The Church

We begin our account of "Manx Worthies" with five bishops, the first four of whom were bishops of Sodor and Man.


We next come to a number of excellent men, born between the years 1679-1735, all of whom came under the direct influence and teaching of the great and good Bishop Wilson.


Bishop Wilson's pupils were followed by men who, in sadly decadent times, strove to emulate his example, and that of the scholarly and gentle Bishop Hildesley, in their devotion to duty, though their Church views were far removed from those of either of these bishops, they being decided " Evangelicals."


With CANON STOWELL, who comes next in order of date, there seems to be the beginning of a new school. Quite as capable though less scholarly, its members were, as a rule, more militant and enterprizing than most of their predecessors.


No account of Manx clergymen would be complete without mentioning the families of ALLEN, COSNAHAN, and PARR



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