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Articles of Agreement Indented and Agreed uppon the Thyrd daie of August in the three and fortyth year of the Raigne of our SOVIGNE LADY Elizabeth by the grace of God of England France and Irelande Queen Defender of the Fayth &c.Between ROBERT MOLYNEUX ESQUIER Deputie of the Isle of Man EDWARD MOORE Gent. Comptroller WILLIAM LUCAS and WILLIAM RATCLIFFE Receivors of the said Isle and the rest of the Counsaile and Officers of the said Isle on the one pttye And THOMAS SAMSBURIE and JOHN COURGHYE Deemsters And the foure and twentye Keys of the land together with foure honest sev'all persons out of ev'y ptishe of the said Isle (all whose names are hereunto Subscribed for and in the name of all the whole Inhabitants of the said Isle) on the other p'tie as hearafter followeth.

FIRST hitt is agreed and concluded uppon betweene the said ptties to and withe the full and free consent and assent of the right worshipll Sr THOMAS GERRARDE Knighte Mrshall of Her Matye Household Captaine and Cheiffe Governour under her Matye of the said Isle and likewise to and with the full and free consents and assents of the whole Inhabitants of the said Isle That WHEREAS by reason of the great Death of Cattle and Horses of late happening Unive'sally over the whole Isle the said Inhabitants are not able as before to pay ther usual Customes of Corne Victuall and fyer unto the Garrisons of the said Isle the Countrey not having p'vision for beeives nor yet Horses for carriage of ther Turffe and Linge as heartofore.

Therefore the said p'tyes by mutual consents have agreed that from the feast of St. Mychael the Arkeangell next comynge after the date hereof the said Customes of Corne Victuall and fyer shall cease and the said Inhabitants thensforth to pale yearly for there usual quarters of Customaryre lands a duble rent in money and the same to be paied qurterly the first payment thereof to begin att the first quarters end after the said feast of St. Mychael th' Arkeangell next comy'nge and so quarterly the same to contynue hereafter yerely for so long tyme, till either the Queenes MatYie her heires or successors or other the righte heires of this Isle to whom it shall app'taigne Do or shall Countermand the same. And further Hitt is agreed betweene the same ptties that they the Inhabitants of the said Isle shall att the usual and accustomed tyme of the yeare putt in the moity or one half of there settinge corne unto the houses or Castles only for this yeare and also there custom Turffe and Linge either in money or kynde for the said yeare as is aforesaid and that not to be wasted or spent but to lyre for Store wth in the said houses and Castles.

Ite. hitt is furthe provided betweene the said ptties that the Inhabitants of the said Isle paying the said duble rent yearly in money for the usuall quarters of their customarie lands as aforesaid and the said moity or one half of there settinge come for this year and their custome Turffe and Linge in money or kynde likewise for this yeare as afforsaid shall yearly hearafter (till the same be countermanded as aforsaid) Bee accquitted exonerated and discharged of all other Customes Duties or charge heartofore paled for the maynetenance of the said Officers and Garrisons ether for Dyett fyer or wage and shall only be charged wthe their duble rente in money as afforsaid. And whensoevr hearafter hitt shall happen that this Agreement shalbe anihilated and countermanded and the forsaid usuall Customes shall agayne be required then the said Inhabitants are for the first yeare aher such countermand to have allowance of the moiety or one half of their setting come this year to be putt in as afforsaid and then for that first yeare after such countermand to pay th' other moity or half of the said settinge come and so for that yeare fully thereof to be discharged.


Ite. hitt is further agreed betweene the said p'ties that they the said Inhabitants shall yearly hearafter duringe all the tyme of the contynuance of this agreement have free liberty of transportation for come or cattle growinge and increasing upon their several! farmes for the best advantage p'vided allowances that sufficient be reserved for the necessary use and relieffe of all the whole Inhabitants of the said Isle att the discretion and oversight of the Governor the Officers and four and twenty the said Inhabitants obteyning Lycence of the Governor and paying the usual custome

Ite hitt is lastly agreed betweene the said p'ties that the said Officers from the feaste of St Michael th' Arkangell next after the date hereof for and duringe the whole time of the contynuance of this agreement shall accquitte and discharge the said Inhabitants of all and all mannr of arrearage for any other customes more then only their duble rente as afforsaid. In Witness whereof the p'ties before named to tines p'seuts Interchangeably have put to ther hands the dale

John Quall Senr
Donold Christian wth his marrk X
Phillipe Crosse
John Quall Junr X
Gylbart Callow X
Thoms Quall wth his mark X
John Stevenson
Thomas Crayne
Willm Harrisonn
Robart Christian wth his mark
Robart Moore wth his mark
Wm Kissagge X
Ewan Garret X
John Standish wth his mark )
Thos Clarke wth his mark X
Wm Cane wth his mark X
William Qualtrough
Phillipp More
Henry Ratcliff
John Watson
Wm Taylor
John Kelly
Willm Preston
George Stanleye
Nicholas Harrison
Henery Calsten
Thoms Cubbon
Charles Tubman
Henry Quykyn
John Farkyne
Christopher Shymy
Mm Brydson
Thoms Clark
Hugh Crayne
wm Crayne
John Crosse
Thoms Allyne
John Corras
John Moore
Christopher Brew
Phillipp Kellye
Robart Keymphe
Thoms Cryar
John Knene
Donold Clougge
Thoms More
Thoms Kellye

Phillipp Kyrmond
Gylbart Kellye
Jamys Coteare
Doncan Christon
Wm Casmond
Edmond Gyll
Wm Churgie
John Christon mark X
Wm Christen
Phillipp Cleater
Willm Cowell
Wm Callow
Donold Kynyshe
John Callow
James Kyrmod
Gylbart Christen
Malowny Cowyne
Phinlo Cleagge
John Christen
Donold Christen
Thoms Gowne
Jamys Bankes
Gylbart Cannell
Wm Cannell
Phinlo 5Juall
Patrick Cannell
John Stephen
Charles Moore
Nicholas Moore Junr
William Hutchin his X mke
Thomas Crosse his R mke
Nicholas Moore Pulrose
Wm Corras
John Cormod
Wm Queerke
Stephen Kee
Gylbart Kellye
John Brewe
Thoms Cowley
John Crayne
Phinlo Kyssagge
John Fryar
Wm McAtyer
Wm Kyssagge
Phillipp Sall

Rolls Office, Castle Rushen, the Seventeenth day of September, 1788. The original of the above written Articles of agreement having become much decayed by time~ and many of the characters defaced obsolete, and little understood, This Emplification containing a :true copy of the said Articles is made and committed to record for safe preservation and the good of this Isle. To be of such use and weight as the nature of the case shall be judged to be expedient In Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of the said Office the day and year first above written. JOHN QUAYLE, C.R.



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