[from Porter's Directory 1889]



Anderson Daniel, builder and lodging house keeper, Marine parade
ANDERSON EDWARD, builder & contractor, 29 Christian st
Arnold Wm., mason, 3 Station rd

BAILEY ALFRED, butcher and farmer, 11 Castle st
Bailey Henry, fisherman, 3 St. Peter’s lane
Bailey John, fisherman, 13 Duke st
Baird Thomas, fireman, 38 Patrick st
Bannin Robert, labourer, 3 Marine parade
Barry John, shipwright, 8 Stanley rd
BAWDEN ELLEN, glass, china and fancy goods dealer, jewellery, toys, &c., 1 Christian st
BERRY JAMES, grocer, baker and provision dealer, Stanley rd and Peveril rd
BISSETT ELIZABETH, fruiterer and greengrocer, Lake Lane
Blair John, bootmaker and leather merchant, 10 Michael st
Boyd Geo., fisherman, 22 St. German’s place
Boyd Mrs. John, 19 Bridge st
Boyd Mrs., 21 Bridge st
Boyde Wm., glass & china dealer, Stanley rd
BOYNE EDMUND GEORGE, Creg Malin, Family and Commercial hotel, The Marine parade
Brew and Quayle, fishermen, 22 Patrick st :
Bridson Mary Ann, net repairer, 36 Michael street
BROWN ARTHUR, general draper, clothier and milliner, 4 and 6 Market St
Brown Edward, greengrocer, Christian st
Buchanan Robert, baker and confectioner, . 16 Michael st
Burden John, fisherman, Church lane
Burden Margaret, 18 Bridge st
BURDEN MARGARET, glass and china dealer, refreshment rooms, and lodging house, 1 Patrick st
BUTTERWORTH HENRY, painter and decorator, 20 Market st and at Prospect hill, Douglas

CAIN ARTHUR, family grocer and provision dealer, 4 Castle st
CAIN CÆSAR JOHN, licensed victualler, Castle St
Cain Charles, fisherman, 80 Market st
Cain Henry, grocer, Factory lane
Cain James, fisherman, 22 Stanley rd
Cain John, butcher, 4 Marine parade
Cain John, fisherman, 8 Strand st
Cain John, inspector of police, 30 St. German’s place
Cain John, mariner, 17 Mona st
Cain Mrs., 8 Lake lane
Cain Ratciff, mariner, Factory st
Cain Robert Charles, draper, 38 Michael st
Cain Thomas, fisherman, 20 Glenfaba rd
Cain Thomas, labourer, 15 Bridge st
Cain Wm., labourer, 12 Orry lane
Cain Wm., master mariner, St. German’s place
Cain Wm., schoolmaster, 7 Church st
Caine Walter, seed merchant, 4 Tynwald rd
CALEY JAMES, lic. vict., railway refreshment rooms, Railway station
Caley Thomas, mariner, 25 Market st
CALLAN Mrs. JOHN,private apts, Victoria house, Stanley terrace
Callan John, police constable, Victoria house, Stanley terrace
Callin Esther Derby rd
Callin John, grocer, baker and provision dealer, 9 Stanley rd
Callin William, stoker, 44 Patrick st
CALLISTER ANN, family grocer and provision dealer, The refreshment rooms, 6 Shore road
Callister Christian, High-class school, Derby rd
Callister Margaret, 7 Strand st
Callister Richard, mason, 29 Shore rd
Callister Wm., general draper, 9 Patrick st
Callow John, fisherman, 1 Mona st
Callow Thomas, fisherman, 6 Mona st
Cannell Charles, fisherman, 26 Stanley rd
Cannell Elizabeth, 30 Shore rd
CANNELL GEORGE, accountant, parochial surveyor and clerk to the Town Commissioners, Stanley terrace
Cannell James, hairdresser and tobacconist, 3 Douglas st
Cannell Jane, confectioner, 6 Michael st
CANNELL JOHN, shoeing, ship and general smith, The Quay
Cannell John mason, 13 Factory lane
Cannell Mrs. John, milliner, 31 Michael st
CANNELL WM. THOMAS, painter and decorator, 1 Market St
CARRAN Mrs. JOHN, select private apts, 20 Church st
Carran Thomas, joiner, 58 Patrick st
Carroon Wm., fisherman 2 Love lane
Carter David Henry Fredk; principal coast officer, H.M. Customs
Cashin Cæsar, fisherman, 28 Glenfaba rd
Cashin. Jane, grocer and provision dealer, 28 Market st
Cashin John, fisherman, 24 Shore rd
Cashin John, fisherman, Church lane
Cashin Jos., fisherman, St. German’s place
Cashin Thomas, mariner, Strand st
Cashin Thomas,butcher, 16 Douglas st
Cashin Wm., tailor, 6 Station rd
Cashin Wm., deputy-harbour master, 2 Charles st
Catherall Thomas, bootmaker, Athol place
Caughan Robert, labourer, 24 Castle st
Caugherty Joseph, fisherman, 4 Mona st :~
Charlton Wm.., fisherman, Dodd’s lane
Christian Charles, fisherman, 18 St. German’s place
Christian Daniel, fisherman, 34 Douglas st
Christian Edward E., draper and outfitter, Athol house
Christian. John, mariner, 8 Stanley mount
Christian. Thomas tailor, 25 Christian st
Christian Wm. 25 Factory lane
Christian Wm., manager of brick works, Douglas st
Clague Ann, 20 St. German’s Place
CLAGUE Miss E. J., Athol house, boarding and private apartments, 4 Marine parade
CLAGUE FREDERICK, grocer and baker, 21 Michael st
Clague Jane, apts, 1 Church st
Clague John, sailmaker, 16 Bridge st
CLAGUE JOHN, accountant and secretary to the Gas and Water Co., Athol house, 4 Marine parade
CLAGUE JOHN C., agent for the Pearl Life Assurance office, 16 Bridge st
Clague Richard, gardener, 24 Glenfaba rd
CLAGUE THOMAS, family grocer, baker and provision dealer, 37 Michael St
Clark Angus, baker, 46 Michael st
Clark Wm., farmer, 36 Patrick st
Clarke James, fisherman, Church lane
Clarke John, fisherman, 20 Patrick st
Clarke John, mariner, Tynwald st
Clarke Joseph, carter, 22 Douglas st
Clarke Josiah, greengrocer and carter, 1 Castle st
Cleator John, tailor, 8 Station rd
Clinsey James, fisherman, 1 Shore rd
Clinton James, mariner, 24 Church st
Clinton Wm., mariner, 4 Station rd
Clucas Eleanor, greengrocer and fruiterer, 8 Market st
Clucas Evan, fisherman, 68 Patrick st’
Clucas Hugh, 24 Patrick st
CLUCAS JOSEPH, watchmaker jeweller and optician, 5 Michael st (established 1850)
Clucas Margt., grocer and provision dealer, 38 Glenfaba rd
Clucas Philip, barkman, 52 Glenfaba rd
Clucas Philip, barking, tanning & preserving of fishermen’s nets, Station rd
Clucas Mrs. Thomas, 10 Station rd
Clucas Thos.,fisherman, St. German’s place
Clucas Thomas, labourer, 42 Douglas st
Clucas Wm., railway porter, 66 Glenfaba rd
Clucas Wm., rope maker, 50 Glenfaba rd
Clucas Mrs. Wm., greengrocer, Athol place
Cole John K Coates, surgeon, Athol st
Collister Cæsar, grocer, 7 Beach st
Collister Elizabeth, 23 Bridge st
Collister James,baker, 11 Factory lane
Collister Mrs. John, 32 Patrick st.
Collister Philip, fisherman, 20 Castle st ‘
Collister Robert, 7 Orry lane
Collister Thomas, mariner, 86 Castle st
Collister Tom, Lake lane Wm., mariner, 3 Beach st
Collister Wm., fisherman, Beach st
Collister Wm., mariner, 28 Peveril rd
Collister Wm., fisherman, 6 Church st
Collister Wm., greengrocer, 1 Michael st
COLLISTER WM. HENRY, printer, bookseller. stationer,and publisher the "Peel City Guardian," 17 Michael st
Colvin Thomas, salesman, 22 Bridge st
Conville John, mariner, 7 Duke st
Cooil Richard, saddler and harness maker, Athol place
Cook John, 27 Factory lane
Corkan John, Lake lane
Corkan Thos. Ed., fisherman, 4 Charles st
Corkan Thomas, quay porter, Queen st
Corkhill John, fisherman, 10 Stanley mount
Corkhill John, fisherman, Church lane
Corkhill Philip, fisherman, 1 Queen st
Corlett Catherine, 4 Church lane
Corlett Jane, Douglas st
Corlett John, mason, 26 Douglas st
Corlett Margt., licensed vict., 1 Tynwald st
Corlett Mary, private apts, 17 Stanley rd
Corlett Mrs. Wm., apts, 4 Peveril terrace
Corlett Wm., fisherman, 38 Stanley rd
Corrin Bros., net manufacturers, Factory lane
Corrin Robert, Shore rd
CORRIS Mrs. FRED., select private a, 22 Church St
CORRIS Mrs. HENRY, select private apts, 11 Church st
Corris John, fisherman, Lake lane
Corris John, Manx bank, Michael st
CORRIS JOHN CÆSAR, slate iron builders’ material merchant, Douglas st
Corris Margaret, 54 Patrick st
Corris Wm., grocer, baker and provision dealer, 30 Douglas st
Cottier and Cubbon, general drapers and clothiers, 6 Douglas st
Cottier Ed.,draper’s manager, 8 Glenfaba rd
Cottier John, ferryman, 14 St. German’s place
Cottier John, ferryman, 9 Stanley mount
Cottier John, auctioneer, 14 Glenfaba rd
Cowell Charles, mariner, 6 Charles st
Cowell Henry, fisherman, 4 Duke st
COWELL JAMES, family grocer baker, 12 Market st
Cowell John, carpenter, 7 Marine parade
Cowell Thomas, fisherman, 2 Duke st
Cowell Wm., joiner, 4 Queen st .
Cowell Wm., mason, 36 Douglas st
Cowin Wm., fisherman, St. German’s place
COWLEY ANNIE family butcher and farmer, 20 Michael st
Cowley Mrs. Christian, 44 Douglas st
Cowley and Caughan, fishermen, 44 Glenfaba rd
Cowley John, joiner. 21 Mona st.
Cowley Mary, Douglas st
Cowley Wm., joiner, Ballaquane rd
Cowley Wm., chemist, 10 Athol place
Craine Daniel, fisherman, 7 Market st
Craine Edwd., mariner, 18 Market st
Craine John, fisherman, 11 Mona st
Craine John, mariner 25 Christian st
Craine Thomas, fisherman, 26 Glenfaba rd
Craine Thomas, mason, 8 Church st
Craine Wm., mariner, 21 Castle st
Crebbin Thomas, fisherman, 3 Mona st
CREER DANIEL, boarding house and refreshment rooms, Crown restaurant, Crown st
CREG-MALIN HOTEL CO.—J. R. Holt, secretary—Crown st
CREGEEN ELEANOR, lodging house and dining rooms, Cleveland house, Shore rd
Cregeen John, fisherman, 15 Peveril rd
Crellin Elizabeth, Beach st
Cregeen Henry, 8 Peveril terrace
Cregeen Henry, fisherman, 7 Orry lane
Cregeen James, fisherman, 24 Stanley rd
Cregeen John, fisherman, 18 Stanley rd
Cregeen Mrs. Robert, Bay view house, private lodging, Victoria terrace
Cregeen Thomas, mariner, 3. Christian st
Cregeen Thomas, apts, 3 Church st
CRETNEY JAMES, family grocer, baker and provision dealer, 9 Patrick st
Cringle John, engineer, 48 Michael st
CRINGLE WM. and SON, joiners, builders & contractors, 56 Patrick st—workshops, Market place
Cringle Wm., fisherman, Duke st
Crowe John, fisherman, 10 Orry lane
Cubbon Edward, mariner, 9 Market st
Cubbon James, tailor, &c., 52 Michael st.
Cubbon James, fisherman, 60 Glenfaba rd
Cubbon John, fisherman, 17 Patrick st
Cubbon John Church lane
Cubbon Thomas, fisherman, 14 Patrick st
Cunningham Charles, 4 Patrick st
Curphey Catherine, 8 Bridge st
Curphey Wm., fisherman, 1 Charles st

Dale Samuel, grocer and baker, Market place
Davey Wm. Thomas, chief officer at the Battery, Ballaquane rd
Dawson John, ironmonger, house furnisher, and glass and china dealer, 14 Douglas street
Dawson Wm., tinsmith, 60 Glenfaba rd
DELANEY GEORGE, family butcher, 3 Douglas st
Dodd David, clerk, 34 Michael st
Dodd Isabella, 42 Michael st
Dodd John, joiner, 80 Glenfaba rd
Dodd Wm., joiner, 50 Douglas st
DUMBELL’S BANKING CO.— Edward T. Christian, manager— Castle st
Dunning Mrs., fancy seamstress, 24 Michael st

Emmett Wm., fisherman, 1 Orry lane

Faragher John, mariner, Tynwald rd
Faragher John, postman, 13 Patrick st
Faragher Mrs., 2 Duke st
Faragher Wm., City Restaurant, Shore rd
FARGHER WM., headmaster of Christian's Endowed School, school
Fayle John, mariner, 9 Strand st
Fayle John, bootmaker, 5 Christian st
Fayle Thomas, fisherman, 4 Shore rd
Fayle John Thomas, bootmaker, 15 Market street
FAYLE THOMAS, painter and decorator, 18 Douglas St
Fayle Wm., fisherman, 13 Mona st

Garratt Margaret, 2 Athol place
Garratt and Gelling, labourers, 14 Lake lane
Garratt Thomas, mariner, 66 Patrick st
Gaskell Betsy, private apts, 13 Church st
Gaskell George, fisherman, 5 Patrick st
Gaskell James, shopkeeper, 26 Castle st
Gawne James, fisherman, 2 St. Peter’s lane
Gawne James, fisherman, 46 Glenfaba rd
Gawne Thomas, grocer, Church st
Gawne Wm., fisherman, Lake lane
GELL ELIZABETH, grocer and and spirit merchant, 6 Athol place
Gell Francis, family grocer, baker and wine merchant, 17 Bridge st
Gelling Edward, mariner, 62 Patrick st
Gill Evans Strand st
Gill Jane, fashionable dressmaker, 2 Station road
Gill John, mariner, 21 Shore road
Gill Mrs. John, 10 Glenfaba road
Gill Robert, fisherman, 17 Castle street
Gill Thomas, mariner, 20 Bridge st
Glenfaba Brick Works —Wm. A W. Christian, manager—Mill rd
GOODWIN GEORGE, painter and decorator, Factory lane
Gorry Benjamin, fisherman, Church lane
Gorry George, fisherman, 40 Stanley rd
Gorry John, fisherman, 38 Lower Market st
Gorry Mrs., 11 Duke st
Gorry Patrick, fisherman, 84 Shore rd
Gorry Thomas, mat maker, 15 Castle st
Gorry Thomas, fisherman, 64 Glenfaba rd
Gorry Wm., labourer, 2 Peveril rd
Gracey Mrs., 8 Charles st
Graves Cottier, manager, 16 Patrick st
Graves Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 3 Michael st
Graves Henry T., timber merchant rope and twine manufacturer, boat and shipbuilder, Mill rd
Greggor Cyrus, joiner, 48 Douglas st
Griffiths John, quarryman, 9 Church st
Grigor Ben, fisherman, 8 Duke st
Grigor George, fisherman, 3 Love lane
Grigor James, fisherman, 8 Queen st
Grigor John, fisherman, 5 Duke st
Griggor Ann, 14 Bridge st
Griggor Richard, carter, 7 Bridge st
Griggor Thomas, fish buyer. 2 Mona st

Hagan Patrick, fisherman, Dodd’s lane
HALE MILLICENT select priv ate boarding house, Walpole house, Marine parade
HALL JAMES, glass china and general dealer, 2 Strand st
Hall James, surgeon said physician, 19 Athol st
Hall James, bellman, Strand st
Halsall Harry, boat owner, 28 Patrick st
HALSALL THOMAS, milliner and fancy draper, Christian st
Hamilton Ann, Strand st
Hannah John, butcher’s manager, 14 Orry lane
Harrison John, builder, Tynwald st
HARRISON ROBERT, wholesale and retail family grocer and wine, spirit, seed and provision merchant, Castle st
Hastings John, fisherman, 3 St. Peters lane
Higgins Robert, tailor, &c., 34 Castle st
Hodgson James, advocate, Athol st
HOLLAND —, Royal Hotel, Athol street
Holland John, artist, 24 Shore rd
Hough Alexander, labourer, 15 Patrick st
Hudgeon John, fisherman, 17 Peveril rd
Hudgeon Wm., tailor, 7 Orry lane
Hudgeon Jane, 84 Patrick st
Hudgeon Wm., 12 Church st
Hughes John, fisherman, 3 Love lane
HYSLOP MARY, private lodging use, 1 Peveril terrace

Irving Joseph, mineral water manufacturer refreshment rooms, Shore rd
ISAAC ELIZA, Heywood house, dining establishment, Victoria terrace
Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited—Walter James Cannell, manager—Athol st

Jackson Miss, schoolmistress, Derby rd
Jackson Mrs. C., 8 Church st
JACKSON WILLIAM, cab proprietor, 31 Castle st, The Quay
JOUGHIN JOHN JOSEPH, secretary to the Peel and North of Ireland Steamship Co., Stanley , terrace
JOUGHIN JOHN, fishing net manufacturer, shipowner, &c., Stanley rd
JOUGHIN JOHN, family grocer and provision merchant, Michael st
Joughin Mary, 1 Duke st
Joughin Matthew, carter and green grocer, 17 Castle st
Joughin Philip, fisherman, 48 Glenfaba rd
JOYCE JOSEPH, mineral water manufacturer, St. Peter’s lane

Kay Thomas, fisherman, 26 St. German’s place
KAYE WM. THOMAS, family grocer and wine and spirit dealer, Shore rd
Kaye Wm., joiner, 6 Athol st
Kee Daniel Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 35 Michael st
Keig Frank, fish buyer, 5 Mona st
Keig Wm., fish buyer, 34 Shore rd
Kelly Ambrose, joiner & builder, Stanley rd
KELLY ANN, select private apts, r16 Church st
Kelly Cæaar, joiner, 10 Mona,at
Kelly Edward, mariner, 13 Queen st
Kelly Edward, agent for the Isle of Man Friendly Society, 15 Mona st
Kelly Ellen, Shakespeare house, boarding and lodging house, 1 Ballaquane rd
Kelly Henry, fisherman, 6 Castle st
Kelly John, joiner, 6 Castle st
Kelly John, blockmaker, 32 Douglas st
Kelly John, advocate, Derby rd
Kelly John, fisherman, 8 Mona st
Kelly John, fisherman, 10 Tynwald st
KELLY JOHN JAMES, agent for Prudential Assurance, office, 10 Bridge st
Kelly and Kinrade, 34 Glenfaba rd
Kelly Margaret, 1 St. Peter’s lane
Kelly Margt. A., stationer and bookseller, 27 Castle st
Kelly Matthias, mariner, Derby rd
Kelly Robert, fisherman, 36 Stanley rd
Kelly Robert, fisherman, 40 Patrick st
Kelly Robert, mason, 1 Church lane
Kelly Thomas, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co., 5 Stanley mount
Kelly Thomas, bootmaker, 44 Michael st
KELLY Mrs. T., Cliff View house, private apts, Victoria terrace
Kelly Thomas, tailor and woollen draper, 12 Michael st
KELLY THOS., grocer and baker, corn and meal merchant and confectioner, Athol place
Kelly Wm., shipwright, 23 Factory lane
Kelly Wm., ironmonger and tinsmith, 29 Michael st
Kelly Wm., tailor and draper, Michael st
Kelly Wm. Thomas, grocer and draper, 12 Douglas st
KELLY WM., Peel Castle Family and Commercial hotel, Market place
Kelly Wm., cooper, 34 Market st
Kelly Wm., fisherman, 19 Mona st
Kenna Thomas, joiner, 23 Mona st
Kennaugh John, fisherman, Duke st
Kelsall and Bros., fish curers, Mill rd
Keown John, joiner, &c., 18 Bridge st
Keown Robert, fisherman, Tynwald rd
KERMODE GEO., cabinetmaker & furniture dealer, 14 Market st
KERMODE HENRY, grocer, meal and corn stores, 8 Douglas st
Kermode James, baker, 62 Douglas st
Kermode Robert, fisherman, Bridge st
Kermode Thos., master mariner, 39 Michael street
KERMODE THOS C., furnishing & general ironmonger;’ tin, copper, zinc & iron plate worker, plumber, gasfitter bellhanger, lock and gunsmith, ship stores, &c., 7 Michael street
KERMODE WM., coroner for the Glenfaba Sheading, Derby rd
Kewin John, mariner, .8 Castle st
Kewley John, farm labourer, 11 Market st
Kewley Thomas, fisherman, 19 Christian st
Killey James, joiner, 22 Shore rd
KILLEY JOHN JAS., auctioneer fish salesman, 8 Orry lane
Killey Philip, fisherman, 3 Orry lane
KILLEY Mrs. WM., lodgings, Sea View house, Victoria terrace
KING GEORGE, family bootmaker, Athol place, and st Duke st, Douglas
Kinley John, fisherman, 20 St. German’s place
Kinley Robert, carter, 40 Patrick st
Kinnish John, mason, 28 Shore rd
Kinrade John, bootmaker, &c., 60 Patrick st
Kinrade John, mariner, 42 Patrick st John, labourer, Derby rd
Kinrade Robert, 12 Tynwald st
Kinvig E. A., confectioner, Douglas st
Kinvig Isabella, postmistress, 9 Douglas st
KISSACK ELLEN, Stanley house, dining establishment, Marine parade
Kissack Mrs. J., 60 Douglas st
Kneale Fanny, dressmaker and, fancy repository, Christian st
Kneale Wm., fireman, 18 Bridge st Elizabeth, grocer, Charles st

LACE ELIZABETH, dining rooms boarding house, Shore rd
Lace Henry, fisherman, Derby rd
Lace Patrick, fisherman, 13 Tynwald rd
Lace Thomas J., joiner,. 28 Michael st
Lace Thomas, mariner, Bridge st
Lace Wm., mariner, 4 Strand st
Lamothe Albert Edward, advocate and notary public, agent for the Lion Fire Insurance Company, 6 Crown st
Larkum Samuel, gas manager, Mill rd
LAWRENCE THOMAS, family and dispensing chemist, 7 Douglas st
Laughton Alfred N., high bailiff of Peel, Ballaquane
Lawson Mrs. and Mrs. Gill, 14 Charles st
Leadbeater Peter, fisherman, 34 Stanley rd
Leece John, joiner, 30 Stanley rd
Leece John fisherman, 14 Stanley rd
Leece Wm., fisherman, 26 Patrick st
LEECE WM. EDWD, hosier, hatter and milliner, 25 Market st
LOONEY WM. HY., family and general draper, clothier and outfitter, 2 Michael st
Lowrey Wm. H., H.M. Customs, Crown st
LOWREY Mrs. WM. H., select private dining & refreshment rooms and boarding house, The Grosvenor, Crown st
Lucas Wm., gardener, 2 Shore rd
LUCAS WM., dining and refreshment rooms, 2 Shore rd

Maddrell John, fisherman, 4 Stanley rd
Maddrell Thomas, fisherman, 28 Castle st
Manx Bank Limited—John Corris, local manager—Michael st
MARSDEN WM. FREDK., Peveril family & commercial hotel, Castle street
Martin Mrs., The Parade
McCall Wm., engineer, Stanley rd
McCulloch James, mariner, Tynwald rd
McDonnell Wm., fisherman, 20 Stanley rd
McGibbon Stephen, 32 Stanley rd
McKeown Alexander, labourer, Dodd’s lane
McMichan Edward, fisherman, 5 Orry lane
McMichan Robert, fisherman, 6 Queen st
McMurdoch Jane, tea, coffee and refreshment rooms, Ivy cottage, The Quay
McNeil Isaac, ostler, 22 Patrick st
McNicholl Robert, fisherman, St. German’s place
Meyrick Wm., builder, 21 Peveril rd
Milburn Captain B., master mariner, 16 Glenfaba rd
Moore John, fisherman, 11 Stanley rd
Moore John, fisherman, 18 St. German’s place
MOORE PHILIP, engineer and millwright, The Quay
Moore T. C. S., net manufacturer, Stanley road
Moore Thomas, 19 Factory lane
Moore Thomas, fisherman, 13 Stanley ter
Moore Thomas, fisherman, 5 Church st
Moore Wm., mariner, 36 Glenfaba rd
Moore Wm., mariner, 10 Charles st
Moore Wm., mariner, 5 Market st
MOORE WM., family grocer, salt merchant and provision dealer, 5 Shore rd
MORRIS ALFRED, head master, grammar school, Peel
MORRISON CHARLES, grocer, baker and wine & spirit merchant and ship stores, 32 Market st
Morrison James, harbour master, Crown st
Morrison John, greengrocer, 2 Castle st
Morrison Miretta, dressmaker, 18 Patrick st
Morrison Thomas, fishermen, 5. Peter's lane
Moughton Elizabeth, 24 Castle st
Moughton John, fisherman, 32 Castle st
Moughton Robert, fisherman, 3 Charles st
Moughton Thomas, 11 Queen st
Moughton Thomas, fisherman, Duke st
Moughton Wm., bootmaker, 7 Tynwald rd
Mylrea John, grocer, 10 Stanley rd
Mylrea Wm., shopkeeper, 26 Market st
Mylrea Wm., fisherman and grocer, 12 St. German's place

Neakill Miss, 9 Bridge st
Neakle John, fisherman, 12 Stanley rd
NOLAN LAWRENCE, draper, tailor and clothier, Market place

PALMER WILLIAM KNOWLES, printer, bookseller & stationer, 14 Michael street
Peel Parade and Land Co. and Syndicate - J.R.. Holt, secretary—Crown st
PEEL AND NORTH OF IRELAND STEAM SHIP CO. LIMITED— J. Joughin, secretary—Stanley road
PRESTON JANE, refreshment rooms 8 Market place
PRESTON JOHN, family bootmaker, 8 Market place
Price Wm., fisherman, 24 Bridge st

Quane Charles, weaver, 16 Tynwald rd
Quane Wm., fisherman, 10 Church st
Quarrie John, mason, 6 Factory lane
Quaye Manasseh, tailor and woollen draper, Michael st
Quayle Charles, shipwright, 52 Douglas st
Quayle Edward, fisherman, 19 Shore rd
Quayle Elizabeth, 23 Christian st Emma, 30 Shore rd
Quayle James, shopkeeper, 9 Bridge st
QUAYLE Mrs. JAMES, select private apartments, 2 Church st ~
QUAYLE JOSEPH, lodging house and refreshment rooms, 35 Market street
Quayle John, mariner, 18 Church st
Quayle John, mariner, 4 Factory lane
Quayle John, mariner, 11 Patrick st ,~-.-
Quayle Louisa, 5 Church lane ‘
Quayle Margaret, Derby rd p’
Quayle The Misses, 34 Market st ‘~‘.~
Quayle Mrs., 21 Christian st p,
Quayle Philip, fisherman, 4 Orry lane
Quayle Thomas, tailor, 9 Mona st ~r
Quayle Thomas, mariner, 7 Mona st
Quayle Thomas and Philip, fisherman, 56 Douglas st
Quiggan Catherine, grocer, Beach st
Quilliam Ann, 22 Market st -
Quilliam Mrs. Edward, 18 Market st
Quilliam James, mariner, 20 Stanley rd
Quilliam John, fisherman, 11 Bridge st
Quilliam John, fisherman, 7 Charles st
Quilliam John Thos., constable, 3 Tynwald road
Quilliam Thomas, greengrocer, 9 Castle st
Quilliam Thomas, fisherman, 10 Queen st
Quilliam Thomas, mariner, 1 Beach st
Quilliam Thomas, fisherman, 21 Market st
Quine Henry, mason, 6 Church st
Quine John, fisherman, St Peter’s lane
Quine John, fisherman, 46 Douglas st
Quine Margaret, 40 Michael st
Quine Wm., labourer, Duke st
Quine Wm., fisherman,? Factory lane
Quirk Emma, Bridge st
Quirk Evan, 5 Bridge st
Quirk James, fisherman, 5 Charles st
Quirk James, mariner, 3 Stanley mount
Quirk James, constable, 28 St. German’s place
Quirk John, mariner, 8 Strand st
Quirk Mrs. John, Devonshire house, private apartments, Victoria terrace
Quirk John, fisherman, 18 Bridge st
Quirk John, fisherman, 11 Bridge st
Quirk John, mariner, 12 Charles st
Quirk John, carter, 2 Peveril rd
QUIRK MARGARET,select private apartments, 4 Church st
Quirk Philip, fisherman, 28 Douglas st -
Quirk Richard, greengrocer,? Christian st
Quirk Robert, fisherman, 2 Love lane
Quirk Thomas, bootmaker, 12 Duke st
Quirk Thomas, fisherman, Marine parade
Quirk Wm., fisherman, Church lane
QUIRK WM., Sea Mount house, apartments, Victoria terrace
Quirk Wm., fisherman, 52 Patrick st
Quirk Wm., fisherman, 20 Shore rd

Radcliffe John, labourer, Station rd
Radcliffe Thomas, mason, Derby rd
Radcliffe Thomas, builder, The Sound
RADCLIFFE WM., ship and general smith, The Quay .
Rice James, labourer, Shore rd
Rice Patrick, fisherman, Church lane
Ridge Arthur John, head master, Peel Wesleyan school (mixed), Tynwald rd
Roberts Mrs. Wm., 6 Lake lane
Rogers Richard, fisherman, 17 Christian st
Roney Francis, lodging house, 7 Lake lane
Rooney Mrs., householder, 3 Shore rd
ROTHWELL Mrs. WM, private boarding & lodging house, refreshments, &C., 14 Shore rd

SAYLE CHARLES QUIGGIN. jeweller and optician 32 Michael st
Sayle Claudius, fisherman, 25 Shore rd
Sayle Ellen, 3 Queen st
Sayle Elizabeth, 5 Queen st
Sayle Jane, Beach st
Sayle Joseph, mariner, 24 Market st
SAYLE MARGARET ANN, lodging house, Melbourne house, Peveril road
Sayle Thomas, fisherman, 5 Love lane
Sayle Wm., fisherman, 8 Tynwald st
Sharpe Mrs., 7 Stanley mount
SHEARD DANIEL, baker, grocer and provision dealer, 36 Lower Market street
Sheard John, baker, &c., 12 Bridge st
SHEARD THOS. MYLCHREEST, engineer & millwright, The City Engine works, Market place
Sheard Wm., shopkeeper, 2 Patrick st
Shimmin Ann, 23 Market st
Shimmin Esther, dressmaker, 23 Michael st
Shimmin George, fisherman, 10 Church st
Shimmin John, butcher, Athol place, and at St. John’s
Shimmin John, fisherman, 16 St. German’s place
Shimmin John, mariner, 24 St. German’s place
Shimmin Patrick, fisherman, 64 Patrick st
Shimmin Philip, fisherman, 14 St. German’s place
Shimmin Philip, fish buyer, 11 Stanley rd
Shimmin Philip, fisherman, 16 Stanley rd
SHIMMIN ROBERT D., sailmaker and ship chandler and manufacturer of fishermen’s clothing, 3 and 5 Strand st
Shimmin Wm., grocer and baker, 3 Patrick street
Shimmin Wm., grocer, 23 Michael st
Shimmin Wm., fisherman, Church lane
Shires John, engine driver, 12 Glenfaba rd
Skelly John, baker, 29 Lower Market st
Skelly Wm.,, joiner, builder and contractor, 8 Station rd
Skillicorn and Stewartson, fishermen, 40 Glenfaba rd
Smith Mrs. Joseph, 24 Market st
Spence Wm., mason and apts, 2 Stanley rd
Stephens Robert, fisherman, 7 Queen’s st
Stephenson Thomas, mariner and caretaker, Castle street
Stowell Amelia, ladies’ boarding school, 9 Peveril terrace
Stowell Joseph, fisherman, 19 Peveril rd
Stowell Mrs., 83 Factory lane

TAYLOR ANN ELLEN, lic. vict 12 and 14 Castle st
Teare Henry, boat owner and ship chandler Derby rd and The Quay
TEARE JOHN lic. vict., Oddfellows’ Arms, Station place
Teare and Sons, shipchandlers, &c., The ‘Quay
TEARE THOMAS, car proprietor, greengrocer, 19 Michael st
Teare Thomas, rope maker, 7 Patrick st
Thompson Godfrey, grocer and baker, 18 Castle st
Thompson Wm., billposter, 17 Market st
Toler Henry, fisherman, Lake lane

VICK ROBERT, family bootmaker, 10 Market St
VICK ROBERT, hairdresser, tobacconist, and boot and shoe dealer, 10 and 33 Lower Market st
Vick Wm., labourer, 26 Bridge st

Waid Henry, fisherman, 3 Market st
Walsh George, tailor, 17 Castle st

WALSH Mrs., private apts, and dining and refreshment rooms, 10 Crown st
Watson John, fisherman, 10 Athol st
Watson Thomas, shipbuilder, Mill rd
Watterson Mrs. Christian, 10 Strand st
George, station master and goods agent, 58 Glenfaba. rd

WATTERSON JAMES, jun., general smith, Mill rd
Watterson James, fisherman, 22 St. German’s place
Watterson John, mason, 22 Tynwald st
Watterson Robert, mariner, 9 Factory lane
Watterson Robert, fisherman, 42 Glenfaba road
Watterson Sarah, Bridge st
Watterson Thomas, clothier and outfitter, 50 Michael st
WATTERSON WM., hairdresser & tobacconist, 41 Michael st
Watterworth Cecilia, apts, 5 Peveril ter
WATTERWORTH JOHN, painter, &c., 16 Beach st
Watterworth Leonora, private school,Crown street
WIGHT ROBERT EDWARD Fenella family and commercial hotel, Peel Hill
Wilkes Edward, fisherman, 13 Market st
Wilmott Wm., fisherman, Church lane
Wilson Ann Jane, 12 Strand st
Wilson Joseph,:labourer, 22 Michael st
Wood Thomas, mason, 10 Strand st
Woods Thomas, labourer Derby rd

Young Robert, labourer, Derby rd


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