[From Atholl Papers - AP X73-11]

[Letter from J West to Duke of Atholl respecting Whitehaven Memorial, 22 Nov 1754]

A Memorial of the merchants & owners of ships in the port of Whitehaven complaining of the clandestine trade carried on from the Isle of Man to the several parts of Great Britain and Ireland having been laid before the Lords Commissrs of his Majesty's Treasury their Lordships have commanded me to transmit to your Grace a copy thereof and to acquaint your Grace that as this affair will probably come before Parliament. My Lords are desirous to renew with your Grace the negotiation for the purchase of the Island and that if your Grace consents to this overture my Lords will appoint some persons to treat with your Grace on the part of the Crown. I am

My Lord Duke

Your Graces most obedient humble servant

J West

Treasury Chambers 22d Novr 1754



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