[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-19]

Copy of Governor Cochrane's letter to Mr John Taubman dated Edinburgh 2 July 1762 included in [Report ]No 12 [by Governor Woods 1 Oct 1763]

I am very sorry for my old friend Deemster Taubman, and without flatery to you I am satisfyed you are the most qualifyed to succeed him of any I know in the Isle of Mann, the great business and long experience must certainly qualify you to make a good Deemster. But for my part I can do you no service for when I quit being Governr I determined not to medle in the affairs of the Isle of Mann, and there is a Governr, he & he only is the proper person to advise the Lord in those affairs, and I do assure you that I would not have been pleased, when I was Governr had any body applyed to the Lord but in and through me, and I think it a good rule to doe as you would be done by - so you see my hands are tyed up - my compliments to Deemster Taubman & to Mrs Taubman and I am Sir

copy of Governr Cochran's letter to Mr Jo Taubman dated Edinburgh July 2d 1762

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