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ARBORY PARISH extends about six miles in length, from north to south, and two miles in breadth, from east to west. On the north it is bounded by Patrick, on the south by the sea, on the east by Malew, and on the west by Rushen. The Parish Church is situated about two miles and a half north west of Castletown. The land is fertile and the farms well-cultivated. The principal land owners are-Messrs. M. Bridson, Wm. Callister, J. & W. Comish, J. Corrin, Thomas Costain, John R. & W. Cubbon, Patrick T. Cuninghame, Michl. Dawson, John Duggan, J. R. Duke, Edward M. Gawne, R. J. Greetham, John W. Harrison, John M. Jeffcott, J. Kelley, J. Kermode, W. Kinley, Thomas Kinvig, John Maddrell, John Moore, (Ballacross,) John Moore, (Cloughvane,) Wm. Qual.;ough, J. Radcliff, Robert Taggart, H. Watterson, George Angus Wood (trustees of), and W. B. Wood, and the Misses Quirk. In 1861, Arbory contained 291 houses and 1408 inhabitants. Of the horses, 271 were occupied, 12 uninhabited, and 1 building. Of the population, 668 were males, and 740 females. In 1851, there were 317 houses and 1 593 inhabitants; thus shewing a decrease in the ten years of 26 houses and 185 inhabitants. According to Challoner, the parish derives its name from the number of trees-arbour like. This, however, can only be a conjecture, as there are no trees to be met with to prove that trees have once overshadowed its extent. In the Lord's Book for 1505, in the Seneschal's Office, the parish is called St. Columbus. The more probable conjecture is, that the name is derived from Saint Kiarbrey, or Cairbri, one of the early convents of Sr. Patrick, and this supposition is strengthened by the fact that in the ancient maps of the island, the name given this parish is Kirk Keribrey, which doubtless has since been corrupted into Kirk Arbory. The Church is a small edifice, about the centre of the parish. The ancient octagonal Romanesque font is placed on the north wall of the churchyard. According to Waldron, there was discovered in this churchyard, about the year 1710, a human head, which was so large that a bushel would scarcely cover it. The living is a vicarage, value £160, in the patronage of the crown, and incumbency of the Her. John Qualtrough. A new Vicarage House has recently been erected. The old Vicarage House was erected by Bishop Wilson. The good prelate remarks-" I supplied the vacant vicarage (Kirk Arbory) one year, and applied the income towards building a new vicarage house, which with this and what I begged, and £2 10s. I gave myself, and the assistance of the parish, we have erected one of the best houses in the diocese." In the Rotul; Scotia, 1291, anno 19 Edw. I. we read-" Alan of Wygeton, has letters of presentation to the vacant benefice of St. Carber in Man, in the gift of the King, on account of the lands of Man being in the King's ltands. And letters are directed to the Bishop of Sodor. Witness, the King at Berwick-on-Twede, 16th day of June." The first entry in the parish register is dated 1610. The Wesleyans have chapels at Ballabeg and Colby Bridge. The Primitive Methodists have one at Colby Bridge. The Parochial School at Ballaclague, is conducted by Mr. Robert Kewley. There are three annual fairs held in the parish-two are held at Ballabeg; one on the 22nd June, and the other on the 28th October, and one at Colby, on the 6th December. At Strandhall on the margin of Poolvash Bay, may be seen between high and low water, the remains of a submerged forest. It was discovered some years ago, and was first observed after a violent gale from the south, which, by removing the sand disclosed the remains of the forest. A short distance west of Strandhall, is a large current of water flowing through a crevice in the limestone from an underground cavity or basin. It is as salt as sea water, and the current is never diminished by the driest season. The place from whence it proceeds is supposed to be filled by the tide at high water, and drawn off again by a natural syphon. Near this spring are the Poolvash Black Marble Quarries, which are at present leased to Mr. Thomas Quilliam, of Castletown. In this parish are some interesting remains of a stone circle. They are situated about one mile from Colby House. In the same vicinity are some tumult. On the neighbouring farm of Keil Patrick are the remains of an ancient Treen oratory, from which the farm takes its name. In former times there stood opposite the entrance of this ancient building, two erect cortical-shaped stores, worn quite smooth by attrition. Another of these ancient chapels may be seen near Balladoole: it is called Neil Vale. An ancient cross formerly stood at Ballachross. From the number of warlike weapons found in this neighbourhood, it is supposed to have been erecterl in commemoration of some great battle fought in the vicinity, the account of which has been lost in the lapse of time. A short distance from the church, stood the old Monastrey of the Gray Fryars of Bimaken. It was founded in 1373, by Bishop Russell, who had been Abbot of Rushen. The site for the building is said to have been given by one of the Godreds. It was dissolved by the Act 27th, Henry VIII., cap. 28' fort he general dissolution of monasteries and other religious houses. The only remains of the ancient building is the chapel, which is now used as a barn. The door and windows are of the third pointed style. Of the old mill of the monks, nothing is to be seen except the sluice.

COLBY is a small rural village, about one mile west from the parish church. At Colby Bridge are chapels for the Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists, both of which were built in the year 1833. A fair is held here yearly, on the 6th of December.

Bequests to the Poor.-In 1752, Mrs. Eliz. Martin (see Castletown,) left ;050; in 1763, Mrs. Margt. Stevenson, (see Castletown,) £10; in 1772, Mr. Matthew Taubman, (see Castletown,) £7; in 1782, Captain John Stevenson, £10 and John Harrison £5. John Craine, in 1793, bequeathed to the poor of Arbory, all the money he had in mortgage in the concerns of Richard Crelling, of Castletown, and also the money in mortgage in the concerns of Thos. Quaggin, of Ballasalla, with the interest due on the said mortgages, to be laid out on interest for the use of the said poor. Theprincipal of the said mortgage passed by R. Crelling was £25, and that by T. Quaggin £40. William Cubbon`, by will, 1806,bequeathed to the poor of Arbory, twenty pounds; the yearly interest of which is to be paid out of the lands he purchased from John Clark, called Thalloo-ny-Charnane; the said yearly interest not to be paid so long as his wife was alive. In 1819, a donation of £20, by Thomas Cubbon, of Arbory, was paid by his father; making in all the sum of :~187. The Rev. Henry Maddrell, Vicar of Lezayre, a native of this parish, states that the Misses Stevenson, of Ashley Park, Surrey, bequeathed to the poor of Arbory, £200 Stock, vested in the South Sea Annuities. These bequests are at present laid out on the following securities, including (as is presumed) the produce of the donation or bequest of Misses Stevenson. Bond and mortgage granted by Thomas Quaggin to the Vicar and Wardens, 3rd May, 18~)3, on the lands called Fair Crossag, in Malew,bearing interest at 1s. add. per pound per annum, for £49 5s. bird.; Bond and mortgage granted by Thomas Cubbon, 22nd November, 1813, on his lands, part of Arronag, bearing interest at six per cent., for £100; Bond and mortgage granted by William Killey, on his houses and lands in Castletown, bearing interest at five percent., £124 as.; Bond and mortgage granted by William Clague, dated 7th January, 1815, on a dwelling house in Church-street, Castletown, interest at five per cent;, £36; Promissory note from John Corrin, (Croft,) and William Cubbon, (Colby,) interest at fire per cent., £17 3s.; making in all, £326 us. God. British.

The annual income for the use of the poor is-
Interest on the mortgage granted by Thomas Quaggin, £2 11s. Ed.; I
nterest on the mortgage granted by Thomas Cubbon, £6;
Interest on the mortgage granted by Wm. Killey, £6 4s. 2d.;
Interest on mortgage granted by Wm. Clague, £1 16s.;
Interest on the promissory note passed by Corran and Cubbon, 17s. 2d.: making a total of £17 8s. 2d.
The schoolmaster receives a small sum from Lady Elizabeth Hastings' donation.

POST OFFICE at Richd. Curphey's, Ballabeg. Letters arrive from Castletown at 8 a.m.,and are despatched at 6 p.m.

POST OFFICE at Henry Moore's, Colby Bridge. Letters arrive at 8 a.m., and are despatched at 5 p.m.

Cain Thomas, gent., Ballakaighan
Cannell Wm.,stone cutr.,Balladoole
Clague Jno., stone cutr., Balladoole
Clague Rd., boat builder, Colby
Cregreen Thos., vict., King Orry's Tavern, Colby
Corrin Thos., Esq., Ballasherlough
Costain Thos., shoemaker, Colby Bridge
Creer John, miller, Colby Mill
Crellin John, cooper, Colby
Curphey John, school, Dronagh

Elliott Wm., nail maker, Colby

Kelly Henry, fisherman, Ardairey
Kewley Robert, master, Parochial School, Ballaclague

Maddrell Jno., stone ctr.,Balladoole
Moore Henry, tailor, Colby Bridge

Ockerby William, gent., Ardairey

Qualtrough, Rev. John, Vicarage
Qualtrough Ths.,shoemr.,Colby Bdg
Quill Wm., nail mkr., Ballacarmie
Quilliam Thomas, lessee Poolvash Black Marble Quarries
Quirk Misses, Parville

Ratcliffe Wm., vict., Ballabeg

Skillicorn James, hatter, Colby

Taggart Mrs.Mary, Ballasherlough

Watterson John Hy., gent., Ballacubbon
Wood Rd. Ambrose,Esq., Balladoole


Corrin John, Ballabeg
Costain Edward, Ballabeg
Costain William, Cloughbane
Cubbon Richard, Ronague


Clague Richard, Ballabeg
Kinley William, Colby


Callister Wm., Ballacarran
Clague Henry, Ballanorris
Clague Richard, Ling-yeig
Clague Thomas, Ballacomish
Clague William, Ballaclague
Coole John, Ballagawne
Coole Thomas, Aristine
Comish Henry, Ling-yeig
Corrin John, Ballagarmic
Corrin Thomas, Crot
Corrin Wm. Ballavare
Costain John, Crock e dooiney
Costain Thomas, Ballacrink
Cowle John, Ballagawne
Crebbin Henry, Ballablack
Crellin Edward, Friary
Crennell -, Ballacogeen
Cubbon John, Ballayelse
Cubbon John, Ballarollan
Dawson Michael, Bellabbey
Duggan John, Ballacubbon
Fisher Joseph, Balladoole
Gale Wm.,Intake
Harrison John, Ballamoar
Harrison Thomas, Ballacallow
Kegg John, Aristine
Kennaugh Robert, Balladuke
Kennaugh Thomas, Ballakaighan
Kelly Thomas, Ballagarmin
Kermode Henry, Ballacubbon
Kindley Wm., Ballahowne
Kinlough Thomas, Intake
Kinvig Edw. & Geo., Ballakindra
Kinvig Thomas, Ballagreineg
Kinvig Wm., Lingyeig
Lawson Edward, Ballavarkish
Lowne Thomas, Ballarook
Maddrell John, Ballamaddrell
Moore John Rallacross
Moore John, CloughVane
Qualtrough Wm., Ballagill
Quiggin Thomas, Ballavarkish
Radcliff James, Aristine
Taylor John, Lingyeig
Taggart Paul, Balladoole
Taggart Wm., Red Gap


Costain Edward, Colby
Costain James, Ballabeg
Qualtrough Richard, Colby
Shimmin Thomas, Colby


Christian Elizabeth, Colby Bridge
Clague Ellen, Ballabeg
Clague Elizabeth, Ballabeg
Elliot Thomas, Colby
Kegg John, Colby
Qualtrough Richard, Colby


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