[From Thwaites' Directory, 1863]



POST OFFICE at Frederick Radcliff's. Letters arrive from Ramsey, at eight a.m.. and are despatched at 5.30 p.m.

Bishop Rev. Geo., B.A., chaplain, St. Jude's, Parsonage

Christian Wm.Watson, Esq.,C.P., Ballachurry
Corlett Mrs., Trafalgar Cottage
Cormode Mr. John, Ballaquane
Cowle Chas. Hamilton Edw., gent., Ballaghawe
Crennel Mr. John, Ballalough

Frowde John, gent., Rose Cottage

Goldsmith Thomas, Plough Inn

Kee Mrs. Ann, Lebanon Cottage
Kelly Philip, saddler,Lawn Cottage
Kissack Rev. E. H., B.A., curate
Kneale John, Esq., Ballaheaney
Kneale John, gentleman, Reggaby

Lace Mr. John, West Craig
Leatham Capt. Jas. B., Braust

Martin John T., Esq., Smeale
Moore Ven. Jph. C., M.A., Archdeacon, Rectory

Ormerod Mrs., Ballawhane

Radcliff John, mason, Ballachur
Radcliffe Wm., millwrgt., Green
Sayle John, gentleman, Ballaba~
Shimmin Mrs. Jane
Stricket Mrs. Julia, Sydney Cottage

Tear Philip, gentleman, Ballasey


Cannell Philip, Village
Kneale William, Kerroo garroo
Kneen Edward, Craig
Kneen John, Close Kee
Lace William, Ballamacsheally
Mylrea William, Village
Tear Charles, Regaby gate
Tear John, Lagagh voor


Cleator William, Ballakeyl
Curlett John, Kerroo garroo
Kelly John, Village
Radcliff Benjamin, Village
Radcliff William Lace, Village


Allen Thomas, Ballavarry
Brew John, Ballacolum
Brown John, Braust
Callow Thomas, Ballathone
Christian Daniel, Ballayockey
Christian John M., Kerroo garroo
Christian Silas, Ballamegagh
Christian William, (and brickmaker,) Ballacoary
Clark Thomas, BallasaTre
Cleator James, Ballachurry
Cleator William, Ballalane
Corkill John
Corlett John, Mullenlowne
Corlett Philip, Ballacannel
Corlett Philip, Ballachurry
Corlett Robert, Craig
Corlett Thomas, Keiltustag
Cormode John, Ballaclucas
Cormode John, Cronk-a-nea
Cormode William, Ballabirragh
Cormode William, Village
Cottier Thomas, Kerroo garroo
Cowley Elizabeth,
Cowley Thomas,
Cowley Ths., (& miller,) Lhen mill
Cowley William, Kerroo garroo
Crennell Thomas, Ballacross
Crennell William, Braust
Ellison Philip, Kerroo garroo
Garratt William, Ballagreeney
Fell William, Ballacamish
Howland Robert, Knock-a dooneg
Joughin John, Ballacrebbin
Joughin William, Village
Kelly Elizabeth, Ballcharms
Kelly John, Village
Kelly Robert, Ballakelly
Killip Robert, Ballachurry
Kinrade William, Ballawanton
Kneale James, Balleagh
Kneale John, Guilcaugh
Kneale John, Ballaquayne
Kneale William, Regaby-beg
Kneen John, Ballalayre
Kneen Robert, Leigh Kerrow
Kneen Thos., Ballasteen & Less' Ballavodden
Kowin Margt. Ann, Close Kowin
Lace Thomas, Grenaby
Lace Wm. Jas., Ballaclucas
Martin James, Knock-a-dooney
Morrison John
McSayle Thomas, Ballakeyl
Quarrie Jas. M., BallaYoddan
Quarrie Thomas, Ballaquane
Quayle George, Cronk-beg
Quayle John, Knockano
Quayle John, Regaby-beg
Radcliff Charles, Farance Fort
Radcliff James, Ohio Cottage
Radcliff John, Belfast
RadcliffJohn, Ballachurry
Radcliff Robert, Ballabeg
Radcliff Thomas, Ballacleator
Radcliff Thomas, Ballaradcliff
Sayle Christopher, Close Kowin
Sayle John, Ballabane
Sayle John, Keiltustag
Skinner Daniel,Ballcharms
Tear Charles, Regaby Gate
Tear Daniel, Ballacnnner
Tear Daniel, Braust
Tear John, Ballabane
Tear John, Close-ny callee
Tear John, Ballakinnag
Tear John, Oakland
Tear Philip, Braust
Tear William, Ballacollom
Tear William, Ballakinnag
Wade William, Cronk-y-cree


Cormode Thomas, Cronkanea
Harrison Thomas, Ballachurry
Kneed Thomas, Ballaconnor
Radcliff William, Green hill
Sayle Rt,(and builder,) Hawburne
Tear Thomas, Village


Hampton Thomas, Lhen Moor
Hemingway George, Parochial
Sprainger Ann, St. Jude's
Tear Caesar, Kerroo Garroo


Cleator Thomas, Lhen Moor
Joughin Wm., (draper,) Village
Radcliff Fredk., (& draper) Village
Radcliffe William Lace, Village
Quarrie Wm., (and wine & spirit merchant, and general dealer,) Grosvenor House


Garratt William
Killip James, Ballakiel
Radcliff Fredk., (& parish clerk,) Post Office
Radcliff William, Ohio Cottage


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