of the officers; orders from the Commissioners of Customs freeing Lord Derby from payment of Customs duties in England on cattle, &c., shipped by him from the Island; grants to the clergy of £100 yearly from the exchequer (the Royal Bounty); particulars of revenue in 1670 and 1672; with accounts of the money spent by the Lord in buying cattle in the Island, &c., &c.

1718/ 1, &c. — Among other documents there is an important declaration by the Keys in 1606, to the effect that they had the power to regulate the Customs duties in concert with the Earl.

1719/1/3, about 1690. — In consequence of complaints about smuggling, the Commissioners of Customs in England appointed customs officers to act for them in the Island. Lord Derby protested against this, and it would seem that the officers were withdrawn.

1719/8. — Acts for establishing Linen Manufacture and a Public Workhouse in the Island, passed June 24, 1694. These Acts are not in the Statute Book, though they were approved by Lord Derby.

1719/57. — List of Grievances sent to Lord Derby, by the Keys, in 1697, and his reply.

1719/59. — Petition to Governor Horton (undated) to send the boon men of the adjacent sheadings to repair the bulwarks protecting the harbour and town of Douglas.

1719,'63. — .Lord Derby's instructions to his officers, in 1698.

1719/64. — Proposals about the settlement of the Land Question from Lord Derby, in 1698. These were rejected by the Keys.

1720/1. — Complaint of Archdeacon Horrobin against Harley (steward) for accusing him of preaching false doctrine.

1720/11, .D. 1705 — The Keys represent to Lord Derby that their trade is "obstructed" by the high duties in England, and ask him to try and obtain a reduction of them. They send him an estimate of the probable amount of trade that would ensue if this was done.

1720/17 — An account of the ingates and outgates (imports and exports) for 1694, 1700, 1706, 1707, and 1708-

1720/27, A.D. 1714 — A duplicate of the Lead Book in 1710-11, and an account of the ore obtained between 1705 and 1713

1721/1 &c — Bundles of letters between 1597 and 1660.*

1722/1 &c. — Bundles of letters between 1660 and 17-4*

1724/1 &c — Bundles of letters between 1724 and 1781*

A rapid survey of these letters has revealed nothing of any great interest. The second lot are mainly concerned with the case against Bishop Wilson, and the third with the question of the Impropriate Fund.

1723, A.D. 1725. — The clergy thank Lord Derby for his "pious injunctions for the suppression of vice and immorality."

A.D. 1727. — Address of "the principall inhabitants of the Isle of Man " accusing the Keys of libellous and untrue statements in their petition about grievances of the people.

An Account of Salaries in 1724, &c.

1727/1, A.D. 1522/3, — " Accounts of the two Receivers," being a copy of the Manorial Book for the year referred to.

1727;-2, A.D. 1521. — A roll of the Receiver-General's account of the Isle of Man This is illegible from decay.

1728/1/18. — Receiver's accounts for the years 1622, 1623, 1673

1729/1/20. — Receipts and disbursements for the years 1681-1690.

1730/1/11. — Receipts and disbursements for the years 1691-1698.

1732/1/35. — Receipts and disbursements for the years 1711-1720.

1733/1/25. — Receipts and disbursements for the years 1720-1734. It is very difficult to get any accurate idea of the revenue derived by the Lord from the Island from these accounts, as they are so much mixed up with the Lord's trading transactions.

1735/1/17. — Accounts of the ingates and outgates, anchorages, wrecks, customs of herring fishery, &c., in the years 1703, 1706, 1713, 1715, and 1716.

1736/1 to 23, A.D. 1704-1718. — Accounts of the voyages of the Earl of Derby's ship "Heneretta " to and from Liverpool.

1736/11, A.D. 1701. — Account of bills unpaid relating to the Isle of Man.

1736/12 to 22, A.D. 1704-1714. — Accounts of cattle bought by the Lord's steward in the Island for his use.

1736/23, A.D. 1735. — " A book of venditions," being an account of sales of puffins, rabbits, and cattle grazing in the Calf.

1736/24, A. D. 1706-1718. — Accounts of Lord Derby's land steward in the Island.

4 They are not in the Statute Book

5 Published in Manx Note Book, Vol, I pp. 61/4,

*Though nominally arranged in order they are, for the most part, not really so arranged. Many of the letters are undated.


Date 1723. — " An account of the late differences between the Spiritual and Temporal Powers in the Isle of Mann, in the year 1722. And of the imprisonment of the Bishop and two Vicars- General, with the occasion of it." This is an ex-prute pamphlet, written to defend the action of the 10th Earl and his officers in this matter, by Arthur Newcome, a lawyer in Chester.

Date 1725. — " An account of seized goods appraised in the Store House." This is interesting as showing the articles which were smuggled at that time.

Date 1724. — Letter* from Governor John Lloyd, 1723, do. Date 1730- (?). — Petition asking for leave to import corn.

Date 1725 — Letter* from Edward Stanley.

Date 1724 — Letter* from Rev. Wm. Bridson,. complaining — of " 'Popish ' Mass" being said in Douglas.

Date 1 731. — Report on Manx Mines, by J. Lend-Foren.

Date 1722 — Instructions from Lord Derby to the Governor.

Date 1721-2. — Total of "Dutys and Customs" ;£1,713 11s-, some particulars given.

Date 1723 — Letter from Thomas Parr against Bishop Wilson and his party.

Date 1724. — Letter from Lord Derby to Governor Lloyd : " For I would never make use of foule means till I find fare will not do." Letter from John Sandforth about mines.

Minutes of the orders in Council in the case of Bishop and clergy versus the Governor and officers.

Order in Council reversing decision of the Court of the Isle of Mann versus the Bishop of Sodar (sic) and Mann. Petition of the Bishop of Sodar and Mann.

Date 1720. — Petition of the 24 Keys of the Isle of Mann to the Earl of Derby.

(Undated). — Petition of John Stevenson, John Murrey, &c.(?1723): Sketch of the Duke of Atholl's case versus the Earl of Ashburnham.

Date 1735, 1-17. — Ingates and outgates, 1728 to 1734.

Date 1735. — Presentments of Great Enquests against people encroaching on the Commons.

Date 1760 — Ditto, ditto.

Date 1732. — Address of the 24 Keys to the Duke of Atholl, complaining of the conduct of the Governor (Basil Cochrane) in having detained them at Castle Rushen till they had decided a case.

Date 1758. — Case of the merchants of the Isle of Man versus the Duke of Atholl for naturalising Papists and other Foreigners, contrary to the laws of the Island.

Date 1749-55. — The case of Col. John Stevenson versus Alice Stevenson, and others. There are 57 documents in all connected " To Lord Derby.with this case, and they occupy a large proportion of the boxes. There is nothing of historical interest in them except some references to the laws and customs of the Island respecting aliens.

Date 1768. — Letter from John Stevenson, applying for the post of Deemster.

Date 1311, 4 Ed. II. — Grant to Peter de Gaveston. No. 81. (a)

Date 1334, 7 Ed. III. — Grant to William de Montacute. No. 74- (b)

Date 1403. — ; Hen. IV.-Grant to Sir William Stanley. (c)

Reges Manniae. Harleian Library, 6082, fo. 103. (d)

Date 1610. — A Book containing the answeare of the officers, Deemsters, Viccars Generall, and 24 Keyes to certain articles objected by John, now Bishop of this Isle, against John Ireland, Esq., Lieut. and Captaine of the Isle of Mann. February, Primo Die, 1610. (e)

Date, 1555 — Extracts from "Acta Consistorialia," in the Barberini Library at Rome, by W. Maziere Bradz, D.D. This relates to appointment of Thomas Stanley as Bishop of Sodor and Man in 1555. (This interesting and important document has been copied in full.)

Date, ? 1663, — -A printed paper, containing "The Earl of Derby's case stated for the Vindication of the Proceedings at Law in the Isle of Man against William Christian." This interesting paper, which has been copied in full, was doubtless laid before the Privy Council when the case in question was tried. It does not seem to have been known to William Harrison, as it is not included in his compilation, entitled " Illiam Dhone and the Manx Rebellion." (Manx Soc., Vol. XXVI.)

(a) From, Cotton 'MS.
(b) Manx Society, Vol. III , pp 183-4.
(c) Ibid, PP 232-4-
(d) Manx :soc_ vol, iv., pp. 2,4-215.
(e) There is a copy of this in the Record Office.


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