James, Tenth Earl of Derby, 1702-1736

James Earl of Derby (from Gregson's Fragments  of Lancashire)The ninth earl having died without male issue, James, the eighth son of Earl Charles, succeeded to the earldom. His early predilections were of a military cast, and he was bred in martial discipline by the Prince of Orange, afterwards William III. of England, with whom he served several campaigns in Flanders. He also saw much active service, and the courage and ability of " Brigadier Stanley " were fully recognised by military men. He sustained many severe wounds, and on two occasions was carried off the field apparently dead. At the Revolution he served in the Convention Parliament as the member for Preston, and from 1695 to the death of his brother he represented the County of Lancaster. Queen Anne appointed him Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and afterwards lord lieutenant of the county and chamberlain of the city and county of Chester. In1734 he was chosen Mayor of Liverpool, and gave a splendid entertainment at his Castle in that town. He was the last representative of the House of Stanley that occupied that position, Being a liberal patron of the fine arts he established the fine collection of Italian and Flemish paintings which adorned Knowsley Hall. He also rebuilt that old ancestral mansion. His death took place on the 1st of February, 1736.

Moore however is much less flattering describing his actions towards his Manx subjects as both arbitrary and narrow-minded.


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