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BALLAUGH PARISH is situate on the north-west coast of the island. It is bounded on the north by Jurby, and the south by Michael, on the east by Lezayre, and on the west by the sea. In length, from north to south, it is about five miles, and from east to west, about three miles. The village is pleasantly situated on the main road between Ramsey and Peel, seven miles W. by S. from the former and nine miles N.E. from the latter. The northern part of the parish is level and fertile: the southern district is mountainous and barren. The principal hills are Slieau Chairn and Slieau Dhoo: the former, partly situated in Lezayre, is 1,633 feet, and the latter 1139 feet higher than the level of the sea. In the northern part of the parish-in the Curragh-are several pits of shell marl, in which at various times have been discovered many fossil remains of elks, &c. The most perfect known specimen of this animal is now in the Hunterian Museum. It was discovered about 18 feet below the surface in 1819,by Mr.Thos.Kewish,who expended a considerable sum in having the various parts put together. It was subsequently claimed by the Duke of Atholl as Lord of the manor, and was by him presented to the Museum, in which it may now be seen. It measures six feet in height and nine feet in length, its height to the tip of the right antler is nine feet seven and a half inches. A noble head and horns also found in this neighbourhood is placed in the British Museum. There is also in the possession of a gentleman at Douglas, a very perfect specimen, the length of the head is I foot 9 inches, each horn 5 feet 2 inches, the palms are I foot 2 inches wide, and the tips of the horns 7 feet 3 inches asunder. Trunks of trees have also been found in a good state of preservation, and on some occasions stone axes and other relics of the ancient inhabitants. In Feb., 1824, (says Mr Oswald,) there was discovered, about 6 feet below the surface of the ground, at the village of Balloch, part of a broad sword, the guard hilt of which and the breadth of the blade had a striking resemblance to those delineated by Meyrick as ancient British weapons. Tbo principal owners in the parish are-Messrs. Daniel Boyde, Wm. Brew, Wm. Callister, Jno. Cannell,Thos. Clark, Danl., Jno., Robt., Thos. W. and Wm. Corlett; Jno. Cowin, Danl., Jno., and Jno. Thos. Craine; Wm. Daugherty, Edw. M. Gawne, Thos. Green, Danl., Robt., and Thos. Keig; Jno. and Thos. Killip, Jno. Kinrade, A. McLean Skinner, Phil. and Thos. Mylecraine, Thos. Mylrea, George Quine, Robt. Richardson, Wm. Shimmin, Jno. Ccesar Stephen, Jas. Thos. Taubman; Edmd. Taylor, Jno.,Rd., and Thos. Tear; Capt. Craine, Rev. R. Kewley, and Mrs. Margt. Craine.

The name of the parish is derived from Bal, a village, and lough, a lake, (the Village of the Lake.) In ancient time a large lake was comprised in the parish; it communicated with the sea at Ballamona Moar. The land has since been drained, and now forms some of the most fertile in the island. In 1861, the parish contained 277 houses and 1228 inhabitants. Of the houses, 266 were inhabited, 9 unoccupied, and Building. Of the population, 592 were males and 636 females. In 1851, the number of houses were 308 and the population 1392, thus strewing a decrease in the ten years of 31 houses and 164 inhabitants. The church (St. Mary) is a handsome structure, with a lofty embattled tower of three stages, strengthened with buttresses and crowned with pinnacles. It is in the early English style, and was consecrated by Bishop Ward on the 27th Sept., 1832. The interior is neatly fitted up and contains sittings for 600 hearers. The church was built by funds collected in England by Bishop Ward and the Rev. Hugh Stowell, a former rector of Ballaugh, and also by a certain rate levied on the different quarterlands in the parish. The living, a rectory value £345, is in the patronage of the Crown. The Rev. Thos. Howard, the present rector, was instituted into the rectory at Easter, 1836. The old Parish Church is situated near the sea.

According to Feltham, (who wrote the latter end of the last century,) it was covered with slate and measured 79 feet long by 19 feet broad. Part of the building has been taken down; that part attached to the steeple has been repaired, and is now used for the performance of the burial service over the remains of those whose burial ground is in this churchyard. At the west end of the building is a small porch, and from this two flat square edged pillasters run up to the campanile. They are of the same character as those which are seen in the old Saxon churches. Although the work is probably not old, yet the ancient style of building has been preserved. In the old church yard is a beautiful runic cross, bearing the following inscription: THORLAIBR: THORIULB: SUNR: RAISTA: CRUS: THONA: AIFTIR: ULB: SUN: SIN: translated Thorlaf, the son of Thorjolf erected this cross to his son Olave. The parochial register commences in 1598: it is the oldest in the island. The Wesleyans have two chapels, one at Ballaugh, a small plain structure, erected in 1807,and one at the Cronk, built in 1843. The Primitive Methodists have a small chapel near the new church. The Parochial school is an ancient building near the old church. There is a residence for the master attached. About 50 scholars attend, who are taught by Mr. John Preston. Therei s a small school in the village, conducted by Mrs. Margaret Quayle. On the north side of the island, in ancient times, there was a royal park. Cattle Fairs are held at Ballaugh, annually, on the 15th May and the 26th of August


POST OFFICE at William Tear's. Letters arrive at 8.10 a.m., and are despatched at 6.10 p.m. Money Orders issued and paid, and Savings' Bank business transacted from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bishop Mr. James C., Village
Boyde Wm., nail mfr., Glen Dhoo

Chisnell Mrs. Eliz., Crock Cottage
Cannan Mr. Philip, Village
Corlett Wm., Esq, Balla-Mona beg
Cowle Margt., milliner,Village
Cowle Mrs. Jane. Village
Craine Mr. John, Dollagh beg
Craine Mr. Thomas, C.P., Claick

Howard Rev. Thomas, Rectory

Jackson Richd., organ builder and pianoforte tuner, Squeen Lodge

Kneen Philip, Jun., miller, Glen Scroundal
Kneen William, saddler, Village

Martin John, miller, Sqeen Mill
Meller Mrs. Christian, Bridge Hs'
Morrison John Caesar, gent., Colvolley Cottage

Stephen John, coroner, Balla moar

Taggart Margaret, milliner,Village
Tart John, gent., Black Oak Cotg
Taubman Mrs. Jane, Village
Taylor Edmund, Esq., Ravensdale
Tear Mrs. Ann, Chestnut Cottage

White Rev. Henry Grattan, curate, Rectory


Kneen Philip, Sharragh rane
National, Village; Margt. Quayle
Parochial, Village; John Preston


Cowley Thomas, Village
Lace Charles, Village
Teare Thomas, Cronk


Boyde William, Glen
Collister Thomas, Glen
Cowle Thomas, Balla Crosha
Gawne William, Balla Couiley
Kaighan Robert, Village
Quayle John, Village
Tear James and Thomas, Ballacry


Killey Henry, Village
Killip John, Village
Quayle John, Village
Quayle Rqbert, Village


Boyde Daniel, Glen Shoggil
Boyde James, Glen Dhoo
Boyde John, Glen Dhoo
Boyde John, Bishop's Court
Boyde William, Glen Dhoo
Brew William, Balla-curn-Keil
Cannell John, Balla moar
Caine William, Cosnahowne
Caley Thomas, Balla volley
Callister Thomas, Cashelough
Callister Thomas, Pan
Callister William, Ballacry
Clarke Thomas, Ballarolley
Cleator Ann, Ballacragie
Corlett Daniel, Ravensdale
Corlett Daniel, Carrolley
Corlett John, Balla-neddin
Corlett John, Dollagh beg
Corlett Robert, Balla-kinney
Corlett Thomas, Balla Corrag
Corlett Thomas, Ballterson Moar
Corlett Thomas Wm., Balla Moar
Corlett Thos. Wm., Carmodil beg
Corlett William, Glen Shoggil
Corlett William, Ballaterson
Cowin John, Ballacry
Cowle John, Croit
Cowley John, Ballaterson Moar
Cowley William, Cannane
Craine Daniel, Ballakinnag
Craine Daniel, Crawyn
Craine John Thos., Brough Gairgh Moar
Craine Margaret, Sqeen
Craine Thomas, C.P., Glaick
Dougherty Wm., Ballacurn Moar
Gawne John, Ballathoar
Green Thomas, Bullacurn Moar
Kaighen Thomas, Ellan Rennie
Keig Daniel, Ballacurn Keil
Keig Robert' Balla-corrag
Keig Thomas, Ballamona Moar and Balla Keig
Kewin John, Kerrow-ne-Cruin
Killip John, Balla beg
Killip John, Balla Kinnag
Kinrade John, Cronkould
Kneale John, Lough Dhoo
Kneen William, Balla-Caine
Lace Charles, Kerrow-ne-cruin
Mylecraine John, Ellan-the.corrag
Mylecraine Patrick, Carmodil beg
Mylecraine Thomas, Balla Moar
Mylrea Thomas, Ballacooily
Quayle William, Yescoin
Shimmin John, Broughgaig beg
Shimmin Philip, Corvolley
Shimmin William, Glen Dhoo
Stephen John Caesar, Village
Taubman James Thomas, Village
Teare John, Ballaneddin
Teare Robert, Corrag
Teare Thomas, Ballamona Moar
Twigg Frederick, Bishop's Court


Barton Robert, Four Nations
Collister Thos., Glen Tavern
Sanderson Michael, (and nursery and seedsman,) Old North Sun


Corlett William, Bronghjairg
Crowe Charles, Village
Quayle Thomas, Village
Quayle William, Village


Corlett Robert, Village
Harman Sml.,(auctioneer,) Village
Kaighan Robert, Village
Kewley John, (& baker,) Village
Killip John, Village
Tear William, Post Office


Cowley John, Village
Coveley William, Glen
Roberts William,Ballacurn Moar


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