[taken from Chapter 2 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

WILLIAM THOMAS RADCLIFFE- (b. 1816, d. 1897),

born in Douglas, became a Sunday-school teacher, a visitor of the sick, and a local preacher, at the age of 16. When 22, he was called to the ministry. He was a well-read man, being thoroughly conversant with the Hebrew Bible and Greek Testament, and steeped in the theology of his own and other churches. The whole of his ministerial life was spent in circuit work, and he discharged the duties of a superintendent of a circuit, and of chairman of a, district, in a way which won the admiration and gratitude of all who came in contact with him. In 1870, he, was elected by nomination into the " Legal Hundred." A born administrator, intelligent, cautious, reticent, judicious, courteous, yet withal strong, resolute, stern, he gave, and expected others to give, all diligence and reverence to the work of God. He was a model pastor, and a most earnest preacher of the Gospel. His sermons and speeches were worked out with consummate care, and were delivered with a stately eloquence and a gracious unction from which all artificiality was banished, and which made him one of the foremost Methodist preachers and platform speakers of his own day. Genial, full of quiet, but deep humour, the storehouse of his strong memory filled with readings and reminiscences of early and later Methodist preachers and circuit work, his conversation had all the charm which can only be given by culture. He was a man of a noble and commanding presence, and with a cultured and gentle manner of speech. He was devoted to his native island, about which, some years before his death, he wrote a charming little book, entitled "Ellan Vannin", containing sketches of its history, people, language, and scenery. (From the "Methodist Magazine.")

* He was a connexion of Charles Bland and John Netten Radcliff (see Ch. IV).

The following biographical note is from information given by Sue Pedersen:

It has been recorded that Rev.W.T. Radcliffe's grandfather was Thomas Radcliffe who married (1) Margaret Skinner 2 May 1772 in the presence of Wm Radcliffe Parish clerk, and John Radcliffe, Sumner, and, as a widower (2) Margaret Radcliffe als Brew, a widow, on 1 Feb.1787, in the presence of Wm Radcliffe Parish clerk and Thomas Brew. He had one son Thomas bapt 14 Feb.1773 from the 1st marriage, and 1 son John bapt 30 Sept.1789 from the second marriage, the father of Rev.W.T.Radcliffe.

Thomas's 2nd wife Margaret Brew was the daughter of Thomas Brew of Cronk-beg, Andreas. Her first marriage in 1777 was to John Radcliffe b.1735, the 2nd son of Philip Radcliffe & Margaret Brew of Ballakelly, Andreas. John & Margaret had one daughter Esther b.1778. John died 26 May 1785 [will]. He may have had previous marriage(s) but Esther was the only child mentioned. Also mentioned were his wife, his brother Thomas as guardian to Esther, and his nephew Thomas Radcliffe.

MI, Andreas Old Yard: Here lieth the body of John Ratliff. Also Margaret his wife alias Brew who departed this life January 18th, 1826, aged 78 years.

Her second husband Thomas Radcliffe died in 1807, aged 71:

MI, Andreas Old Yard: Sacred to the memory of Catherine Radcliffe alias Stephens wife of Thomas Radcliffe who departed this life the 1st of January 1821, aged 46 years. Also Margaret Radcliffe alias Skinner, his mother, who departed this life the 5th of Feby 1774, aged 29 years.

MI, Andreas Old Yard: Erected by Thomas Radcliffe in memory of his father Thomas Radcliffe, joiner, who departed this life September 17th, 1807, aged 71 years

His Andreas burial was on Sept.18th 1807, and his will which gave the same date of death mentions wife Margaret, Thomas his eldest son, and John his younger son. So these three records all coincide, and I think it is very likely that this Thomas [Rev.W.T.R.'s grandfather] was bapt.Andreas 2 Feb.1736/37, the son of Philip Radcliffe [bur.1762] and Joney Teare [bur.1778], who had only two sons, Thomas, and John bapt. Andreas 28 Jan.1732/33.

The father of Philip d.1762 was John Radcliff d.29 April 1701 [decree]. His other two children were Thomas (later "y Vayr"), and daughter Jony who married Philip Kynry in 1722. Their mother Margaret Radcliffe als Cannell died in 1723 as Margaret Kneal, having married John Kneal after John Radcliff's death. Her will named her unmarried son Philip Radcliffe, her son Thomas Radcliffe and his son John Radcliffe, and her daughter Jony who was married to Philip Kynry. When son Thomas (y Vayr) died in 1732 his next of kin and supervisors of his underage children were Philip Ratcliff and Philip Kinry, husband of Jony.

Some researchers have written that Thomas was the son of James Ratcliffe & Mary Christian, but their son Thomas died unmarried in Liverpool in 1780 [Arch will no.60]. Others write that Thomas was born in 1745, from the family of Thomas Radcliffe y Vayr, but the gravestone inscriptions and the wills prove otherwise. He was a close relative - the son of Thomas y Vayr's brother Philip Radcliffe and his wife Joney Teare.




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