[From Atholl Papers - AP X8-18]

[Request from Lords of Treasury to treat for Island, 23 March 1759]

My Lord

We are directed by the Lords Commrs of his Majts Treasury to acquaint your Grace that they having received many and frequent complaints of great frauds in the Revenue occasioned by the illicit trade carried on to and from the Isle of Man and it being the opinion of the Boards of Revenue of Ireland and Customs in England that no effectual remedy can be provided while it remains in the hands of a subject. Their Lordships are of opinion that it will be of service to the Crown and the publick that the same be purchased by his Majesty : And to that end their Lordships have empowered their secretaries to receive your Grace's proposals for the sale of the said Island ; And to treat with you for the same if it is agreable to your Grace

We are my Lord with the greatest respect

Your Graces most obedient and most humble servants

J West
Saml Martin

Treasury Chambers

23d March 1759



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