[From Atholl Papers - AP 42B-16]

[Letter from Duke of Atholl to Lord Mansfield, 20 September 1764]

My Lord

I some days ago received an answer to my letter, from Mr Grenville and last night another from ye Lords of the Treasury, and have taken the liberty to inclose copies of both for your perusal, at the same time beg the favour of your advice how it will be proper for me to act. The late order of Council appointing cutters not only to be stationed on the coast but in ye harbours of the Isle of Man (which I believe never was done before) and the precipitation with which the Lords of the Treasury seem to wish to hurry on a sale, makes me on my part desirous, as far as I decently can, to delay entering into an immediate treaty, which is the reason why I thought it better to answer their letter, than to set out directly for London: I should imagine that it would be very imprudent and improper for me to comply with the desire of the Treasury by sending them a full and ample account of the customs and revenues of the Isle of Man to be by them laid before the House of Commons ; as whatever papers were given by the late Duke to the first Lord of the Treasury were given in confidence, and the contents of them for his own private information only, and not for public view.

Your Lordship will be best judge how far the delay I mention for a few months will be thought reasonable, or how far it may be made a handle for the making of some new Act of Parliament distressfull to the Isle of Man, with a threat of which their letter concludes.

If your Lordship thinks my letter a proper one please order it to be seald and left at the Treasury ; if not I shall be very much obliged to you, to return it me with any amendments or alterations ; or if you think that I need not answer the letter at all, but had better set out imediately for London, please let me know ; my present inclination is to be in London five or six weeks hence if you dont think my being there sooner of any consequence.

The Dutchess desires to join me in respectfull compliments to your Lordship and Lady Mansfield, and I ever am with great regard & gratitude

My Lord Your Lordship's most obedient & most humble servant



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