[From Atholl Papers - AP X73-8]

[Reply by Duke of Atholl to James West 27 Nov 1754]


I am very much obliged to the Lords of the Treasury for favouring me with a copy of the memorial of the merchants of Whitehaven. As to that part of your ltr acquainting me that their lordps are desirous to renew with me the negotiation for the purchase of the Isle of Man and that if I consent to this overture their Lordps will appoint some persons to treat with me on the part of the Crown. I believe you are no stranger to my having laid my proposals before Mr Pelham about this time 2 years containing the terms on which I was willing to part with the said Island to the Crown, those proposals were drawn up in the most honourable manner and I am still ready and willing to comply with the terms thereby proposed

I am

To James West Esq

Secretary to the Treasury

27th November 1754



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