[From Atholl Papers - AP X14-1(a)]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 1st January 24th 1758

My Lord

About ten days ago I had the honour of your Grace's letter of the 22 of last month and beg leave to congratulate your Grace upon the good news of Lady Charlotte being deliver'd of a son.

Capt Charles Lace is in the Island and when he returns to Liverpool we send over 1353 British and as the Clergy has not as yett agreed about the division of their money hope we shall have enough before they make their demand upon us.

I have wrote to Birmingham to have the silver pence struck and when ready to send it from thence to your Grace's house London with twenty shillings of the copper pence and I have likewise desired that five shillings of the half pence be sent.

Messrs Moores who have received more favours from me than any on this Island are now begun to make all the disturbance in their power last week there was a meeting of the Keys to send a representation to your Grace against the naturalization and especialy against the Roman Chatholicks but the Keys would not come into their defence They declared they were very sencible of the great benefits the Island received from strangers coming amongst them which is a certain fact and for your Grace's interest Take away the strangers and the Island would be of little value to your Grace I must doe Mr Heywood the justice to say that he behaved very well upon this occasion opposed the Moores and carryed the affair against them All this nonsence of the Moores is raised ? against me because I lately discovered that they have been running goods so have had for some time a watchful eye over them as for George Moore who your Grace has seen in Sccotland I realy believe he is going mad he was in that condition some years ago and I am apprehensive it is fast coming on again and he is prompted to his idle schemes by his Brother Chaplain to Colonel John Forbe's regiment a wicked drunken sad fellow.

The survey of the harbour of Douglas is not yett taken but shall be sent so soon as I can gett it and in the mean time no bridge shall be build till your Grace gives orders.

As for the presentation against the priest by the minister and church wardens of Peeltown inclosed your Grace has the papers that pass about it tho' it is altogether an idle and foolish affair not worth mentioning.

I send your Grace three Acts which yor Grace ordered me should pass into laws and the paper your Grace is to sign and I am desired by the officers Deemsters and Keys to request your Grace that the law relating to pedlars paying twenty shillings per year for building bridges is expired and they beg your Grace will allow them to make into such another law.

Doctor Kippax the Arch deacon's son wrote me that he had waited upon your Grace in London and that his father was willing and ready to resign the Chaplain's place of Castletown in favour of the person who should be appointed Academick Schooll master The Reverend Mr Thomas Castley is now appointed and is now engaged here recommended by the Coledge of Cambridge our Bishop has taken the young man under his protection and begs your Grace will be pleased to make this man Chaplain of Castletown and in case your Grace agrees to the Bishop's desire I have sent the form of the last confirmation your Grace signed to the Arch Deacon.

I hope your Grace will give orders to have the appeals laying in London heard There is an appeal of Parson Crebbin for insulting the Receiver general and Deemster Taubman for which I fined him twelve pounds The papers relating to that affair were sent to Mr Hammersley and I hope your Grace will give orders for the appeal to be supported for the honour of the Court I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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