[from Porter's Directory 1889]



Cannell Miss, 6 Glenfaba rd
Cannell James, 6 Peveril ter
Cannell Walter James, Bank house, Athol street
Christian Catherine, 33 Christian st
Christian Edward T., bank manager, Derby terrace
Clague Thomas, Factory lane
Clarke Margaret Ann, 8 Peveril ter
Cole John M. C., Athol st
Corris John, manager Manx Bank, Limited, Michael st
Corris John C., 64 Douglas rd
Corris John C., Bank house, Michael st
Corrin Robert, 15 Shore rd
Cowley Ann, 4 Athol st
Cubbon Robert, Fairy cottage, Douglas rd
Cubbon Wm., 14 Patrick st
Davidson Rev. Hugh Coleman, Vicar of Patrick, The Vicarage
Edwards Rev. Job, Curate of St. German, German house
Fisher Alice, 27 Christian st
Graves Henry, J.P., Woodville, Tynwald rd
Henry Maddrell, 50 Patrick st
Hodgson James, Athol st
Holt John, accountant, Ba]laquane
Jarvis-Makepeace Rev. Alfred E., Curate of Patrick, 56 Glenfaba rd
Joughin Win., Ballaquane
Joynson Miss, Douglas st
Keating Rev. W.,Wesleyan minister, Peveril road
Keig Mary Ann, 7 Peveril terrace
Keig Mrs. Paul, 10 Athol st
Kelly Hannah, 20 Patrick st
Kelly Isabella, 16 Castle st
Kelly John, advocate, Derby rd
Kelly John, Derby rd
Kermode Eliza, 17 Athol st
Kermode Joseph, Derby rd
Kermode Thomas C., Michael st
Lamothe Albert Edward, Crown st
Lawton Alfred N., Ballaquane
McCormack Mrs., Kinburn Villa, Tynwald street
Maynard Rev. R. S. Wesleyan minister, Athol st
Milburn Jane, 32 Patrick st
Morrison Charles, Orry lane
Morrison Louisa, Athol st
Moore John, Shergydhoo
Moore Thomas, 2 Peveril terrace
Mylchreest Joseph, Heathfield house
Stewart Martha, 3 Peveril rd
Teare Ellen, 28 Stanley rd
Teare John, Bay view
Watson Thomas, 6 Patrick st
Watterson John, Derby rd
Watts Elphin Leopold, Athol st
White Catherine, 6 Tynwald st
Whiteway Rev. Robert Wim., Primitive Methodist, Derby rd
Williams Rev. James George, Vicar of St German, The Vicarage


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