[from Porter's Directory 1889]




Cannell George, Stanley ter
Clague John, 4 Marine parade
Dodd David, Michael st
Holt John R., Crown st and Ballquane


Hodgson James, Athol st
Kelly John, Derby rd
Lamothe Albert Edward, Crown st
Laughton Alfred N., Ballaquane


Holland John, 26 Shore rd


Cottier John, 14 Glenfaba rd
Kelly Thomas, Stanley mount
Killey John James, 8 Orry lane


Dumbell’s Banking Co.—Edward T. Christian, Castle st
Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited—Walter Thomas Cannell, manager—Athol st
Manx Bank, Limited—John Corris, local manager—Michael st

Bill Poster.

Thompson Wm., 17 Market st


Blair John, 10 Michael st
Catherall Thomas, Athol place
Fayle John, 5 Christian st
Fayle John Thomas, 15 Market st
King George F., 9 Athol place
Preston John, Market place
Vick Robert, 10 Market st

Brick Manufacturers.

Glenfaba Brick Works—Wm. A. W. Christian, manager

Builders Merchants.

Corris John C., Douglas st
Graves Henry Thomas, Mills rd


Bailey Alfred, 11 Castle st
Cashin Thomas, 16 Douglas st
Cowley Ann, 20 Michael st
Delany George, 3 Douglas st
Shimmin John, Athol place and St. John’s

Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer.

Kermode George, 14 Market st

Car Proprietors.

Berry James, Peveril rd
Johnson Wm., 31 Castle st
Teare Thomas, 19 Michael st


Cowley Wm 10 Athol place
Lawrence Thomas, 7 Douglas st


Christian Edward Ewan, Athol place
Looney Wm. Henrry, 2 Michael st
Nolan Lawrence, Market place
Watterson Thomas, 50 Michael st


(See also Bakers.)

Buchanan Robert, 16 Michael st
Cannell Jane, 6 Michael st
Joughin John, Michael st
Kelly Thomas, Athol place
Kinvig E. A, Douglaa st
Ratcliffe Wm., Lake lane


Brown Arthur, 4 and 6 Market st
Cain Robert Charles, 38 Michael st
Callister Wm., 9 Patrick st
Christian Edward E., Athol house
Cottier and Cubbon, 6 Douglas st
Halsall Thomas, Christian st
Looney Wm. Henry, 2 Michael st

Engineers and Millwrights

Knox Wm., Mill rd
Moore Philip, the quay
Sheard Thomas Mylchreest, The City EngineWorks

Fishemen’s Clothing Manufacturers.

Leece Wm. E., Michael st
Shimmin Robert D., 3 and 5 Strand st

Fishing Net Manufacturers.

Corrin Bros., Factory lane
Joughin John, Stanley rd
Moore T. C. S., Gib lane

Glass and China Dealers.

Bawden Ellen, 1 Christian st
Boyde Wm., Stanley rd
Burden Mrs. M. A., 1 Patrick st
Clucas Mrs. , Market st
Dawson John, Douglas st
Hall James, 2 Strand st

Greengrocers and Fruiterers.

Bissett Elizabeth, Lake lane
Brown Edward, grocer, Christian st
Clarke Josiah, 1 Castle st
Collister Wm., 1 Michael st
Clucas Eleanor, 8 Market st
Clucas Mrs. Wm., Athol place
Joughin Matthew, 17 Castle st
Morrison John, 2 Castle st
Quilliam Thomas, 9 Castle st
Quirk Richard, 1 Christian st
Teare Thomas, 19 Michael st

Grocers and Bakers.

Berry James, Stanley rd and Peveril rd
Cain Arthur, 4 Castle st
Cain Henry, Factory lane
Callin John, Stanley rd
Callister Ann, 6 Shore rd
Cashin Jane, 28 Market st
Clague Frederick, 21 Michael st
Clague Thomas, 37 Michael st
Clucas Margaret, 88 Glenfaba rd
Collister Caesar, 7 Beach st
Corris Wm., 30 Douglas st
Cowell James, 12 Market st
Cretney James, 9 Patrick st
Dale Samuel, Market place
Gawne Thomas, Church st
Gell Elizabeth, 6 Athol place
Gell Francis, 17 Bridge st
Harrison Robert, Castle st
Joughin John, Michael st
Kaye Wm. Thomas, 27 Shore rd
Kelly Thomas, Athol place
Kelly Wm. Thomas, 12 Douglas st
Kermode Henry, 8 Douglas st
Kneen Elizabeth, Charles st
Moore Wm. 5 Shore rd
Morrison Charles, 82 Market st
Mylrea John, 10 Stanley rd
Quiggin Catherine, Beach st
Sheard Daniel, 36 Lower Market st
Shimmin Wm., 23 Michael st
Thompson Godfrey, 18 Castle st

Hairdressers and Tobacconists.

Cannell James, 3 Douglas st
Vick Robert, 10 and 33 Lower Market st
Watterson Wm., 41 Michael st


Killip Robert, Douglas st
Leece Wm, Edward, 25 Market st


Boyne Edmund George, Creg Malin, the Marine parade
Kelly Wm., Peel Castle, Market place
Marsden Wm. Frederick, The Peveril, Crown st and Castle st
Moffatt John, Royal hotel, Athol st
Wright Robert Edward, The Fenella, Peel hill


Corris J. C., Athol st
Dawson John, 14 Douglas st
Kelly Wm., 29 Michael st
Kermode Thomas C. 7 Michael st

Joiners and Builders.

Anderson Edward, 29 Christian st
Anderson Daniel, Marine parade
Cowell and Ratcliffe, Derby rd
Cringle Wm. and Son, 56 Patrick st
Harrison John, Tynwald st
Kelly Ambrose, Stanley rd
Meyrick Wm., 21 Peveril rd
Ratcliffe Thomas, The Sound
Skelly Wm., The Quay

Licensed Victuallers.

Cain Cæsar John, Castle st
Caley James, Railway station
Taylor Ann Ellen,12 and 14 Castle st
Teare John, Oddfellows Arms, Station place

Mineral Water Manufacturers.

Irving Joseph, Shore rd
Joyce Joseph, St. Peters lane


Peel City Guardian, published by Wm. Henry Collister, 17 Michael st

Painters and Decorators.

Butterworth Henry, 20 Market st
Cannell Wm. Thomas, 1 Market st
Fayle Thomas, 18 Douglas st
Goodwin George, Factory lane
Wattleworth John, 16 Beach st


Collister Wm. Henry, 17 Michael st
Palmer Wm. Knowles, 14 Michael st

Public Companies.

Creg Malin Hotel Co.—J.R.Holt,Secretary Crown st
Gas Company—John Clague, secretary
Peel & North of Ireland Steam Ship Co.— John J. Joughin, Secretary—Stanley rd
Parade & Land Co—John J. Joughin, Secretary—Crown st
Water Company—John Clague, secretary

Rope and Twine Manufacturer.

Graves Henry T., Mill rd

Rope and Twine Merchants,

Graves Henry T., Mill rd
Teare and Son, The Quay


Cooil Richard, 1 Athol place

Sail Makers.

Graves Henry T., Station place
Shimmin Robert D., 8 and 5 Strand st


Callister Christian, Derby rd
Stowell Amelia, 9 Peveril terrace
Wattleworth Leonora, Crown st

Ship and Boat Builders.

Graves Henry T., Mill rd
Watson Thomas, Mill rd

Ship and General Smiths.

Cannell John, The Quay
Radcliffe Wm., The Quay
Watterson James, jun., Mill rd

Ship Chandlers.

Graves Henry T., Mill rd .
Teare Henry, The Quay


Collister Wm. Henry, 17 Michael st
Kelly Margaret A., 27 Castle st
Palmer Wm. Knowles, 14 Michael st


Cole John M. Coatea, Athol st
Hall James,. Athol st


Cleator John W., Station rd .
Cubbon James, 62 Michael st
Higgins Robert, 34 Castle st
Kelly Thomas, 12 Michael st
Kelly Wm., Michael st
Nolan Lawrence, Market place
Quaye Manassah, 15 Michael st
Walsh George, 17 Castle st
Watterson Thomas, 50 Michael st


Clucas Joseph, 5 Michael st
Kee Daniel, 35 Michael st
Sayle Charles Quiggin, 32 Michael st

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Gell Elizabeth, 6 Athol place
Gell Francis, 17 Bridge st
Harrison Robert, Castle st
Kaye Wm. Thomas, 27 Shore rd
Morrison Charles, 32 Market st


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