[Chapter 2 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]



During its comparatively short history, Manx Nonconformity has produced a number of good and able men. Owing to the great difficulty of obtaining information, we are only able to refer to a few of them.

 Local Preachers

We regret that we have been able to find out so little about the early Manx Wesleyan local preachers, of whom Wesley said:" I never saw in England so many stout, well-looking preachers together. If their spirit be answerable to their look, I know not what can stand before them."* " How strange! ' as the late Thomas Kelly remarks, " notwithstanding we have had Manx Methodists second to none in philanthropy and piety that so little has been written of them "[ Of Clypston, from his lecture on Illiam-y-Close]
[* Rosser. 'Wesleyan methodism in the Isle of Man' p99.]

The Quakers


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