[From Atholl Papers - AP X8-19]

[Letters from Duke of Atholl to Mr Baron Maule + Lord Mansfield, 2 April 1759]


Dunkeld 2d April 1759

Mr Baron Maule

It gives me pleasure to hear that you was so well recovered as to set out for London on the 17th and hope this will find you well and safe arrived.

I was very glad to understand that you had so long a conversation with our Mr Tuddor upon the subject of the Isle of Man and that he talked in so reasonable a manner ; By last post I had a letter from Messrs West and Martin by order of the Lords of the Treasury a copy of which I send you inclosed, also a copy letter I have wrote to Lord Mansfield upon the subject, I thought it highly proper to write his lordsp upon this matter as he has allways been very friendly where my interest was concerned, and allways consulted with upon that affair as well as all other affairs.

I beg you will write with my most respectfull compliments apprized the Duke of Argyll of all these proceedings, and hope as he allways has interrested himself in the most friendly maner where ever I was concerned he will in this affair which is of the greatest consequence give his opinion and lend his helping hand

As I cannot have a return from Lord Mansfield and you for some time may it not be proper that you see Mr West and acquaint him that I have received his letter I shall write him soon, in the mean time say what you further think proper upon the subject ; for I do not propose makeing any answer to their letter till I hear from you;

If it would not be giveing you too much trouble I wish you would be so good as to see Lord Mansfield as soon after you receive this as you can.

Messrs West and Martin's letter says the Lords Commrs of the Treasury have empowered them to receive my proposals for the sale of the Isle and to treat with me for the same, does not this point out the method that I am to follow viz: that I should name two persons to meet and treat with them (In which case what if Mr Forrester were to be one) but in this I only throw out my own suggestions, for I desire to do nothing in the affair without the advice and concurrance of the Duke of Argyll my Lord Mansfield in you ; James &c &c &c


Lord Mansfield

Dunkeld 2 April 1759

From the long experience of your great friendship for me and my famely makes me use the freadom to give the trouble of the inclosed copy of a letter from Messrs West and Martin by order of the Lord of the Treasury to which I shall delay giving any return, till such times as I may have the happyness of your advice & assistance in giving the proper answers ; please remember that at Mr Pelhams desire I gave him in proposals upon that subject, and about two years after (at the desire of the Duke of Newcastle) I gave him copys of the same ; If the sale of the Isle is now to be carried into execution, your assistance in the negotiation and directions how it is to be carryed on upon my part will be of the greatest use and advantage, and adding to the many instances I have so often experanced of your kind concerns for me ; The Duke of Argyll will be apprized of this affair by Mr Baron Maule who I suppose will be at London by this time I am &c

Presume Baron Maule is William Maule 1700-1782 Created Baron and Viscount Maule and Earl of Panmure 6 April 1743; MP for Forfar 1735-1782 - Peerage became extinct on his death (previous holder James Maule was attainted and peerage forfeited in 1716)


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