[From Thwaites' Directory, 1863]


KIRK BRIDE parish occupies the most northerly portion of the island. The church is situate about 4½ miles north from Ramsey. The parish measures from north to south about 3½ miles, and from east to west about 2 miles. It comprises 4291a. 2r. 28p. of land. The soil is good, the surface level, with a few gentle elevations. According to the census of 1861, Bride contained 190 houses and 918 inhabitants. Of the houses only 6 were unoccupied; of the population 466 were males and 452 females. In 1851 the parish contained 208 houses and 1053 inhabitants, so that during the past ten years there has been a decrease of 18 houses and 125 inhabitants. The principal land proprietors are Messrs. F. Birnie, J. Caine, W. Callister, W. Camaisb, C. Cary, John Castyle, W. Clark, C. Christian, J. Christian, W. Christian, (Ballabeg,) W. Christian, (Ballakey,) Wm. Clucas C. Christian, Wm. Clark, Jno. Corkill, T. Corlett, J. C. Cowell, J. Cowle, Jno. Drinkwater, John Garratt, D. Goldsmith, Daniel and Mark Joughin, Chas. and T Kelly, Thomas Kaighan, James Kneale, C. Kayll, T. Martine, W. Quarrie, W. Quilliam, Charles Radcliff, W. Sayle, Daniel and William Tear, Mrs. Bourne and Mrs. Shawl The church is a small ancient structure, of red sandstone. It is dedicated to St. Bridget; and is situated in a wooded hollow, looking towards the Point of Ayre. Over the chancel door is a block of new red sandstone, on which is carved a representation of our first parents in Paradise, with the tree of the forbidden fruit. On each side of the chancel are two windows The first on the north side, is a clear lychnoscope, with an internal arch, a square trefoil. The east window is square headed, and con thins two unfoliated lights; the internal arch is circular, and being deeply displayed, leaves an awkward space between itself and the head of the window. The windows in the nave are of a more modern date. At the west end of the church is a neat octagonal font, on a reversed base. The church has accommodation for 250 hearers. All the seats are open. The living is a rectory in the gift of the crown, and incumbency of the Rev. Daniel Nelson. Attached to the living are 2a. 3r. of glebe. On the opposite side of the road, and facing the church gates, is an ancient tombstone, (inserted in the wall,) having a cross of singular construction. Feltham, who visited the island during the latter end of the last century, describes the church of Bride as seemingly very old, plain in its construction, having only a few small windows on one side. Its dimensions are fifty-four feet by sixteen.

In this parish resided the late Miss Nelson, the gifted poetess, and authoress of Island Mistrelsy. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each chapels in this parish. The Parochial School is a small neat building. The school is conducted by Mr. Richard Pass. A yearly cattle fair is held at Bride on the 13th of February. From Point Cranstal, in this parish, is laid the telegraphic cable to St. Bees, Cumberland. Near Cranstal, the geologist may find some very rare fossils of the Pleistocene series; amongst which, may be named the Fuses Forbesi, (so called by the late professor Forbes,) and also the Nassa Monensis. A small headland, designated Shellack Poynt, which is marked in an ancient map of the island near this place, seems to have been swept away by the sea. On an eminence at Shellack, is Cronk-y-Vowlan, a curious Danish tumulus, (in a good state of preservation,) surrounded with stones.

The Point of Ayre, the most northern part of the parish and of the island, Consists of an extensive waste, chiefly sandhills, tenanted by rabbits. It is about seven miles from Ramsey, and is the nearest part of the island to any of the surrounding coasts. It is said that Reginald, the successor of Guthred, attempted to build a bridge across the channel from this point to Burrowhead, in Scotland, a distance of 16 miles. The point stretches a considerable distance in the sea, and was formerly very dangerous to mariners, on account of the currents which form a vortex at this place of meeting. The evil has, however, been in a great measure remedied by the erection of a beautiful lighthouse. It is situated about a quarter of a mile south-west of the point, and is 106 feet above the level of the sea. The light is revolving, shewing alternately a bright and red colour, becoming from a star-like appearance gradually stronger, until the attainment of the utmost brilliancy every two minutes. The light of the common colour is to be seen four or five leagues off, but the red one is not distinct at so great a distance. The view from the summit of this lighthouse is very fine: the Scottish coast and Cumberland mountains in clear weather appear close at hand, while the island itself presents a scene which for richness and beauty can not be excelled. In ancient times, on the north side of the island, ...


POST OFFICE Richard Pass's, schoolmaster. Letters arrive from Ramsey at 8.40 a.m., and are despatched at 11 a.m.

Boyd Wm., blacksmith, Ballamile

Christian John, wheel wgt. & joiner
Corkill Philip, tailor
Cowell Mr. John, Lamb hill

Ferguson Jno.,blksmth.,Kionlough

Kayll Cochrane, gentleman, Ponlusghy Cottage
Kermode Mr. Thomas, Sea View
Kneale Jno. K.,blksmth., Ballamile

Lace Mr. Thos., Sen., Kerroo Dhoo
Lamothe Frederick John D., Esq., C. P., Ellan Vannin

Moniey Jno., gent., Antigua Cottg
Monk Mr. George, Ballachrink

Nelson Rev. Daniel, Rectory

Pass Richard, schoolmaster

Watterton William, shoemaker


Bruce Robert, Ballacowle
Caine William, Ballachrink
Caley Philip, Kronlough
Christian Charles, Ballafail
Christian Daniel
Christian John, Ballacallow
Christian Thomas, Thurot Cottage
Christian William, Ballakey
Christian William, Ballacree
Christian William, Ballabeg
Christian William
Clucas C., Ballayonnage
Corkill John, Ballacree
Crowe Evan, Ballamocar
Crow John, Ballakamain
Garrett John, Glascoe
Garrett John, Ballacree
Garratt John, Ballagenney
Goldsmith Thomas, Ballamin
Joughin Daniel, Ballaquark
Joughin Mark, Cronk Bane
Joughin Wm., Port Cranstall
Kaighan Thomas, Ballagarratt
Kelly Charles, Ballakilmain
Kelly Thomas, Shellag
Kewin Charles, Ballakeish
Kewin Thomas, Ballakilley
Kneale James, Kemmerah
Kneale Thomas, Ballaganny
Lace Thomas, Kerroo Dhoo
Lace Thomas, jun., Grenaby
Quarrie Clark, Crosby & Ballaskelly
Quarrie John, Ballavare
Quayle Thomas, Kimeragh
Radcliff Charles, Ballagarratt
Taggart John, Ballalergey
Taggart Wm., Ballacowle
Tear Daniel, Ballaskelly
Tear -, Ballacondyer
Tear Wm., Ballacowle
Tear Wm., Nassau
Tear Wm., Ballacregga
Vondy Wm., (and overseer,) Ballacottier


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