[From Atholl Papers - AP 10-14]

[Report by Gov Cochrane No 7, 21 April 1760]

Castletown April 21st 1760

My Lord

My last was no 6th April 9th in which I told your Grace that I was going to sett out for Douglass to see to gett Mr Arthure to carry over a thousand pounds British when I gott there Mr Arthure was gon the night before but mett with one Capt Parr who was well recommended and by him sent the money which I hope is come safe to hand Capt Lace was with me last week greatly recovered and tells me he resolves to continue to trade betwixt Liverpool and this which give me great joy as he is an honest man

1 large shipe from Gottenburg arryved here last week which was thought to be lost haveing been four or five months upon the passage and another shipe is expected from the same place which has been as long upon the road

Some affairs calls upon me to goe to Scotland and if your Grace has no objection to it I propose to sett out from hence about the tenthe or twelth of May and after I have waited upon your Grace will immediately return to this place so should be glade to have your Grace's commands as soon as possible

Receive an abstract I shall bring over the auditt with me I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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