[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-19]

[Report ]No 12 [by Governor Woods 1 Oct 1763]

My Lord

I had the honour to write your Grace on the first instant (No 11) the acct of old Deemster Taubman's death, with my recommendation to your Grace for his nephew succeeding him in office, and as it escaped me then, think it now necessary, to acquaint your Grace, that I have appointed him interim Deemster, untill your Grace's pleasure is further known. This I found to be customary; besides the sheading courts were just at hand, and that publick business might not suffer. The inclosed [presumeably ex Gov Cochrane's note ap_x17-22] was handed to me the other day by Mr Taubman, with an apology for his method of application, which I accepted of the more willingly as it coincided so much with my own opinion. That being the case I hope your Grace will pardon the Libery I take in transmitting of it. I have reason to think other applications are attempted, which were they to reach your Grace's ear, must surely betray, what small influence (these people imagine) any recommendation of mine will have with your Grace.

My employing the receivr to write for me, is owing to a fall received a few days ago. Which liberty I hope your Grace will be so good as forgive. And I have the Honr to be with the greatest respect

Your Graces most obedient & most humble servant

John Wood

Castletown 8 Oct 1763

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